Eating Healthy On a Busy Schedule

Most of us have an extremely busy schedule, which means there is little time to cook and limited time to actually consume food. Sure, it’s easy to stop by the local fast food place to get lunch or dinner, but this can be costly, and it’s not always the healthiest choice. Here are some tips for making sure you stay healthy even when you’re on the go.

One of the first things you should is make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. This will give your body that nutrition it needs to fuel your day, and will keep your appetite satisfied until lunch. This keeps you from being tempted to snack on sugary or fatty snacks in between meals. Food like oatmeal and whole grain cereal can keep you full for long periods of time and prevent your blood sugar from spiking too high. You may also want to eat a bowl of fresh fruit with breakfast instead of juice, since the juice is higher in sugar and could make you feel sluggish before lunch. If you’re into savory breakfast foods, choose a protein-rich options like eggs, quinoa or organic sausage.

It’s also important to plan your trips to the grocery store. This will cut down on impulse purchases and increase the chances that you won’t get unhealthy snacks or meals. Be sure to eat before going to the grocery store so that you won’t shop out of hunger, and make a list so you’ll only get what you need and won’t spend unnecessary time in the store.

Finally, be sure to prepare your snacks the night before work. Put your favorite raw nuts and dried fruit in a sandwich bag so you can easily pack them in your bag or briefcase before heading to work. You can also make smoothies the night before and place them in cups that will keep the smoothie cold before placing them in the refrigerator. The smoothies can also serve as a meal replacement when you’re not able to take time for lunch.

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Holiday Cookies

An easy treat to make for the Christmas holiday is a platter of cookies. From simple sugar cookies to detailed treats that bring the festive nature to the holiday season, there are numerous cookie recipes that you can try with your family and friends for any event during the holiday season.

Instead of the traditional Santa or reindeer cookies, why not bake a few penguins? Slice sugar cookie dough, shaping each slice so that it looks like a penguin body. Use a little food dye on the edges to make the cookies look like a penguin with other details on the body that look like the face, feet, and hands. Complete the penguins when they are done baking with an icing hat.

If you’re looking for an elegant cookie, then make a red velvet cookie with cheesecake stuffed in the center. Sprinkle a small amount of powdered sugar after the cookies come out of the oven for a fresh snow appearance. Another idea for a cookie that has a similar texture and taste is a chocolate cookie with fudge in the center. Add chocolate chips on top or a bit of cocoa powder.

Eggnog cookies are a classic treat that you can add a variety of toppings to depending on the flavors that you enjoy. The key to making these cookies is to add a small amount of rum and nutmeg to the cookie dough. Striped chocolate cookies add just the right amount of sweetness to the eggnog flavor.

Reindeer cookies are fun to create. You can make them with sugar cookie dough, but there if you use gingerbread, then you’re going to get the sweet flavors along with a bit of the rustic flavor that combines well with the design of the reindeer. The color of the gingerbread cookie also matches the color of the reindeer. Use brown royal icing to create a face and black icing for the antlers and facial details. Use small red candies for the nose, playing with the design of the mouth on each reindeer so that they are all different.

How to Stay Healthy With so Many Fast Food Restaurants Popping Up

In today’s society, it’s incredibly difficult to eat healthily. That’s because there seem to be more fast-food restaurants than healthy places to eat all across the globe. It’s also cheaper and easier to just grab a fast food burger than to cook up something healthy. Therefore, many of us struggle with how to eat healthy. Luckily, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that you’re eating healthy and not giving into temptation.

One of the easiest tips is to avoid fast food at all costs. Research has shown that it contributes to obesity and a whole slew of other illnesses and diseases. Surprisingly, the government is now getting involved in the fight against unhealthy food.

According to GrubStreet, London has just banned fast-food restaurants from opening near schools. They say it’s part of an effort to tackle the capital’s child obesity epidemic. Experts have long argued that it’s alarming just how many restaurants that kids have to pass on their way to school. The school wants to encourage children to live healthier lives by making better food choices.

London is doing a great job of caring for its residents. They don’t want to punish fast food restaurants, rather they want to make a statement how they care about their residents and want them to live longer lives which comes down to smart food choices. If a restaurant wants to open near a school, they have to prove that they will serve food that meets certain health standards and criteria. It seems that getting healthy is really a group effort among residents and the government.

In other countries, it comes down to their parents. Parents should pass along tips to their children about eating healthy. This can be something simple such as having fruit instead of a candy bar or drinking water instead of a soda. Although restaurants are a part of many people’s lives, it’s important to only have unhealthy options in moderation.

Holiday Overeating: The One Christmas Tradition You Want to Avoid

We all know that as soon as it begins to look a lot like Christmas, it also begins to smell – and taste – a lot like Christmas too. All those savory goodies as far as the eye can see! Gaining a few holiday pounds is inevitable – or is it? With some strategic planning and a pep talk for the ol’ willpower, you can enjoy the tidings of (comfort) food and joy this holiday season without having to make “that” New Year’s resolution yet again come December 31.
Here are 5 of the most effective tips and tricks from the experts ( for enjoying the Season’s offerings without overdoing it:

Everyone loves holiday parties and get-togethers. It’s easy to find yourself with a packed-full social calendar during the season. It’s also easy to fill up on the oh-so decadent treats available in abundance at every event you attend. Avoid scheduling something every night of the week. Yes, this may mean turning down a few invitations here and there, but in the long run you will be glad you did. Make your excuses by saying you already have a previous commitment – you don’t have to say that the commitment is with a long bubble bath or curled up in front of your favorite movie with a mug of hot chocolate.

Some of us have more willpower than others. For those gods among men (and women!) it seems easy to stroll into the most extravagant holiday party of the season, choose only a couple of incredible bite-sized treats, and then walk away without so much as a backward glance. The truth is, any of us can do it. The trick is to enjoy your favorite less-than-healthy foods in moderation. Take that slice of pecan pie, have two small bites and throw the rest away. Have one small piece of fudge instead of several large pieces. This way your cravings are satisfied and your waistline is safe.

Many people don’t realize the ridiculous amount of empty calories that are packed into those festive holiday drinks. The alcohol content isn’t the only thing that can make those drinks pass-worthy. If you simply must indulge a bit, choose a single glass of wine and sip on it slowly. Don’t waste your calorie indulgences on drinks; save them for the good stuff.

How To Stay Health While Being A Pregnant Vegetarian

Readers of the New York Times asked a question about being pregnant and a vegetarian in the ask well section of the newspaper. Their question was is it possible to remain completely healthy and have a healthy baby while being on a vegetarian diet or the more extreme vegan diet. A New York Times reporter did some research on the subject and asked some experts. Here is what she found.

All of the studies done on vegetarian mothers who were pregnant showed no increase in birth defects or health problems. This data comes from 22 studies that tracked vegetarian mothers. The observational studies only included healthy vegetarian mothers, so the researchers in the study said that more research is needed to in fact say conclusively whether vegetarian mothers have no increased risks of birth defects or health issues.

Doctors say that being on a plant based diet is acceptable for pregnant women if they take some precautions. When a woman is pregnant her need for the mineral, iron doubles. Iron is found in animals foods such as red meat and some fish. There are plant foods that are rich in iron, but they are not as readily absorbed. Doctors thus advise pregnant women to eat plenty of iron rich plant foods such as beans, peas and lentils as well as greens like spinach and collard greens. Taking a supplement is also a good idea.

Another vitamin that pregnant women may be lacking who are vegetarians is vitamin B 12. This nutrient is not contained in plant foods. There are some vegan foods that contain this vitamin such as soy products like tofu or fortified cereals. If you can’t stomach soy or fortified foods, then just take a supplement which includes B-vitamins and iron. There are special supplements designed for pregnant women and vegetarians that have the vitamins that vegans and pregnant women especially need. If vegetarian mothers ensure they get enough B-vitamins and iron than there should be no problems with staying healthy and having a healthy baby.

Basic Tips For Health & Wellness

Do not try to outright alter your diet. Switching your eating habits, should be gradual, and if it is done right, you will not notice it. Measuring intake in a low-calorie diet will remove the extra calories and help you get rid of extra weight. It is worth lending focus to how much variety is in your food list.

Have as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can eat, whether you pay attention to the food color or not. This is so important, you should have many recipes to pick from for your vegetables and fruit meals. Incorporate them within your menu and then you will not feel as bored with your diet food, instead you will feel that it is healthier and tastier.

Pay attention to the quantity you drink and your fitness activity. Exercise, drink a substantial amount of liquids, as part of your new healthy life. Your Body requires clean water to replace sugary fruit juice, which is unlikely to be produced from fresh fruit,so stay away from soft drinks and coffee. For entire organs and bodily functions to work effectively, the digestive system needs plenty of water.

The body is made for motion, as most people lead a stationary lifestyle. Choose the exercises that best fit you, they should be part of the everyday regiment. Perform these exercises just at least three times a day. It has always been my rule to exercise at least as many times a day as I eat.

Converting your diet should not be a strain for the mental and physical aspects of yourself. It is not necessary to rid from your diet all that you love. The main purpose is to decrease the foreseeable chance of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, become more energetic and simultaneously feel good about yourself.

Teaching Kids Some Food Hacks Can Provide a Lifetime of Health

Most parents are well aware of how much their kids can eat. Providing food for one’s family is one of the most readily apparent signs of a good parent. However, it’s becoming more and more clear that it’s just as important to teach them what and how to eat. Thankfully there’s a few easy food hacks that can help kids appreciate even the healthiest foods.

The Food Network looked at some of the healthiest foods around and figured out some ways to entice kids to actually give them a try. And it turns out that sometimes kids actually had the right idea from the start.

Take popcorn as the perfect example. On the surface of things it might seem like junk food. But that’s more about what people put on popcorn than the food itself. Popcorn is actually a high fiber and low calorie grain which is a perfect snack food.

However, there are instances where one needs to be a bit tricky with healthy ingredients. Popsicles and cookies aren’t exactly health food when one simply buys them from the store. But most of what’s unhealthy about them is simply due to choices for ingredients. Ice pops don’t have to be little more than frozen sugar water. One can use healthy orange juice to create the perfect treat for a hot summer day. Or rolled oats can be used to fill up cookies and make them more healthy.

Even the ultimate unhealthy meal, pizza, isn’t inherently bad. As the Food Network points out, pizza is basically just a sandwich without the extra layer of bread on top. Going light on the cheese while concentrating on healthy toppings can make pizza that’s quite healthy.

All of the suggestions have one very important thing in common. And it’s what makes it a real food hack. They all use fun foods as a framing device to help train kids to enjoy healthy tastes. The tastes of an adult are formed by his or her childhood. When healthy items like broccoli or fruit are associated with happy memories than those eating habits will create the foundation for a healthy life.

Pros And Cons Of The Body’s Most Required Foods

Good fats and bad fats are part of complete diet, that is why they are both unwholesome and beneficial. Fats that are Good are necessary for the energy that is in charge of the heart, brain, skin, nails and hair. Omega 3 fats and Omega6 which is present in sardines, herring, mackerel and salmon are some of the good fats that are in your body. But the presence of saturated fats in excess is definitely something that you want to limit.

Proteins have the tendency to contain amino acids that your body needs to strengthen the respiratory system, heart, immune system and muscle tissue. Proteins are able to contribute to the components that are able to help the blood sugar level to stay normal. You can find proteins present especially inside of lean red meat. Some of the most well known sources of proteins are turkey, fresh fish and salmon.

Something that most people, especially those that are lactose intolerant, is that the body needs calcium and some of the main known sources of calcium are those that we considered to be dairy products. There are also more organic plant forms of getting calcium. The green vegetable are known to contain the most calcium, for example Calcium is found in legumes.

Sugar and salt are something that should be consumed in moderation. Although both Salt and sugar are necessary for survival, it is never necessary to consume either in excess. Salt and sugar are contained in many of the ready-made products that you already eat. Your consumption should be limited to such products that are excessively containing salt, such as ketchup, soy sauce, fast food, frozen dinners, soluble mashed potatoes, margarine, sauces for pasta, as well as various canned foods and bread. But everything that you decide to break away from should be done gradually.

Brandless is a new Startup Which is Helping Families Buy Healthy Affordable Food

A major reason that many don’t eat healthily is simply the fact that it’s way too expensive. It’s easy to see this every time you browse for food online or in the grocery store. Organic food is always more expensive than not, sometimes it’s double the price! This is enough to make anyone think twice about shelling out the other cash. Luckily, there’s a new website out there that is making eating healthier a little bit easier.

According to Grubstreet, the website is called Brandless. Anyone who plans on eating healthy needs to add this website to their search bar! Brandless features generically packaged supermarket goodies for $3 no matter what the item is. Brandless even promotes organic and healthy food!

Brandless has items such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Applesauce Pouches, Sea Salt Quinoa Chips, and more! These are staples that you can add to your pantry without shelling out an arm and a leg. Many of their products are certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, no added sugar, and kosher! What more could you possibly want for just $3? Some of their items are even less!

Brandless is turning heads because it’s so hard to find affordable food that is free of artificial ingredients, especially when it comes to prepackaged goods that you purchase online. Many critics have been saying that Brandless does appear to be a money-saver. They have many products that are cheaper than their big-brand rivals.

Brandless is based in San Francisco and it’s a great idea for a company. People from all over can get to enjoy the food they want without having to pay ridiculous amounts. Right now, Brandless is even running a deal where a customer’s first order is $3. Brandless is helping people make healthier choices when it comes to every day products.

Simple Substitutes For Unhealthy Foods

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to tell which products contain harmful components and which do not, but the ones that do not benefit the body, are just better to exclude from the diet gradually. To do this, absolutely no need to restrain ourselves, because everything that you loved, can easily be replaced by something more useful for the body and less rich in taste which is often an indicator of fats.

Currently harmful products can be safely substituted in the case of bakery products. And it is not just about the carbs that threatens of weight gain, but the huge amount of preservatives that are added to the dough. This is done and to improve palatability and to increase shelf life. In such a situation it is best to bake the bread yourself, but if this is not possible, choose a variety of whole-grain, bran flour when you are shopping. Also, look at the shelf life, the less time that the product will be able to last, the more natural the product is.

Sweetened soft drinks are a fast track to obesity. They do not quench thirst, instead after drinking them, you will be thirsty again and again, resulting in a huge amount of sugar being absorbed by your body. A good alternative is tea, or even a compote, home-cooked with a minimal amount of sugar. Considered most useful compote of dried apples or cranberries. If you absolutely resolutely get rid of sweets,
A more budget friendly alternative to replace soft drinks is the addition of mineral water with lemon juice for taste. It is also possible to use fruit with green tea to flavor it. When the tea is hot enough, remove the tea bag and let it cool. Add cold refrigerated fruit and you will have a healthy flavorful alternative.

Sausages and fast food burgers are best if avoided because of the incredible amount of additives and fats. Replacement will be homemade burgers or chicken breast. If you want something that tastes like smoked meat, the best option would be fish that is baked in foil. In general, it is a great alternative to meat as it is full of useful protein and contains less fat.

Eating healthier does not have to be complicated. For the most part almost everything that you pick up from the supermarket has some variation of additives that are very harmful to the body. Do not cut out all of these foods at once, instead try to gradually cut them out, or only allow yourself certain times to eat them. This will help you to improve your health in the long run and prevent the risks of you relapse or junk food binge. Do everything in moderation and you will have long term results.