New Method to Find Top Lawyers

Most people will find themselves in a situation several times in their life that requires legal representation. Whether this is for a criminal, civil, or planning issue, having access to quality legal representation is very important. Unfortunately, most people do not have immediate access to a lawyer when they need it and there does not […]

Thor Halvorssen is on A Mission

Opening Closed Societies About 35% of all humans currently live in “closed” societies. Closed societies, essentially, are countries where one’s position in life is permanently fixed. If, for instance, you are born into the lower classes you remain in the lower classes your entire life. There is no opportunity for you to advance beyond your […]

The International Tax Expertise Of Cone Marshall

The world of international business is lucrative and vital to the functioning of many economies. The process of conducting international business is complicated and requires expert planning in order to pull it off. If I were trying to start a business with overseas operations, I’d clearly need to find someone who understands international tax laws […]