Aloha Construction Among Construction Companies Adversely Affected by The Presidential Poll

With over 78 million millennials in America, the number of people looking to secure employment is increasing each day. The construction industry promised to provide job opportunities to thousands of millennials each month before last year’s presidential poll. The construction sector employed over 18,000 people in July last year. However, immediately Trump assumed office, the number of employment opportunities generated by all sectors of the economy especially the construction industry is at a record low of fewer than 6000 jobs each month. The construction industry is deemed to be doing well among its peers. Other sectors of the economy such as the manufacturing and the financial industry are worst hit by the downturn in the construction industry.

The employment opportunities generated by the construction sector are as a result of the residential division of the sector. Many companies in the residential division such as Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich based company, have been instrumental in employing millennials. The company provides many services such as roofing, guttering, and siding among other professional services. With all the services, it means that Aloha Construction employs both skilled and unskilled labor to facilitate service delivery. Aloha Construction is respected in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin for its roof installation and roof repair techniques. The company has some of the most experienced workers in its roofing department including engineers.

Right before and after the presidential poll, many companies reported slow business. Therefore Aloha construction and other companies in the construction sector were unable to provide new employment opportunities to job seekers. Some of the sectors that depend on the construction industry such as the financial industry that provides loans to contractors and the manufacturing industry that supplies building materials failed to create jobs because of the weak business. As the construction industry slowly begins to boom, many players such as Aloha Construction are pleased to get an increased number of jobs.

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP capital. Murray was 52 years old when he passed away after working with CCMP for 16 years. He left CCMP Capital in February 2015 due to what the company described as “health-related” reasons, only to pass away a month later from an illness.


Murray was born in Brooklyn and brought up in Westchester County in New York. He held a BA degree from Boston College and an MBA from Columbia University in New York. He became a credit trainee at Hanover Trust Co., a New York-based manufacturer on, in 1984 and later became the vice-president of a middle-market lending firm. Murray joined a leveraged-finance and private equity unit of Hanover in 1989 that was the CCMP predecessor. In 2000, Hanover and JPMorgan merged and Murray became the head of buyout business of the bank in 2005.


CCMP Capital became the largest private equity company globally at some point under the leadership of Murray. This was after the spinoff of the group in 2006. Murray became the CEO of the group in 2007 as the successor of its founder, Jeff Walker.

As the CEO of the group, Murray held several board seats including Infogroup Inc., Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Octagon Credit Investors.

While Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital, the firm raised two additional multibillion-dollar funds. The latest of them was closed after gathering 3.6 billion dollars. His death saddened many people who expressed their gratitude for the positive contributions that he made at CCMP as well as its predecessors.

Dedicated investor

Many people, including Greg Brenneman, the Chairman of CCMP who succeeded Murray as the CEO and president of CCMP described him as a deal maker and a terrific investor. According to people who knew him well, Murray spent most of his career and time in private equity. He was talented at making deals that were beneficial to everyone involved. His unique dedication and commitment towards fairness was one of the reasons why he rose in ranks very fast in the private equity sector. CCMP Capital was shaped by the leadership of Murray to become one of the largest firms in the private equity industry.

Clearly, Murray understood private equity and how to ensure the success of CCMP Capital by making fair deals. Stephen Murray was one of the CCMP executives that were listed on the SEC filings for the $3.6 billion fund that was raised by the firm while he was the CEO.

Stephen Murray is Remembered For His Excellence

Not long ago, Stephen Murray passed on from this world. He died at the young age of 52 but he left behind him an impressive legacy of achievement in the corporate financial world as well as a record of caring about others. Murray was forced to resign as president of CCMP due to his poor health. No one at the company was fully aware of how badly he was suffering. Stephen was involved as a board member at many prestigious companies including LHP Hospital Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., and more. this is because Stephen was well known as one of the corporate world’s most brilliant problem solvers.

People were deeply saddened when they learned that Stephen had passed away. He was spoken of fondly by Greg Brenneman who is currently acting as the chairman of Stephen Murra CCMP Capital. He and Stephen worked together closely on many projects. Many prayers were given for Stephens wife and son who must now go on without their courageous and wise father. Stephen left an example that will be truly hard to follow.

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Stephen spent the majority of his career working for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital which was once a part of JPMorgan partners. The company was spun off of JPMorgan back when it merged with Chase Manhattan Group in 2006. It was necessary for the growth and equity division to be bought out and that is how CCMP was born. In the new company Stephen was recognized as the most talented man and so he was offered the position of CEO. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was known by everyone who met him to be a creative financial analyst who could find solutions to problems where others could not. Some describe him as a genius. He received many accolades while young in his career as a financial investor and rose up the ranks quickly.

He was at one point in time a bright young man studying at Boston College. He valued education and wanted to know how business worked so he proceeded to earn a Masters degree from Columbia Business School. When he finally graduated his first employer was eager to snatch him up because they knew the potential he possessed. Stephen also cared deeply about the welfare of others. He was a volunteer at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and he devoted himself to helping the neediest people in society as well. He would spend many of his weekends concerned with their problems instead of his own.

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Laidlaw & Company: Whats Happening this month

The ongoing lawsuit that Relmada Therapeutics has filed against Laidlaw is back in the news as Relmada has amended the suit to include accusations that the investment bank divulged financial information of Relmada’s while doing business for the drug company. Read the original article, Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern here.

Relmada had previously filed a suit against the company for disseminating proxy materials that were false and misleading. After the amendment, Relmada sent a letter to stockholders to explain what they were doing was in the best interest of both the company and the shareholders.  Naturally, Laidlaw and Company was not happy about this.

Anybody familiar with the world of investment banking should not be surprised at the accusations being leveled against Laidlaw and its two principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. They have the reputation of being some of the biggest crooks around, and from what I have heard, it is well-deserved.

They are well known to grind their employees down while compensating them very little in return for their shark-like mentality. Reading about them on employee review sites, it seems they are encouraged to mislead clients about financial dealings all in the interest of scraping up that last dollar. As my grandfather used to say, “They would steal the coins off of a dead man’s eyes.”

I used Laidlaw and Company To Diversify My Investments


I have been asked for years to diversify my investments, and I have been trying to use the best brokers in the world for these things. I have looked around, but I have not found anyone like Laidlaw and Company. I called and got someone to help me out the first time I asked, and I have been working with a broker ever since. I know that Laidlaw and Company is a small company, but that is what makes them appealing to me. I think it would be much easier for me to use a broker than do it myself, and now I have a partner in Laidlaw and Company.

The best part of working with Laidlaw and Company is that James Ahern is very interested in what I am making from my investments. They want me to be as successful as I can be, and I can be sure that I will start making more money any time I need to. It would be very easy for me to handle my investments when I know that I am making money, and I can be sure that I have done something that makes me more cash on the whole. I do not have the time to handle all this on my own, and it would be so much easier to call in for Matthew Eitner (Laidlaw) when I want to do something new.

Everyone who wants to make money from their investments should be able to call Laidlaw and Company for help. Laidlaw and Company is a great place for people to learn about investment, and they will learn as much as I have learned about making money on investing. I want to keep saving until I can retire, and I will have savings in case I need extra money in the future.

Madison Street Capital CEO Anthony Marsala Gets Awarded

Madison Street Capital in an international investment firm providing financial advisory services and opinions to public and private business in Africa, Asia, and North America. Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, Illinois. Madison analyses client’s needs between buyers and sellers and determines the equilibrium point in which to operate. During the M&A Advisors 7th Annual Emerging Leaders award in 2016, Madison Street Capital Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala was announced the winner much the delight of the whole company. This placed MSC in the entire world’s limelight and increased its standards of integrity and professionalism. Madison Street Capital is one of the world’s premier middle market investment firms due to its team of professionals who have exceptional knowledge and experience.


Marsala’s accomplishments and expertise in the industry made him a worthy winner among all the other nominees. This was the response given out by the independent judging panel who were appointed worldwide to determine the leader. Marsala thanked the entire group with whom he works with as the reason behind such a great achievement in such a competitive industry. In 2010, 40 under 40 awards in the United States got established. This was established to recognize, honor and celebrate M&A young professionals who contributed immensely to the community and industry. The establishment of the award also ensured that the sector raised its levels of professionalism.


  1. David Ferguson, the president and CEO of M&A Advisor, said that expanding the Emerging Award to the entire Europe exposed the emerging young leaders to the world. This would continue to affect the advancement of our industry significantly, said Mr. David. Mr. Anthony Marsala has been in the banking sector for more than 15 years. Due to this experience, he has propelled Madison to higher heights helping clients in a diverse range of industries.


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Madison Street Capital Has the Experience to Help Your Business

Businesses, large or small need, capital to stay in business. This may be credit or it may be a large enough cash flow to pay for all of the things a particular operation needs. Necessities of the modern world make the latter more common. The experts at Madison Street Capital can help businesses of medium to large size find what they need to keep going. They can also provide the information and expertise businesses need to get larger. A business may grow because of a merger or an acquisition. Madison Capital’s expert consultants can help with the financial restructuring process.

Madison Capital does more than just handle acquisitions and mergers. They can also help when a business is finding it difficult to stay afloat. Expert consultants can help a company get through the mess or restructuring without having to declare bankruptcy. Businessmen do not always know who to lay off and who to keep when times get tough. Proprietors of medium-sized businesses may find the process to be even more difficult. These owners often know their employees personally and may find it difficult to make the correct decisions. Unlike larger business owners, they work with their employees directly and often know their families. They may need the most help making the smart decisions.

Someone who wants to know all that the Madison Capital Group can do for their business should contact one of their offices today. Their website offers more information, but it is best to get to know the consultants face-to-face. Each consultant is willing to sit down with clients and come up with a plan to meet his client’s needs.