Lip Balm Evolution: ESO Takes Market by Storm

We all remember when buying lip balm to protect our lips from the elements and dryness, we knew that we also had to endure the uncomfortable paste wax feeling it made when we put it on. The chapstick worked for the most part unless you had a habit of licking your lips a lot in cold weather, but everyone wished there was a much better product to use. The only improvement we experienced was when it came out in mint and cherry flavors.

Through the years we have been given other choices such as Blistex, Carmex, and Burt Bee’s and medicated versions have been introduced. Now there is the new revolutionary product Evolution of Smooth or EOS as it’s called in short. EOS lip balm has taken the lip care market by storm. Developed and manufactured by Fast Company, EOS is the second leading lip balm sold in the United States.

The owners of Fast Company wanted to get EOS lip balm on the market quickly, believing they had developed a high quality, organic product that would be really appealing on many different levels. Instead of worrying about advertising of EOS,, the focus was completely on getting the product ready and in store aisles.

When taking into account their target market, which is mostly women as they use lip balm in their daily beauty regimen, many things came into play. Getting away from the cylinder shaped chapstick tube, or the small round pot was going to be essential. The orb shape seemed to be the ideal container with the way it looks, feels, and the array of colors it comes in. EOS stands out in the lip care aisle. Once introduced in Well stores, EOS practically sold itself without the use of ad campaigns, just Facebook marketing and social media.