Goettl; Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist

Gettl is a company with a difference, and they have gone above and beyond to show people the importance of a good air conditioning system.

Establishing a good relationship with the community is what has made the company achieve its success. They continue to support their customers through their charity department. During the holiday season, the Goettl management team went to Las Vegas to assist a family in distress.

The Abana Stephenson’s family has been suffering living in a house without a proper air conditioning system. The children had developed a coping mechanism to deal with the situation. For ten years, the family has been struggling. When Michael Gamst learned of this situation, he went to Las Vegas together with his team.

They installed a new air conditioning system. Not only that, but they also fixed the heating system and also the toilet and the plumbing for free.

This is one of the many families that the company has assisted with their air conditioning and heating system.

The company has developed innovations that are going to help people conserve energy and save on their electric bill.

About Gottel

This is a company that has been providing innovative air conditioning and heating solution since 1926. The mission of the company is to do the right thing and do it once and also to provide their customers with high quality services.

The company was first established in Arizona and Las Vegas.

They offer a wide range of services that include;

  • Air conditioning and heating services
  • The duct sealing which helps to tackle leakages from the inside
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • They offer scheduled maintenance plans to ensure that your system is running smoothly
  • Financial plans for people who don’t have cash. The company has established different financial options