Who can benefit from Equities First Holdings?


If you need financing your businesses, or if you are in urgent need of non-purpose capital needs, then this is your company. There are times when you can be in need of quick cash to settle some expenses too. Equities First Holdings could be the solutions to your demands. You may wonder how these mentioned groups benefit from the company, here is how.

Lending services that are non-conventional

Getting a start-up capitals can be very challenging since most banks hardly offer such. Since the facility deals in lending, it gives start-up capitals to new businesses with very minimum requirements. The demands of the clients and the facility are both controlled by the terms of the agreement.

Clients in quick need

The groups targeted with these loans are individuals with businesses or employees who have high net capital. There are times when you can be in need of a quick loan. Most banks do not offer such urgent services since they can take longer than the demands. Equity First Holdings ensures that such clients can be reached in times so as to help them meet their needs. The repayment process is flexible depending on the nature of the business.

Why people with high net capital?

It is challenging to financial institutions to lend you money when you have nothing that can worth collateral. Chances that you may fail to pay are hight, and they will have no alternative but to make losses. When you borrow from Equity First Holdings, you can transfer your shares to the company, and they will hold them as collaterals. From these shares, they can determine the amount to give you. In case you are not in a position to pay, the company will use the returns on your shares to repay the loan. This process is very efficient for both short and long-term borrowers.

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Equities First: The Ideal Business Partner

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a successful moneylender and an advisor in business and private financial solutions. Al Christy who is the CEO of EFH founded the company in 2002. This financial institution has grown over the years to be the best alternative for people or organizations interested in raising capital quickly. It is a convenient option for borrowers who are not qualified for credit-based loans. The bank also provides borrowing opportunities for prospective investors.

EFH offers services that are beneficial to the various types of customers they serve. Those who would benefit from working with Equities First Holding include parties that wish to raise capital within a short time. According to Al Christy, all stock-based loans are more advantageous than margin loans. Margin loans offer a greater loan-to-value ratio compared to asset-based loans. Additionally, they have a fixed interest rate that guarantees confidence from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

EFH has simplified everything in the application process. It does not require borrowers to provide a lot of documentation when applying for a loan. Equities First Holdings is, therefore, the best option for any investor who would like to get capital within a short period. The loan money is issued against stocks. Therefore, all you need is stocks. Along with the loan, EFH offers its customers sound financial advice. This bank makes sure all borrowers achieve their financial goals.

Other people that would benefit from Equities First Holdings are those who are not eligible or qualified to receive loans from other banks. Compared to traditional bank loans, EFH has fewer restrictions. They ensure their borrowers are satisfied by making sure they do away with frustrating bank restrictions. Moreover, their interest rates are comparatively friendly and small. The loan interest rates range from 3-4% without any restrictions on its use.

In conclusion, EFH is the right moneylender for investors worldwide. As a borrower, you enjoy fewer restrictions as well as low-interest rates. The leadership of the bank is also transparent and dedicated. Thus, Equities First Holdings assures clients that they will get the best advisory on how to grow their businesses.


Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has specialized in the issuance of loans using stocks as collateral. For the company, they engage in the issuance of loans to high-net-worth individuals and other businesses in need of fast working capital. These loans are characterized by low-interest rates. For this reason, you can enjoy the high loan-to-value ratio as compared to its competitors issuing credit-based loans that are characterized by high-interest rates. One of the best ways of securing fast working capital is the use of stocks as collateral. Equities First Holdings has specialized in this category of financial solutions to offer its services to high-net-worth individuals and companies.

For those who need fast non-recourse capital, you can find your easiest way to the enterprise. in the recent past, it has gained traction as one of the best sources of fast working capital in the world. The non-recourse feature lets you walk away from the loan. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis. For this reason, it is strategically positions in numerous parts of the world and continents to offer its solutions to the masses on a massive scale. The use of stocks, according to Al Christy’s research, has gained traction among the populace as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital. For this reason, you are not required to state the use of the loan as a way of qualification.

The low-interest rate characterized by the loan enables the borrower to get the most of the loan. During this harsh economic times experienced in the world and the United States, we have realized that banks and other financial institutions have tightened their lending capabilities for those seeking credit –based loans. As a matter of fact, they have also increased their interest rates to scare away most borrowers. The credit-based loans, during this harsh economic environment, are not economical for borrowers who are seeking to solve their financial problems into the future. For this reason, they are advised to seek the services of a better source of finance. Equities First Holdings has gained traction as one of the most innovative companies to helped its clients secure fast working capital

Equities First Holdings, since its inception in 2002, has completed more than 2,000 transactions, for the company. Engaging in the use of stocks as collateral is one of the most beneficial ways of securing fast working capital during this harsh economic environment. For those who don’t qualify for the credit-based loans, Equities First Holdings is the next best option.

Equities First Holdings, a Unique Lending Opportunity

Equities First Holdings offer a unique way for people and companies to borrow money when they are in need of capital. Equities First provides a special type of loan called a stock loan. In a stock loan, people or companies borrow money from Equities First using their stocks as collateral for the loan.

When the terms of the loan are completed, the stocks are signed back over to their owners. Equities First make their money by trading the stock and improving its position. In addition, there is a 3 to 5 percent charge for the loan.While unusual, there are other companies that do these types of loans, Equities First has built a solid reputation for these loans and they have proven to be a trusted company for people in need of cash.

Who Can Benefit from These Loans?

The reasons people need loans are as many as there are stars in the sky. If you want to participate in a loan from Equities First you need to own securities that can be signed over as collateral. The collateral used to secure the loans are usually secured through over the counter or Dow Jones stocks.

These loans are a good alternative for people who may not have many options for securing loans. Entrepreneurs starting up a new company can find these loans helpful when they are starting out and haven’t built up a solid business. The founder of the company, Al Christy, Jr., did his first Stock loan to a farmer who had low yields one year and didn’t have many options for a loan.

Things to Know

These loans aren’t unregulated, the Securities and Exchange Commission limits the amount of the loan to 50% of the value of the stock. Also, if the loan can’t be paid back, Equities First offers the option for the borrower to walk away from the loan and the stock. This option is unique to Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings Offers Simple Non-purpose Capital And Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a privately held company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since inception in 2002, the Equities First Holdings has been a leading provider of security-based lending services to high-net-worth individuals and businesses. Equities First Holdings gives loans to people depending on their evaluation of the risk and future performances on the stocks, bonds, and treasuries used as collateral. The company’s safe and transparent process has contributed to over 650 transactions with a total revenue if $1.4 billion. Equities Holdings runs its operations in various offices in London, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Acquiring a loan from Equities First Holdings

An individual or business seeking non-purpose capital must follow a particular process to get a loan from Equities First Holdings. The client should contact the company on the amount of funding they require accompanied by a statement of their proposed collateral. The company then determines the loan-to-value ratio as well as a fixed interest rate depending on their terms and conditions.

Once the client qualifies for the Equities First loan, they are required to read all the terms and sign the Agreement. The loan recipients are required to transfer the item used as collateral to the company’s custodian account. What follows is the financing of the loan by Equities First Holdings through the delivery versus payment method. The method requires a simultaneous transfer of collateral and funding to the holding account. The company returns collateral after a client has repaid the entire loan.

Stock-based loans

Equities lending have gained popularity in the recent past due to their ability to raise capital quickly and their flexible lending criteria. Equities First Holdings stock-based loans have low interests and a high loan-to-value ratio ranging from 60% to 80%. The company assures clients of the downside protection against the changing stock markets.

Most stock-based loans given by Equities First Holdings have a non-recourse feature meaning that the borrower may walk away without any obligation to the lender. Equities First Holding attracts an interest rate of 3 to 5 percent in over three years for the loan limits between $100,000 and $8 million. Equities leading borrowers include the retail and institutional investors seeking working capital for their businesses.