How E-Governe is Making Services Better

E-governe is a management system that was developed to improve services to the public. The systems were designed with the end user in mind. The platform can be accessed using different devices including computers and mobile devices. This makes it easier for it to be used by several people and makes it simpler to collaborate. They have a dedicated team of support staff who provide assistance to the users of e-governe. Clients are assured that their queries will be addressed in the case of anything. E-governe has various safety protocols in place to ensure that the data is protected. Each user is given different access privileges. This can be managed by the system administrator.


The data is also encrypted to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing it. E-governe provides hosting and storage services for clients who would like to store their data in the cloud. E-Governe Health was developed to help to streamline different processes within the health sector. One of the biggest problems facing the sector is the management of the municipal and state health departments. It is a central system through which everything that is related to the hospital can be managed. It makes accounting easier because financial resources can be tracked and viewed from one place.


The platform allows all units to be integrated such that a schedule for each hospital can be developed. Appointments can be scheduled by the system because one is able to know when the physicians are available. This results in proper planning and does away with the service queues that are common in hospitals. It also allows hospital officials to improve the quality of services. Each patient is addressed individually at a time that is convenient for both parties. E-governe health helps to make hospitals more efficient and to cut costs. Hospitals can view the stock of medicine that they have and accurately plan the distribution. They can plan for the application of vaccines and schedule medical examinations and consultations. They can also control the ambulances because they come with a central ambulatory system. E-governe health can also be connected with other systems that are in use. It helps to improve services because it significantly makes them more efficient.


Teresina Municipality was among the first to adopt the new system in the region. Officials within the state took part in a training program where they were shown how to use e-governe. The system was rolled out by the Information Institute of Curitiba (ICI). It was initially used in the human resource department. The system is able to help them serve people by speeding up the response. E-governe also allows officials to identify problems earlier and to analyze the suggestions on how to improve services to the public. The education system was installed in all the schools in the state. ICI also supplied computer equipment and installed a networking system to connect all of them. They also put up a call center for the Education Department of the municipality so that they could respond to the public.


Why More Municipals Should Adopt E-Governe

E-Governe is an array of products that are used to streamline processes in institutions and organizations and make them more efficient. The e-Governe System is implemented by the Instituto das Citades Intelligenses (ICI). Workers and officials of Teresina Municipal were trained on using the E-Governe system a few years ago. The training was done in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Department, the Municipal Health Foundation, and the Municipal Education Department. These departments held meetings to discuss the optimization of the various services that the municipality offers to citizens.


The first tool to be implemented was the human resource management tool. This was an internal tool that helped to streamline processes within the public offices. The municipal then adopted a tool to bolster the quality of services that it offered to people. The system helped to identify problems earlier and to monitor and review the performance of the municipal. It also sped up the response to demands by the public and in the analysis of the various comments that they received.


Osasco adopted the e-governe education system several years ago. ICI installed an electrical system and supplied computer equipment to the schools and the offices. They also set up a customer care center for the education department of the municipal. The system covers all the schools in the area, the education department, and the center for continuing education. Osasco is one of the most populated states in Sao Paulo. The system proved to be flexible enough to cater to all the units.


The education system has availed many benefits for the schools and the education department of Osasco. It has made internet accessibility possible for the students and still allowed users to be managed through the security levels set up by system administrators. It has made the creation and sharing of reports easy because of the connection between the different facets. The system has made the sector transparent. It has also made the accountability process effective. It has eliminated rework since all the work is digitized. Records are stored electronically. ICI offers a range of tools that seek to improve administration, education, public service, and taxes.


Osasco is home to some of the largest corporations and organizations such as the Sao Paulo State Industries Center, Banco Bradesco, and SBT. The adoption of this system has propelled it to become a thriving economy. E-Governe Health was developed to solve the problem of managing the health services at the municipal and state governments. This task is very hard to perform because of all the moving parts that make up these departments. The professions associated with the health sector range from the doctors and the nurses to the drivers and public officials at the health departments.


The platform allows officials to view and plan the schedules of the workers. This makes task allocation easier. It also means that there is no downtime at the hospital since everyone’s time is allocated. The beds can be controlled through the system. This reduces the amount of work that the nurses have to perform. The distribution of medicine is tracked through e-Governe Health and makes it harder for resources to be wasted.