Imran Haque, the Internal Doctor

Dr. Imran Haque is one among the most excellent and exceptional doctors one is going ever to meet. It is not only his capabilities that make him an expert in internal medicine, but also his compassion which brings him out as a professional. He is respected because of his caring nature. His training level is expert and has acquired a license for medical practice. He also has astounding qualifications.

He executes his services at Horizon Internal Medicine, North Carolina. Dr. Haque has had an experience of more than 15 years in his area of specialization. He has not only treated patients but has also benefited by gaining more and more expertise in the area. Now, he can work on illnesses of different kinds and also carries out various medical tests and examinations. His compassion has gone a long way to gain him trust among his patients and the people of Asheboro. Because he cares, he gets several visits and consultations on both minor and severe medical cases and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

He works hard and carries out researches on a daily basis. He believes in building a good relationship with medical professionals as this is a way of sharing ideas and also helping each other out. He is a successful entrepreneur and also excels in his area of profession and what Imran knows.

Dr. Imran went to UNIBE, Universidad Iberoamericana, and graduated in 1998. It is here that he acquired his degree in medicine. Dr. Haque also went through training at Virginia University. He lives in Asheboro, and this is where his offices are situated. Dr. Imran has acquired several certifications in medicine and holds a valid license for internal medicine and more information click here.

Currently, he works with many hospitals in North Carolina. Ever since his passion for medicine and especially, internal medicine blossomed in him, Dr. Imran has always wanted to offer the best medical services to patients. Many people go to him because his offices are strategically located, and therefore his services are easily accessible. His expertise also and license automatically assures patients that go to him that what they will receive is nothing but pure quality medical treatment and resume him.

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The Confounding Compassionate Doctor, Imran Haque

“High-quality services and personalized diagnostic care on solutions,” these are the best words used in describing Dr. Imran Haque by his patients. Dr. Imran Haque studied from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo; he then attended the University of Virginia where he undertook the internal medicine program. He gained a license to practice medicine as an internist. Dr. Imran Haque gets a lot of praise from his patients whom he has kept touch for more than a decade at his horizon internal medicine facility.

Dr. Imran Haque has two facilities in Asheboro and Ramseur North Carolina, where with the aid of his two professional assistants he attends to his patients. As a professional Dr. Imran deals with general health checkups, preventing foreseen and unforeseen illness but In case of sickness, he diagnoses and treats his patients and resume him.

Internal medicine is a branch which deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. Dr. Imran offers a broad range of services; 360 resurfacing, diabetes management, physical examination, Venus body contouring and laser hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque has equipped all his facilities thoroughly to offer all these services. However, in a case where a patient needs more specialized care, DR. Imran digs deep to his network of specialists. It is rare for Dr. Imran Haque to refer patients to other facilities as he always has the situation covered and learn more about Imran Haque.

The 360 hair resurfacing is a cosmetic treatment which rejuvenates skin tone, texture and tightens the skin using lasers. The treatment takes several weeks to complete. Laser hair removal entails the removal of hair from the unwanted areas with the utilization of a laser which inhibits the growth. Hair removal treatment varies with the part of the body. Patients can quickly schedule with Dr. Imran according to their desired time. Venus contouring process tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and cellulite. The technique is safe when administered by people of DR. Imran expertise. Among other services, Dr. Imran offers include medical weight management services hence giving his patients a wide variety of medical services and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Imran Haque received the compassionate doctor’s award. The award was given by an oversight body which recognizes people who treat their patients with utmost kindness and more information click here.

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A Helpful Guide To Healthy Fat Burning Strategies

Working out to lose excess weight is not an easy task more especially if you decide to do it without starving yourself. It is recommended that you choose a working plan that will work out for you and get to lose weight healthily. Usually, weight losing is a decision that needs to be reached at or should be achieved by following the right procedures and channels to get a long-term decision. When you get to meet your desired weight goal, you should find a favorable way to keep the weight on the check while still leading a very healthy life afterwards.

The strategies that one applies to lose weight will be the determining factor in the results. You may, however, require a plan that will work for you carefully. Various tips can help you to achieve your desired weight target. Here are tips that can help you keep your weight on the check.
Think long-term
When deciding on a program, always ensures that you are to the goals that you intend to achieve by choosing the one that will work for you. Choosing on changing your diet and tagging on fasting as well may offer faster weight loss result, but this may not be permanent if you get back to your normal eating ways and this can expose you to health complications. Rely on a plan that will ensure you take healthy diet, have enough exercise and a lifestyle that you can lead on comfortably. With such a plan you can have a long-term result and always think long-term when you need best results on losing weight.
Make regular checks on the scale.
One may be on the pressure to get to lose weight and therefore tend to check on the scale now and then to check on the weight they have loosed. However, you may need to keep off the scale to be able to work on well without stress. You should ensure that you check on your weight regularly to ensure that your weight is on the right weighing but do not do it every moment as this will tend to discourage you. You may work with weekly target and ensure that you work hard to achieve them. This will help you to get friendly with your scale, and you remain enjoying.
Get active
Burning calories is something that should be highly considered apart from having a choice in taking healthy foods. It is an easy task to start an easy lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, you will equally have an easy time keeping with one at the time you try to make sensible choices. Good results when losing weight will be yielded when you will consider moving and putting your body into a task. With taxing a body, you do not necessarily have to get a gym membership. You should always do the fun activities that you will be interested in all times.
Avoid eating some white culprits.
There are a lot of foods you should consider to avoid to increase your energy levels and weight loss results. Some of the foods to avoid are such as dairy products, foods rich in salts and sugar and white flour. There are a lot of alternatives you should consider to consume to avoid those foods. White flour can be replaced with coconut flour; sea salts can be replaced by the refined salts and eliminate white sugar entirely. Some individuals may be wondering why they should eliminate calcium-rich foods such as the dairy products from our diets, but then they are not the right in the event of losing weight. Individuals should consider replacing these dairy products with leafy greens as such and much other alternative food rich in calcium.
Eat more fiber
For any healthy diet, fiber is considered to be an essential part of it. This can be obtained by consuming vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grain. Every individual requires eating about twenty-five grams of dietary fiber each day. This should have both insoluble and soluble fiber. Fiber has very many benefits to our bodies. Fiber usually help the foods we eat to go through our system very fast so that it may not have time to rest to be stored as fats. You should consider eating more fiber to lose weight.  In fact, joining a system can help a lot, and they aren’t that much more expensive than normal diet budgets.  For example, Nutrisystem cost is about the same as you would be paying anyway.

Basic Tips For Health & Wellness

Do not try to outright alter your diet. Switching your eating habits, should be gradual, and if it is done right, you will not notice it. Measuring intake in a low-calorie diet will remove the extra calories and help you get rid of extra weight. It is worth lending focus to how much variety is in your food list.

Have as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can eat, whether you pay attention to the food color or not. This is so important, you should have many recipes to pick from for your vegetables and fruit meals. Incorporate them within your menu and then you will not feel as bored with your diet food, instead you will feel that it is healthier and tastier.

Pay attention to the quantity you drink and your fitness activity. Exercise, drink a substantial amount of liquids, as part of your new healthy life. Your Body requires clean water to replace sugary fruit juice, which is unlikely to be produced from fresh fruit,so stay away from soft drinks and coffee. For entire organs and bodily functions to work effectively, the digestive system needs plenty of water.

The body is made for motion, as most people lead a stationary lifestyle. Choose the exercises that best fit you, they should be part of the everyday regiment. Perform these exercises just at least three times a day. It has always been my rule to exercise at least as many times a day as I eat.

Converting your diet should not be a strain for the mental and physical aspects of yourself. It is not necessary to rid from your diet all that you love. The main purpose is to decrease the foreseeable chance of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, become more energetic and simultaneously feel good about yourself.

Troy McQuagge Is Awarded For His Excellent Input in the Health Sector

In 2016, Troy McQuagge received positive public recognition following his invaluable contribution in the health sector. Troy is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. He received the One Planet Award because of his tremendous efforts when it comes to providing citizens with the best as well as affordable health insurance packages. The award came after being monitored by the panel of awardees.


While receiving his award, Troy stated that he was proud of his achievement. It was a reflection of his efforts in building the health care sector into different and useful categories that can provide better health for members. Troy also stated that he was receiving the award on behalf of his team. Were it not for his team, he would not have made it that far according to him. He went ahead to state that his team was committed to providing the best health insurance for patients. According to him, his team was entirely responsible for offering the best advice to patients as well as families. He added that were it not for the support from the USHEALTH Group team, there would not be an award. That is a reflection of the team’s commitment to providing the best health care services. Troy closed the speech by highlighting that his team is still committed to ensuring all clients can access affordable as well as proper health cover.

One Planet Awards

The One Planet Awards refers to a globally conferred token of appreciation given to organizations as well as individuals from different sectors as well as the world. These awards seek to recognize as well as honor the excellent performance in business, professionalism as well as service delivery in different industries. Anyone in any organization can access These awards. To participate, an organization needs to join the nomination process by submitting the relevant documents to the panel. The nomination process includes different companies from private to public, startups as well as for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The awards cover different categories as well as sections.

Troy’s Profile

Troy McQuagge is prominent for his input in the health sector. The career corporate is also an avid entrepreneur who has excellent skills in sales. He hails from Panama, a city in Florida. The alumnus of the Central University of Florida is a proud sales person with thirty years experience in marketing. Initially, he worked for the Allstate Insurance Company. That was in 1983. He later joined the student division known as UICI. Troy continues to serve at USHEALTH Group. He is committed to creating affordable health insurance packages for clients.

Renown Health Opens New Doors for Patient Services to Benefit the Community

Renown Health had one of the greatest fiscal years in 2016 which impacted the community with $1.8 billion and more than 12,000 local employment opportunities. This economic effect has benefited the community in ways that is needed as well as providing further growth opportunities for the company.As a nonprofit company, Renown Health operates as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) which helps the need for servicing the public in order to receive improved patient experiences and reduce costs. In addition to providing supportive health benefits to those in need, Renown Health offers services which support the well-being of patients and those who need specialized services due to chronic diseases.

Renown Health is the only region’s medical provider for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The company built the first and the only children’s emergency center in Nevada through Renown Regional Medical Center. Renown Health was the first source to ever perform robotic surgery in the region at its Hospital in Northern Nevada.The company has now expanded patient services with the planned opening of a new South Reno clinic. The new clinic will include a clinical staff of 11, a primary-care physician and a Nurse Practitioner; with plans of additional staff as needed.

The building is located at The Summer Mall and is 10,000 square feet; large enough that it covers three store fronts. The clinic includes a laboratory which will provide patients the type of all-inclusive services needed. The state-of-the-art building was designed to provide patients with a comfortable environment and could be the first clinic to ever achieve patients feeling as though they’re at home in their living room while receiving care.In an industry that has become somewhat uncertain due to the Affordable Care Act, Renown Health continues to provide outstanding benefits to the community while focusing on patient care.

The Mutual Profitability Of Renown Health Group And The Communities They Serve

According to the publication Northern Nevada Business Weekly (NNBW), Renown Health has gone upscale with the uniquely designed 10,000-square-foot family practice medical facility at The Summit located in the Truckee Meadows area of south Reno, Nevada. Patients have availed an eleven member staff of healthcare professionals providing primary care services and its’ onsite laboratory. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design created an atmosphere reflective of the welcoming comforts of home for patients who visit this Renown Health location. Dr. McCormack, the Medical Director for Renown Health Group stated, “When patients come in, we wanted it to look and feel like their very own living rooms.”

Dr. McCormack stated, “Renown Health is keenly aware that the growth in population, improvements in the economy and greater access to health insurance creates a need for an increased number of healthcare facilities, particularly in the South Meadows area. Consideration for future expansion of facilities, services offered, and functionality has been discussed, but due to industry uncertainties related to the potential impact of the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act by the Trump administration, plans for such changes are on hold for now.”

Renown Health is the only locally governed, not-for-profit healthcare network in Reno, Nevada. It currently has 12 primary care facilities throughout Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, and the Caughlin Ranch area. It is comprised of an entire network of Reno hospitals, urgent care centers, lab services, x-ray and imaging services, primary care doctors and dozens of medical specialties. All profit earnings of Renown Health are re-invested into meeting the needs of patients and the local communities they serve. They contribute to more than 80 local non-profit organizations annually.

Renown Health Group doesn’t just give back to the community but includes the local citizenry as an integral part of their decision-making bodies. Currently, over 140 community members actively participate on boards or advisory committees throughout their 17-county service region to deliver quality care.

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Why More Municipals Should Adopt E-Governe

E-Governe is an array of products that are used to streamline processes in institutions and organizations and make them more efficient. The e-Governe System is implemented by the Instituto das Citades Intelligenses (ICI). Workers and officials of Teresina Municipal were trained on using the E-Governe system a few years ago. The training was done in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department, the Municipal Health Foundation, and the Municipal Education Department. These departments held meetings to discuss the optimization of the various services that the municipality offers to citizens.


The first tool to be implemented was the human resource management tool. This was an internal tool that helped to streamline processes within the public offices. The municipal then adopted a tool to bolster the quality of services that it offered to people. The system helped to identify problems earlier and to monitor and review the performance of the municipal. It also sped up the response to demands by the public and in the analysis of the various comments that they received.


Osasco adopted the e-governe education system several years ago. ICI installed an electrical system and supplied computer equipment to the schools and the offices. They also set up a customer care center for the education department of the municipal. The system covers all the schools in the area, the education department, and the center for continuing education. Osasco is one of the most populated states in Sao Paulo. The system proved to be flexible enough to cater to all the units.


The education system has availed many benefits for the schools and the education department of Osasco. It has made internet accessibility possible for the students and still allowed users to be managed through the security levels set up by system administrators. It has made the creation and sharing of reports easy because of the connection between the different facets. The system has made the sector transparent. It has also made the accountability process effective. It has eliminated rework since all the work is digitized. Records are stored electronically. ICI offers a range of tools that seek to improve administration, education, public service, and taxes.


Osasco is home to some of the largest corporations and organizations such as the Sao Paulo State Industries Center, Banco Bradesco, and SBT. The adoption of this system has propelled it to become a thriving economy. E-Governe Health was developed to solve the problem of managing the health services at the municipal and state governments. This task is very hard to perform because of all the moving parts that make up these departments. The professions associated with the health sector range from the doctors and the nurses to the drivers and public officials at the health departments.


The platform allows officials to view and plan the schedules of the workers. This makes task allocation easier. It also means that there is no downtime at the hospital since everyone’s time is allocated. The beds can be controlled through the system. This reduces the amount of work that the nurses have to perform. The distribution of medicine is tracked through e-Governe Health and makes it harder for resources to be wasted.


Eating Spicy Peppers Can Increase Longevity

New analysis in the medical journal, PLOS One, has strengthened the conclusions of a Chinese study completed in 2015 on the consumption of spicy foods with regards to longevity. The new report was done in the United States and used data from over 16,179 adult age American citizens that were part of a larger healthy study. Over the course of 23 years, the researchers recorded 4,946 deaths of the 16,179 participants that they tracked.


Controlled factors in the study included major health determinants such as the age of an individual, their gender, whether they smoked or not, their blood pressure levels, their cholesterol level and whether they had any chronic diseases such as diabetes among other key factors. After taking these controlled factors into account, the medical researchers at PLOS One found that participants who consumed spicy foods such as hot peppers had an overall reduced early mortality rate of up to 13%. This translates into a significantly increased lifespan among those who consumed spicy peppers such as chilies and habeneros as well as other spicy foods.


No questions were posed to the participants of the survey on the amount of hot peppers or spicy foods that they consumed. Furthermore, since the study was observational, no concrete link can be made to confirm that the spicy peppers and foods were the exact reason for the reduced early death rate among spicy food consumers. Given this technicality aside, you can make a pretty safe bet that eating hot peppers and other spices may increase your lifespan even though no hard link can be proven in the PLOS One study. It is an encouraging sign though.


Despite not being able to prove that the peppers were responsible for the increased lifespan, the researchers did prove another benefit on the consumption of hot peppers. Capsaicin, which is the substance that givers peppers their hot taste, has been found to have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help explain why the consumers of spicy peppers lived longer than their non pepper eating counterparts. Capsaicin kills germs and thus makes it less likely that people will fall ill to diseases such as the flu or cold during the winter. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain and help promote a more active lifestyle.


Kick Start the New Year with a Healthy Diet

We all know that we have to eat healthier in order to maintain a reasonable weight and have the vitality we need to live a full life, but it’s often much harder to implement than it seems. Healthy eating takes time, patience, dedication and perseverance to make it work for you. It can also be difficult to eat healthy if you’re constantly surrounded by people who make poor eating choices, since this can have a direct influence on how you choose to eat. It is vital that you make it a habit to eat healthy so that it becomes an established lifestyle.


A healthy diet starts with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you’re afraid that eating salads all day isn’t going to be sustainable, you might want to think about incorporating more vegetables into your already-planned meals, such as adding a side salad to your main meal. Try changing the way that you prepare food in order to make it healthier (source). For instance, if you normally fry your chicken, try sprinkling a little seasoning on it and popping it in the oven. Not only will you get a delicious main dish, but you’ll be reducing the calorie and fat content that is found in greasy fry oil.


If one of the biggest problems you face is eating out, there are ways for you to change your perspective on this as well. Many restaurants and fast food joints offer lower-calorie and healthier options. Order a grilled chicken sandwich and steer clear of the fried variety. Order a small side of fries as opposed to a large or super sized one. A healthy lifestyle and weight is 80 percent diet and only 20 percent exercise, so making those much-needed changes to your food plan can have more of an impact on your weight, health and wellness than you might think.