Dr. Imran Haque’s highly praised medicinal practices

Dr. Imran Haque’s practice

Imran Haque is an internal medicine doctor with a work experience spanning over 15 years. He does not have but one specialty in medicine and caters to a multitude of anatomical concerns. The doctor understands the importance of having one-on-one consultancies with patients and started Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro and Ramseur to attend to patients with ease. Dr. Imran Haque’s experience with patients is a self-fueled marketing power that attracts candidates to his doors without much ado.

Most of Horizon’s clients are residents of North Carolina. Remarks by most people indicate that Imran HaqueI offers an undivided attention to every client and customizes an affordable and quality treatment plan. He maintains a highly integral work ethic that is relatable and respectable to patients no matter their area of affliction. As a result, word of mouth attracts candidates who are seeking Horizon’s medical examinations, advice, and on rare cases references to the most suitable doctor apart from Imran Haque.

Horizon’s services

As a general doctor, Imran Haque has deep and broad knowledge on varied illnesses like epilepsy, diabetes, pneumonia, glaucoma among other cases. His practice has detailed information regarding treatment of all ailments and additional services focused on external medicinal concerns. Some of the packages include:

  1. Regular physical screenings for a wide range of ailments.
  2. Laser hair removal by certified professionals who maintain integrity and foster a safe and comfortable environment during appointments.
  3. 360 resurfacing services to rejuvenate skin on target areas like the face, chest, and neck. Imran Haque’s past clients often report on how taught and supple the skin becomes and the excellent services offered during each session.
  4. Imran Haque has a proven weight management program easily customizable for every candidate. The package includes shifts in one’s nutritional lifestyle, cosmetic adjustments and surgeries to accelerate weight loss.
  5. Imran Haque understands the causative factors of diabetes and ascertains that every patient receives a tailored treatment plan to manage the illness and ultimately enhance their life.

Dr. Imran Haque’s education

Imran Haque received his medical degree from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana). After graduation, he joined the University of Virginia for the internal medicine program. He developed a strong passion for the field and inclined his career towards addressing general illnesses.

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Renown Health Adds Location in South Reno

This spring, a new family practice clinic will be available at The Summit Mall in South Reno. Renown Health is opening a laboratory at another location and offering primary care services, with a chance of additional services being added in the future.Currently, the South Reno clinic will host a staff of 11, but Renown could add one or more primary care physicians and one more nurse practitioner in the future. The clinic, at 10,000 square feet, covers three vacant storefronts in The Summit Mall. Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC served as the general contractor while Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design orchestrated the architecture and design. Forbes Engineering handled the structural engineering and all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical engineering was completed by MSA Engineering Consultants. All contractors who completed the project are based in Reno.

The bulk of the demolition, construction, and interior work took place between November and February. According to the medical director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, the Truckee Meadows’ population growth, increased financial stability, and better access to health insurance contributed to the decision to build a new facility. Renown now maintains 12 primary care clinics across Fallon, Fernley, Reno-Sparks, and Carson City. In addition, a primary care clinic recently opened near Caughlin Ranch.

Renown Health is the primary healthcare choice in northern Nevada and is Reno’s only locally owned, not-for-profit system. Across the organization, more than 6,000 doctors, nurses, and care providers work daily to serve the region. From hospitals and urgent care centers to lab services and x-ray and imaging services, Renown continues to lead the local industry in keeping the community healthy and safe.In 2016, Renown Regional Medical Center served 93,383 patients in its emergency care and performed 8,825 patient surgeries, with an additional 12,003 patients receiving outpatient operations. During the year, the center admitted a total of 27,003 patients.

For more information about Renown Health facilities, services, and care providers, go to: http://www.nnbw.com/news/news-briefs/renown-health-named-finalist-for-military-award/


InnovaCare: The Best Form of Healthcare Management

Healthcare is one of the most important functions in life, if not the most important on Yahoo. Unfortunately life is full of illnesses as well as debilitating causing injuries and sicknesses. Being such a huge industry, things can get a bit frustrating for an individual especially if they’re trying to get the proper care that’s needed. That’s where healthcare management comes in as it can take away the frustration and anxiety when dealing with the healthcare process. One of the best healthcare management organizations in the world is Innovacare Health and it revolutionizing the way people receive high quality healthcare.

InnovaCare is one of the leading providers of Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Plans as well as Physician Practice Services. InnovaCare provides access for high quality healthcare thanks to it’s ability to create models that are cost effective, sustainable, and integrates well with innovative technology. This remarkable company goes above and beyond others by always putting the customer first. Of course with any great company/business there has to be great leadership and InnovaCare is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the head leaders in charge to get a better idea of just how extraordinary this company is.

Richard Shinto is the President and CEO as he has more than 20 years of clinical and operational healthcare experience on danielstraus.org. Dr. Shinto has a well accomplished educational background with a Medical Degree from the State University of New York at Stoney Brook, a (BS) from the University of California at Irvine, and a (M.B.A.) from the University of Redlands. Prior to his career at InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto has held many high level positions such as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. Dr. Shinto also help the position of Chief Medical Officer at NNAM California.

Penelope Kokkinides plays another leadership role at InnovaCare as the Chief Administrative Officer. With well over 20 years of experience in (specialized government programs) as well as managed healthcare, Kokkinides the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to steer this ship to success. Before her InnovaCare career she worked as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Centerlight Healtcare where she was responsible for the managed care division and overall management. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Binghampton University, and Master’s Degree Public Health from Columbia University School of Public health, she is well qualified for the tasks at hand.

Healthcare Management as we know it is great hands as InnovaCare has up to 7,500 providers an over 190,000 individuals of it’s membership base.

Maggie Gill Demonstrates MUMC’s Commitment to Excellence with Introduction of New No-Premium Medicare Advantage Plan

The industry of healthcare is unique in that it provides its professionals with many ongoing challenges. The challenges are associated with the legal infrastructure of the healthcare organization and the continual change, which occurs with regard to new technologies—constantly emerging. Memorial Health’s CEO and President Maggie Gil has devoted her career in addressing the challenges, tied to the industry.


Gill began her illustrious career once she had completed undergraduate work at Florida State University; and had acquired an MBA—with Honors from St. Leo University. She was introduced to the healthcare field when she joined Tenet South Florida Health System. Tenet is comprised of a regional network of healthcare organizations. Maggie worked five years, at Tenet. She worked at three different hospitals within the Tenet network—and, eventually, became Certified Financial Officer. During her tenure at Tenet, she was acknowledged as “Tenet’s Top CFO”, on 3 separate occasions. The award is given to CFOs who demonstrate a particular commitment to excellence.


Maggie Gill, in 2004, made a move from Tenet and joined Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) located in Savannah, Georgia. She began her career at MUMC as the organization’s Vice President of Finance/Managed Care. Maggie later became Chief Operating Officer of the organization.


She was appointed the President and CEO of MUMC, by its Board of Directors, in 2011. Maggie, in her position as MUMC’s CEO, oversees all areas of the organization. Her position entails overseeing physician and governmental relations; audit, communications, the finance area; and all of MUMC’s facilities and its Trauma Service.


One special goal, of Maggie’s, was to put together specific affiliations in order to improve the quality of care and to serve Medicare beneficiaries. Maggie, with respect to the preceding objective, recently announced a partnership with Eon Health. The announcement was made in order to introduce a new no-premium Medicare Advantage Plan.


The preceding plan includes an affordable prescription co-pay arrangement. The insurance is available to Medicare recipients within certain counties, inside of Georgia, and South Carolina. The plan begins in 2017. It provides the beneficiary with many preferred benefits. Many of the preceding benefits are not ordinarily found in zero dollar-premium plans. Some of the benefits include: dental, free transportation, and hearing.


Ms. Gill, mentioned, that Eon Health and MUMC share common ground in way of Eon Health’s preventative healthcare focus. Maggie likes the plan’s objective of assuring the plan’s participant maintain a healthy lifestyle. She mentioned that the plan was a good fit for MUMC—making it a success for MUMC’s senior populace