Avaaz Community

Avaaz, which is a Persian translation for “voice” is a civic organization based in the US, that advocates for animal and human rights; and yearns to take action on climate change, corruption, poverty, and conflict. It is considered the world’s largest online activist network, as it is mighty.

Avaaz was launched in 2007 and aims to organize citizens all over the world to close the gap between the world we are living in and the world most people want. The organization empowers people from different backgrounds and walks of life to take action on global issues. The online platform allows for easy and fast organization of campaigns.

The world would be a better place without corrupt leaders and individuals; there would be peace in the absence of conflict and observance of human and animal rights. Avaaz yearns to achieve this world in reality and not in fantasy or a dream, and it has successfully been able to obtain masses of supporters and activists.

The success of an organization lies in the wisdom and expertise of its management. Avaaz has a standing administration and is not corporate or government-sponsored, but only accepts donations from its members. The organization, therefore, is not attached to the priorities of one single person or group. This helps Avaaz be independent and maintain a robust and healthy development. To know more about Avaaz click here.

Groups and organizations usually break down after some time because of ideological differences. It is a fact that people will always have ideological differences. Avaaz accepts this and curbs fragmentations by allowing members to participate in campaigns of their choice. This way, one will not be forced or feel obliged to a movement they are not in full support of. Avaaz community has achieved global activism and has brought many people from different parts of the world together, towards a common goal of advocating for pressing issues in the society for a better tomorrow.

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