Eating Spicy Peppers Can Increase Longevity

New analysis in the medical journal, PLOS One, has strengthened the conclusions of a Chinese study completed in 2015 on the consumption of spicy foods with regards to longevity. The new report was done in the United States and used data from over 16,179 adult age American citizens that were part of a larger healthy study. Over the course of 23 years, the researchers recorded 4,946 deaths of the 16,179 participants that they tracked.


Controlled factors in the study included major health determinants such as the age of an individual, their gender, whether they smoked or not, their blood pressure levels, their cholesterol level and whether they had any chronic diseases such as diabetes among other key factors. After taking these controlled factors into account, the medical researchers at PLOS One found that participants who consumed spicy foods such as hot peppers had an overall reduced early mortality rate of up to 13%. This translates into a significantly increased lifespan among those who consumed spicy peppers such as chilies and habeneros as well as other spicy foods.


No questions were posed to the participants of the survey on the amount of hot peppers or spicy foods that they consumed. Furthermore, since the study was observational, no concrete link can be made to confirm that the spicy peppers and foods were the exact reason for the reduced early death rate among spicy food consumers. Given this technicality aside, you can make a pretty safe bet that eating hot peppers and other spices may increase your lifespan even though no hard link can be proven in the PLOS One study. It is an encouraging sign though.


Despite not being able to prove that the peppers were responsible for the increased lifespan, the researchers did prove another benefit on the consumption of hot peppers. Capsaicin, which is the substance that givers peppers their hot taste, has been found to have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help explain why the consumers of spicy peppers lived longer than their non pepper eating counterparts. Capsaicin kills germs and thus makes it less likely that people will fall ill to diseases such as the flu or cold during the winter. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain and help promote a more active lifestyle.


Kick Start the New Year with a Healthy Diet

We all know that we have to eat healthier in order to maintain a reasonable weight and have the vitality we need to live a full life, but it’s often much harder to implement than it seems. Healthy eating takes time, patience, dedication and perseverance to make it work for you. It can also be difficult to eat healthy if you’re constantly surrounded by people who make poor eating choices, since this can have a direct influence on how you choose to eat. It is vital that you make it a habit to eat healthy so that it becomes an established lifestyle.


A healthy diet starts with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you’re afraid that eating salads all day isn’t going to be sustainable, you might want to think about incorporating more vegetables into your already-planned meals, such as adding a side salad to your main meal. Try changing the way that you prepare food in order to make it healthier (source). For instance, if you normally fry your chicken, try sprinkling a little seasoning on it and popping it in the oven. Not only will you get a delicious main dish, but you’ll be reducing the calorie and fat content that is found in greasy fry oil.


If one of the biggest problems you face is eating out, there are ways for you to change your perspective on this as well. Many restaurants and fast food joints offer lower-calorie and healthier options. Order a grilled chicken sandwich and steer clear of the fried variety. Order a small side of fries as opposed to a large or super sized one. A healthy lifestyle and weight is 80 percent diet and only 20 percent exercise, so making those much-needed changes to your food plan can have more of an impact on your weight, health and wellness than you might think.


Just Relax, Breath

Has this election cycle stressed you out? Are the kids really getting to you? Is work frustrating you? We all know life can really try the nerves. There’s there’s good news for everyone feeling overwhelmed, exciting new science is showing just how effective breathing exercises are for improving anxiety. Breathing exercises not only improve anxiety, but it can also improve your immune system and alertness.


We’ve all heard someone say to their friend “just relax and take a breath,” it turns out there’s some truth to the old saying. An associate professor at Boston University just completed a study using yoga to treat depressive symptoms. After his 12 week study, it was seen that not only the external symptoms of depression were relieved, but the biochemical symptoms were relieved as well. While the study was quite small, the results are very promising especially for those who want to improve their mood.


There are numerous different ways to use breathing to relax. This quick instructional video can give you an idea of how to use breathing to relax, experts say you can use this technique and others like for 20 minutes a day. It is hypothesized that by taking deep breaths you’re telling your body that everything is okay and triggers it to relax.


Breathing exercises won’t only improve your nerves, it has also been shown to increase your alertness and immune system. A recent study at the University of South Carolina showed that breathing exercises decreased the levels of cytokines that are associated with stress and inflammation. It will be exciting to find out just how powerful good breathing habits are as scientists unravel this simple practice.


Adopting a habit of breathing exercise can improve your life, allowing you to have better health, and all you have to do is just put some time aside for some simple exercises. So why not take a little time to learn about healthy breathing and watch your anxiety decrease and your health improve. Next time life grows overwhelming remember to just relax and breath.


InnovaCare Health’s Team and Reach Lead by Rick Shinto

Updated 12/12/2016


As its core values indicate, quality medical care is especially dear to this company. InnovaCare Health lays emphasis on qualified professionals to drive the growth of the company and ensure stability. Team work is yet another value that the company pegs its success according to Rick Shinto. Proper communication, good working relationships and a clear vision are ingredients that ultimately bear the good fruits of success. Without transparency the company fears it would not sore as high as it does in the health sector. The mission statement, redefining the management of healthcare in today’s healthcare environment, is in a nutshell what the company is about.

This healthcare outfit has two affiliates in Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. PMC and MMM offer high quality care programs, which promote physical and emotional wellbeing of members. The customer satisfaction rate is consistently at 90 percent, which is indicative of the success of these two affiliates. In 2011 both MMM and PMC received NCQA accreditation, which is only given when a plan meets or goes beyond the expectation of the quality assurance. Customer protection coupled with improvement of quality are key determiners of the NCQA accreditation.

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Rick Shinto is an authority in the healthcare industry. As President of InnovaCare, Rick Shinto brings leadership and technical experience from years of service in operational and clinical healthcare. While working for Aveta Inc., he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. This award recognizes individuals who are committed to excellence. It was as an internin Southern California that he began his career. Rick Shinto once served as Medical Management’s Vice President before moving on to Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer. Prior to this, he was Chief Medical and Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company. NAMM California is yet another company Richard worked for years before joining Innova.

As a healthcare expert Shinto has several written works on clinical medicine. He studied at the University of Redlands where he attained his M.B.A. At the State University of New York he earned his medical degree after graduating with a B.S from the University of California.


Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. She had worked in this company as its COO. At Aveta Inc., she was also Chief Operations Officer and its Clinical Operation’s Vice President. She has over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in clinical programs’ development. She is also knowledgeable in management of health care and operations: efficiency and organizational infrastructure.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site.

Is Dieting Good for Teenagers?

Look at any news report or read any article and you will often be found with dieting tips and healthy eating options that are specific to losing weight. Many people who talk about eating healthy often associated with losing weight because this is the main component of healthy living. What you might not realize is that losing weight for a teenager who happens to be overweight or even obese can sometimes have negative influences on the rest of their life. Dieting is a very harsh reality and should only be done by adults who are conscious of what could come as a result of this.

The reason dieting is often left for the adults is because many Studies have found that people who lose weight on diets and lose lots of weight in the process of changing your eating habits orphan begin to develop eating disorder behaviors soon after. Many people who die it will deprive themselves of food they really enjoy and so after they lose all the weight and realize that it is still very difficult to maintain a lower weight, they might resort to eating disorder behaviors in order to maintain their weight or to indulge in foods without gaining weight. This is why it is especially dangerous for teenagers to go on extreme diets in order to lose weight.

For teenagers who are overweight or even obese, it is often better to try to implement healthy eating habits into their daily lives instead of having them go on a strict diet. By implementing different healthy eating habits, your teenager will be able to learn their relationship with food and healthy and responsible manner. Wildair new healthy eating habits may allow them to lose some weight, the main goal of healthy eating for your teenager is to teach them to eat well and healthy as opposed to making the emphasis on losing pounds. Eating disorders are incredibly common among teenagers and even adults. Because of the fact that eating disorders can even be deadly if they are taken to the extreme, it is always important to avoid one if possible and one of the best ways to avoid developing an eating disorder is to stop crash dieting and to never allow a teenager to go on a crash diet.

Health Benefits of Choosing Water over a Sugary Drink

Virginia Tech University has released a new study suggesting that replacing just one sugary beverage with water per day can have enormous health benefits over time. Sugary beverages include sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, coffee with added sugar, and even “diet” drinks. According to the study, choosing water over one of these drinks just one time a day can decrease overall calorie intake and can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Swapping one eight ounce high calorie beverage with water can also make a difference in overall health.

The study took place from 2007-2012 and included over 19,000 adults. Kiyah J. Duffy, an adjunct faculty member with Virginia Tech and one of the researchers of the study, found that replacing just one beverage with water could drop the amount of calories consumed from drinks from 17 to 11 percent. “Even those who consumed more sugary drinks per day could still benefit from water replacement, dropping the amount of calories coming from beverages to less than 25 percent of their daily caloric intake,” says Duffy. Co-authoring the study with Duffy was Jennifer Poti, an assistant professor of nutrition and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

The study also found that people who chose more water tended to make healthier dietary choices overall. People who drink more high-calorie beverages were also more likely to eat more red meat, starches, and junk food. Those who drank water were more likely to have diets higher in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

While this study was funded by the Drinking Water Research Foundation, the results do follow what the Dietary Guidelines of America suggest, which is that individuals do not consume more than ten percent of their calories from added sugar. Reducing calories consumed from sweetened drinks also increases scores on the Healthy Beverage Index – a system that evaluates drinking habits and how they affect diet and health. It is based on standards created by the Beverage Guidance Panel and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This index was created in 2015 by Duffy and Brenda Davy, a nutrition researcher from Virginia Tech.

NutriMost: Clients Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Amazing Success Stories

Nutrimost is proving to be one of the top weight loss programs in this day and age. There have been amazing success stories from many who lose weight quickly with this program that works. This is a program like no other. This is not an ordinary fad for quick weight loss. This is a weight loss program that includes technology and it will customized a program that will fit each persons individual health needs. This is an amazing weight loss program that is spreading success stories like wild fire. NutriMost is gaining in popularity because it works. Many have been losing five pounds a week with this program. Success is the outcome with NutriMost.

Keeping Weight Off
The NutriMost program does offer a rapid weight loss and people are keeping the weight off. One of the reasons that this program is providing long term weight loss and good health is because the professionals address all factors and needs. This may be viewed as a holistic approach. This approach leads to weight loss and better health. The cause of the weight gain is taken into consideration and the ideal weight goal is set for each person. When a person enrolls in this program, technology is used in order to determine the best methods that will help them to lose weight. Each person is treated like an individual with unique needs. The same methods will not work on two different individuals. It is a customized plan that is leading to exceptional results for many.
Learn more about NutriMost


Nutrition Labels get an Upgrade

Starting in 2018, all food labels must disclose how much-added sugar food contains. Most Americans do not realize how much sugar they are consuming in their diets. Too much sugar can cause medical and obesity problems. The FDA is hopeful that Americans will consider changing their dietary needs when they can see the amount of sugar they are consuming in a product. Besides seeing the amount of sugar on the new label, the FDA also hopes this new product label will encourage manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in their product or find another way to make the product more nutritious.
In addition to the amount of sugar being disclosed on the food label, a few other changes to food labels are also being made at this time. For instance, a single bag of chips will contain one serving only. A standard serving of ice cream is two-thirds of a cup instead of a one-half cup. The calories of a product will be in a larger font size than the rest other information that’s list on the nutrition label.
Lastly, changing the information on the food label may cost the manufacturer an additional $2 million dollars. With the change and cost expense involved with the new food labels, the FDA hopes that consumers and manufacturers will realize that foods need to contain less sugar to help the consumer avoid medical problems and obesity.

Is it time to say goodbye to the potato? Experts might surprise you with the answer!

Is it time to say goodbye to the potato? Whether it’s hashbrowns for breakfast, french fries with your burger for lunch or a baked potato with dinner; it goes without saying that potatoes are quite possibly an American dietary staple. In fact, potatoes might be the only thing more American than cherry pie. But could they be one of the leading causes of hypertension? A study put out by the British Medical Journal seems to believe this to be the case.

What began as a move by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010 and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) to institute healthier meals to children and low income populations quickly became a tit-for-tat refusal by state regulators, school lunch operators and special interest groups. Congress gave in to the clamoring potato junkies and lifted the ban on white potatoes in the WIC food program; their reasoning being the high potassium of the potatoes themselves and inconclusive evidence of detrimental health effects.

Well thanks to the hard work and dedication of Lea Borgi, associate physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, as well as her industrious team of renowned nutritional experts; a major step forward has been taken in the fight for healthier habits across the country. This is a study you’re not going to want to miss and will surely be the talk around dinner tables and break rooms. Read for yourself and determine if it’s time to say no to the potato.

Beneful Believes that Dogs Deserve the Best

There are brands out there today that worry only about the money that they will bring in. There are brands that put out poor quality products in the hope of bringing in more cash for themselves. There are brands that don’t care at all about their customers, or the products that they are putting out. Unfortunately, there are many brands that just don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves.

Beneful is the kind of brand that cares about more than just the money that they earn. While there are some bad brands out there, Beneful is not one of them. Beneful cares about the dogs in the world, and they create food for those dogs that shows that they care. This brand believes that dogs deserve the very best, and they offer dog food options that prove that. When it comes to the brands that are out there today, there are some good ones and some not so good ones. Beneful is one of the good ones.