McDonald’s New Creation

McDonald’s food is known for a lot of things. For one, it’s common knowledge that it’s super speedy food. For another, it’s food that is super cheap which comes in handy for any one on a budget.

No matter what you’re craving McDonald’s seems to have you covered. If you want a cheeseburger or chicken they’ve got lots and lots of options! One thing everyone can agree on is the fact that McDonald’s is not fancy by any means. But, now they are coming out with a new sandwich that might just put them a step up on the classy and fancy restaurant list.

According to Grub Street McDonald’s has a new sandwich. It’s the artisan grilled chicken sandwich. It is already on a few menus across the country. The commercials and advertisements seem to be coming quickly. The description suggests that it is a chicken breast filet, pantry seasonings, and a zesty vinaigrette. It seems that this is a fancy McChicken. What those pantry seasonings are, one can only imagine. It’s quite vague. But, the fact that It has a zesty vinaigrette may be worth a try.

So, McDonald’s will never get rid of their staples like the chicken nuggets or McChickens but it’s nice to know that there will soon be more “gourmet” options. Ivan Ong on Facebook points out that it comes in handy if you ever plan on taking a date to Mickey D’s, or celebrating a special occasion their.