LaCroix All Stacked Up

Many people love the fizzy taste of LaCroix sparkling water. With 20 decadent (or not-so-favorable) flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder that this drink brand has a cult following from many different sectors. From the cool suburban mom who is too hip for bottled water to health and brand-conscious 20-somethings wanting to put something tasty yet somewhat healthy in their stomachs, LaCroix and its variety of flavors aims to please nearly everyone. If a person is new to the brand or doesn’t know which lid to crack, the experts in taste have narrowed down the best to the worst in a list containing all 20 flavors.

Oddly enough, Coconut was touted to be the worst flavor. Somewhat surprising considering the coconut water and oil craze that is hitting health nuts all across the globe. The flavor reminds many of tanning lotion, which doesn’t excite the appetite much.

Also hitting low on the rankings is Pineapple Strawberry, overly sweet and too much like childish lip balm. Unless a fan loves super sweet beverages, this one is apparently out.

Cherry Lime carries more excitement for fans, hitting high on the list at number 5. The lime is subtle enough to be enjoyable, and the cherry lets no one down.

Topping the list at number one is classic Lime. With its tried and true flavor fit for any hot, sunny day, fans across the globe agree that lime is where it’s at.