A Brief View at the Rich History of IAP Worldwide Services

What is IAP Worldwide? It is a global organization that has more than two thousand employees. These employees are trained and work in various large-scale matters, such as building and maintaining large military facilities, civilian facilities, remote laboratories, and other big things. They also are on the go when it comes to disasters. Whether they be natural disasters or man-made disasters, IAP Worldwide is often called to help out.

IAP Worldwide Services has been around for over 60 years. Over the years, they have dealt with some very big projects on kayescholer.com. For example, in the year 1953, Pan Am World Services began building America’s first space launch base in Florida. IAP Worldwide Services (although it was not known as such at that time) was there to help support the launch of two and a half thousand rockets, and over the years has maintained the facility and kept it in good shape. This includes engineering services, construction services, and planning and management on bloomberg.com. Pan Am World Services was later acquired by Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls, in the 1980s and the 1990s, contributed heavily to the ability of factories and other facilities to control the way they impact the environment through innovative energy and lighting solutions.

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IAP was founded in 1990, and it was originally going to only provide the United States Military with generators in the Saudi Arabian desert, and it later went on to support the military in Operation Desert Storm. Ever since, it has been a trusted partner of the United States Military. It was such a valued partner of the United States Military and the Unites States Government that by the year 2004 it held government contracts that were worth three hundred and seventy million dollars.

In the year 2005, IAP acquired Johnson Controls, and together they formed IAP Worldwide Services. Ever since, IAP focuses on three main major issues: Global Operations and logistics, base operations support services, and professional and technical services.

IAP Worldwide also has an active presence on social media. They have a popular Facebook page, as well as a popular Youtube channel. They also have an active LinkedIn account, which they also sometimes use to accept job applicants. Sometimes, IAP Worldwide Services is looking for people who can help them out and join their team. They need from time to time applicants in areas such as General Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Operations, Program Management, Accounting/Finance and many other fields and specialty areas.

IAP Worldwide: Providing Local and International Support

IAP Worldwide Services offers support to civilian and government organizations around the world. They are a top hiring company that contracts out to the government for numerous support jobs including emergency response, aviation support, communication support, and expeditionary services. This contracting company also supports the government by hiring veterans and other military personnel and supporting them through the transition to a civilian career. Their contracts have included operation support in Afghanistan on PRNewswire and here in the United States during Hurricane Matthew.

IAP supports government and civilian services by providing services necessary for working in high risk locations. This organization has been instrumental in aviation support in war torn countries such as Afghanistan. They provide engineers, equipment, and quality control testing to aircraft programs. Additionally, they help manage supply chains in high risk or difficult locations. They provide secure transportation for materials and personnel. IAP is also a leader in networking and communication. They provide network and communication engineers to ensure that the team they are working for can stay connected.

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According to IAP, the company currently has over 2,000 employees in 25 countries. They meet the needs of civilian and government agencies by hiring experienced candidates. They hire to meet the needs of their contracts. Therefore, there are a wide variety of positions available in this company. Positions vary from Air Traffic Controllers in Kabul to mechanical technicians in Nebraska. They also provide excellent services for veterans and military personnel. IAP provide support for military members transitioning to the private sector and encourage military members and veterans to seek employment within their organization because of the unique skill set they bring to the company.

IAP is more than just a contracting company. There programs and efforts keep people safe. Their involvement in the relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew are a prime example of what the company of capable of. Their teams provided emergency power, communication, and evacuation support as people were relocated prior to the devastating storm. IAP Worldwide provided similar support during Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Katia. Their continued efforts are an integral part of emergency response provided by the United States Government.

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