Kellogg’s Opens Fancy Cereal Restaurant in New York City

Breakfast cereal is no longer limited to early morning meal at the kitchen table. The iconic American brand Kellogg’s has opened a signature restaurant in New York City, just around the corner from the world-famous Times Square, and tourists seem to love the concept.

The Kellogg’s NYC restaurant offers more than just bowls of cereal, which are priced at $7.50 on average. The restaurant decor has been carefully designed by a veteran restaurateur that knows all about creating the right ambiance. The interior design evokes the feeling of a kitchen pantry and a breakfast nook; the bowls of cereal and other food items are mostly dispensed automatically, and diners have a lot of freedom in terms of customizing their orders.

The menu is filled with all the classic Kellogg’s breakfast cereals plus all the recommended ingredients that most people do not usually try at home. One menu item mixes Frosted Flakes with Special K along with pistachios, lemon flavor, and thyme. Not all cereals have to be accompanied with milk; some are offered with yogurt and others can be made into delicious sundaes.

Thus far, Kellogg’s NYC has certainly piqued the interest of tourists who feel that $7.50 for a bowl of cereal is reasonable when considering that it is located so close to Times Square. Cereal meals also come with playful prizes to really drive home the point of nostalgia as a marketing factor.

Kellogg’s has admitted that its NYC restaurant is part of a marketing plan to get people excited about breakfast cereals, which have experience a sales slump over the last few years.