Making Great Diet Choices

We all know we should eat healthy, but what actually is healthy eating? Many people are divided on what food is healthy and even experts cannot determine what food is the best. Experts are even divided on what is and what isn’t healthy food. There are a few foods that people can agree on, such as:

• Healthy foods. Generally, leafy green vegetables like kale are fantastic. The idea is to eat food as nature intended us to eat it; without overdoing it.

• Limited sugar and trans fat. Having too much of these food in your diet can have negative consequences.

• Potatoes are generally a good food, depending on how you eat them. Eating them with limited amounts of butter, fried oil and sour cream, is a great way to go. Baked potatoes are healthy if you avoid large amounts of these toppings.

• Substitute shakes are usually good, in moderation. If you use them as a beneficial side and not an entire meal you’ll find that it’s much more beneficial to you.

The key isn’t really to change your entire diet; that is not what experts and scientist suggest. The key is to make small changes, healthy changes over time, and try and live a healthy lifestyle that way.

While many focus on dropping down pounds, it’s very important to focus also on your overall life. While weight loss is great and important, it’s not what will determine your success long term.

Here are a few hacks for healthy eating:

• Start small. Don’t try and change your entire diet overnight; you’ll regret it in the morning. Change one or two foods out at a time.

• Never go on a starvation diet. Be leery of fasts and things that promise to drop weight quickly. The body actually doesn’t want to drop weight when you’re not eating as it’s afraid of not having storage.

• Don’t assume fad diets will always equal major changes.

• Never shell out huge amounts of money on drinks and protein shakes until you’re sure they work for you.

• If you have current health conditions check with your doctor before beginning any diet and exercise program.

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Fun Eye Shadows From Lime Crime

Lime Crime offers a great range of certified vegan and cruelty-free makeup products known for daring, bold colors you can’t find from any other makeup company. Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of the company, was inspired to create her makeup when she couldn’t find the makeup shades she wanted to match the clothing line she was selling on E-bay. Today, Lime Crime sells their ultra-pigmented and wildly bold makeup to fashion conscious women and men worldwide via major retail stores like Amazon and DollsKill. A few of their star product lines include Velvetines liquid matte lipstick, Venus eye shadows and ultra-pigmented Unicorn lipstick.

The eye shadow palettes from Lime Crime are particularly fun to play with if you like really bold colors and earth tones. Their Venus: The Grunge Palette is described as “the color of bruised fruit” and includes shades ranging from opalescent pink to rust brown and dusty stone to deep burgundy red. These neutrals and earth tone shades are great for warm skin tones and medium to dark skin colors. These eye shadows, like Lime Crime’s lipsticks, offer a highly saturated look for extreme color application, making them great for role playing games, cos-play, theater and more.

Lime Crime’s second eye shadow palette, Venus II, offers an even wider variety of earthy, natural tones for a grunge look or a bit of 90’s throwback flair. Colors like pigeon, marsh, mustard and jam add coordinating greens, yellows and oranges to your makeup palette. You’ll also find blues, burgundy and black here, giving you a full range of darker naturals that are perfect to accompany a fall wardrobe.

To finish the look, try Lime Crime’s liquid eyeliners, available at Urban Outfitters, that come in a range of colors including: black, blue milk, lazuli, citreuse and reason. Mix and match the different eyeliners with the Venus palettes and you can create all kinds of fun, eye-popping looks.

Check out Lime Crime’s Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for inspiration on using their eye shadows and other makeup products. Be sure to tag your photos with Lime Crime when you post your photos online so others can be inspired by you.