The Hacks You Need to Finally Give Up Soda

Are you a soda drinker who wants to stop drinking so much of this sugary drink? Naturally, soda appeals to lots of people. It’s fizzy and sugary, and it has caffeine. In fact, many people drink soda to replace coffee because they don’t like the taste of coffee, and they might not like tea either.


If you would like to stop drinking soda altogether or at least stop drinking so much of this drink, here are the hacks that you need to start implementing.


  1. Add in some water.


To lessen the caloric impact of soda and make it slightly healthier, try adding in a little bit of water. This will make your soda go further, and you’ll get a little bit more water in your diet.


  1. Start keeping track of how much soda you drink.


Sometimes, we can brainwash ourselves into thinking that we’re not doing anything wrong when it comes to what we put into our bodies. If you actually think that you’re not drinking too much soda, put yourself to the test. Start tracking your soda intact on a pad of paper or your phone. Seeing the number of cans and bottles that you consume may snap you into shape.


  1. Try natural soda.


To help ween yourself off sugary drinks, go to natural soda. This might not be quite the same taste, but it’s a better replacement.


  1. Try seltzer water.


If you’ve never tried a tall glass of seltzer water in place of a can of soda pop, give it a go. Seltzer water still has that great fizz, but it’s better for you. If you want, you can even jazz up your carbonated water with fresh orange juice or the juice of a lemon or lime.


Give these hacks a try, and you should see your soda intake go down in the next few weeks.


Achieve Optimal Body Performance With The Dherbs Cleanse

January 15th, 2017 Updated: Have some coupons. I’m finally going to get my diet going, and I found these. Wanted to try Dherbs after writing about them, and post New Year’s goals are a good place to finally start.

The human body is an amazing machine, designed to cleanse itself of environmental pollutants and toxins that impair peak physical performance and appearance. Modern living, however, brings an onslaught of toxins from sources as diverse and ubiquitous as air and water pollution, toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, and diets centered around processed foods. As a result, the body’s ability to efficiently rid itself of impurities can be compromised.


The Full Body Cleanse- available at – is designed to aid the body’s natural cleansing processes and purify from within, removing toxins that threaten immune function, digestive health, ideal metabolic function, and even mental health and energy levels. With’s 20-day cleansing system, natural plant compounds help your body expel toxic buildup from the colon, mucus, and blood. The result? A body freed of toxic buildup and able to function normally.


Following the cleanse regulates your body and restores peak function. The benefits include digestive regularity, improved complexion, weight loss, mental clarity, higher energy levels, enhanced libido, and overall well-being. Following the cleanse from improves immune function and promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and breaking the cycle of sugar cravings. combines powerful plant-based formulas, activated charcoal, and guidelines for a raw foods diet. The Cleanse includes six formulas – delivered in vegetarian capsules – that aid the circulatory and lymphatic system, cardiovascular processes, liver and gallbladder function, respiration, kidney and bladder performance, and digestion. These formulas are described in detail at Dherbs’ website, In addition, the cleanse includes activated charcoal, which absorbs waste materials and enables their efficient expulsion from the body.


Dherbs as a company is committed to helping people take charge of their health and restore both mental and physical well-being through natural healing and sound dietary choices. They offer a variety of plant-based supplements to target a range of health concerns and equip people to proactively restore health. Their range of products, as well as their encouraging philosophy about the human body’s capacity for healing, can be found at   Make sure to also follow their social media, including the Facebook page, as well as their official Twitter.