How Does Anthony Petrello From Nabors Indusries Give Back?

Anthony Petrello is an executive at Nabors Indusries who came to Texas from New York after working in the financial industry. He has found a niche in the oil and gas industry, and he gives back where he may. This article explains how Anthony is giving back where it most impacts his family. There are many kids like his daughter, and he wants to help them all.

#1: How Is Anthony Impacted By The Medical Industry?

Anthony has a lovely daughter who was born with special needs, and he is looking for the finest opportunities for his daughter. There are large medical facilities in the state that are helping kids like his own, and he wishes to give to them as much as possible. He wants to see his daughter and others have the resources they need, and he gives freely.

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#2: Coordinating With Major Donors

There are many major donors in the state including Anthony, and he is working with many of them on large hospital projects. He knows how to help bring in extra donors, and he works quite hard to convince others they must do their duty to society. Anthony Petrello gives his own time and money often, and he has brought around others who will help the hospitals and medical centers grow.

#3: How Large Are The Donations?

The donations to medical centers in the state are quite large, and they help to build massive facilities that help people around the state. They often come into the Houston because they know the best hospitals are in the area, and they will see quite a few things that were paid for by money offered by Anthony Petrello. He has been instrumental in securing funds that will help everyone in the state have better healthcare.

The state of Texas has many people who need the best of medical services, and they find it when they are in hospitals or clinics paid for by major donors. Anthony has been a donor for years, and he has invested in the state because he knows it is the right place to be for his family.