Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Turns Eye Toward Future

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope is a well-known American entrepreneur, technology CEO and philanthropist. With a wide focus on technologies that enhance the quality of human life and the sustainable future of Arizona communities. His advanced thinking on, dedication to and vision of the future have earned him the distinction of being one of the most famed American futurists.

Jason Hope’s career has been focused on the development and marketing of mobile application, software and gaming technologies on the leading-edge of innovation. His work, since graduating with his M.B.A from the prestigious Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, has been largely led by Jason Hope’s philanthropic interest in connectivity between humans and technology.

Jason Hope speaks and writes extensively on futurist subjects. One specific area in which he has become a well-known voice is neutrality. Net neutrality is a guiding principle that, regardless of service provider or regulating government, the Internet should be an open and neutral platform that allows access to all data and content regardless of source or end-user. Hope has been outspoken that such advances as popular social media sites would not have been possible without net neutrality.

The Internet of Things is a passion of Hope’s. A futuristic conceptual development, the Internet of Things looks to connect everyday objects to the Internet’s connectivity, allowing them to transfer data. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be a leading force in the future as more and more objects ranging from coffee makers to cars are interconnected, able to send and receive data, and accurately predict and serve human needs.

Hope continuously pushes into the forefront of future technologies, with his philanthropic interests founded on biotechnological advancement. He helped fund the AGE-Breaker research laboratory of the SENS Foundation, which is dedicated to researching and curing age-related illnesses. His futurist approach also has led Jason Hope to create a grant program aimed at providing start-up money to young innovators in high school and college, setting the path for the next generation of leading-edge science and technology professionals.