Is A Liquid Diet The Key To Fast Weight Loss?

Everyone is concerned about their weight and the latest weight loss tactics draws big crowds. However, a recent article brings real food for though. On, a recent article talking about a liquid diet being the answer has created a real stir. The article talks about the requirements for surgery. Many doctors put patients on a liquid diet before going under the knife. In many cases, the idea is to have the patient lose weight to lower the risks of surgery. However, could this liquid diet be the key to weight loss the healthy way?


Most patients drink chicken and beef broth as well as eating some oatmeal or other bland foods. However, these foods are naturally low in sugar, carbs, and can really help to fill a person up. Take for instance coffee. There are many studies doing on about those that drink coffee can lose weight faster. Coffee speeds up the metabolism and it tricks the stomach into thinking that it is full. The warm sensations that coffee give the stomach can mimic a warm, home cooked meal.


The liquid diet is not surprising to some; it’s been right in front of their face for years. These diets encourage people to drink all the soda, milk, tea, coffee, water, and juice they want. Certain cereals, like oatmeal, cream of wheat, and farina can also be consumed. Soups can have a puree in them, but they should not have any chunks. The goal is that the digestive system has any stress its under removed. Those who attempt to lose weight by eating a 400-800 calorie diet may find themselves in trouble. A liquid diet gets the calories up, but it encourages the body to burn more.


Working with a dietitian and sticking to a strict regimen is helpful. There may need to be some nutritional supplements added to ensure one’s health. Many are finding that their insulin-dependent diabetes responds very well to these liquid diets. Also, it is not uncommon for a person to lose 1-2 pounds daily rather than that amount in a week. So, the liquid diet may be just the thing that replaces the low-carb diet once and for all. People can drink anything they want, even have soup, and still, lose weight.