Thor Halvorssen Looks to Keep The Pressure on Tyrants of All Kinds

The work of human rights groups is often seen as worthy and important, but measuring their success can often be difficult as the impact they have can be difficult to gauge. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen established the group in 2005 as he looked for new and improved ways of achieving success as a human rights campaigner after many years spent working with major organizations across the world; Halvorssen has spent the last few years looking to bring stories out of closed societies and free political prisoners.

By 2016, the Human Rights Foundation’s small team of activists had embarked on programs resulting in the release of many political prisoners from around the world that Thor Halvorssen believes to be tangible signs of their growing influence across the world. Thor believes the spotlight should always be shone on areas of the world where issues of human rights are of the greatest importance. A part of the frustration Thor Halvorssen reported in the past about his work with other groups has been based on the fact he believes to much time and funding is wasted on exploring relatively small human rights issues in the developed world.

Thor Halvorssen is not the kind of activist who simply sits behind a desk and writes articles or social media posts explaining issues in different areas of the world. Born in Venezuela to families with long histories of diplomatic and government positions, Thor Halvorssen has been working to gain entry to closed societies and affect change with his fellow twelve Human Rights Foundation activists dedicated to freeing political prisoners and discovering information about human rights violations. As the public face and leader of the group Thor believes it is important for him to act as strongly as possible to bring about the change needed in the future, which he has done by entering countries including Vietnam to learn first hand about the issues facing political prisoners.