U.S. Lawmakers Must Take Tough Stance To Stop Food Wastage

Food is a precious commodity considering that Millions of humans are malnourished. In Africa, thousands remain at the risk of constant famine. However, in developed countries such as the United States, food goes to waste just because Federal law is too weak to address the issue. It also means that landfills in the United States are full of food that is safe to consume, only because consumers aren’t aware of the safety standards. Therefore, prominent Nutrition Experts such as Emily Broad is convinced that United States need to change its laws to save food that is wasted due to lack of consumer awareness.

Writing for New York Times, Emily insisted that the most common culprit are expiration dates on food labels. Almost every consumer in the United States throws away food after the expiry date. Unknown to these consumers, the expiry date just tells us that the food is not fresh anymore. It does not state that the food is not safe to consume after the expiry date. This misinformation prevents consumers to use the food. In fact, many consumers are also reluctant to donate it because it is a common misconception that the expired label indicates stale food items. Even more interesting is the fact that different U.S. states have different laws regarding food expiry.

Similarly, the Federal government is also responsible for simplifying the laws pertaining to food donation. Recent studies on food safety indicates that businesses are not using tax incentives for food donation because they are not sure about the application of the law. Hence, Millions of tons of precious food is wasted just because businesses are reluctant to donate it to charities.

On a positive side, many States have enacted laws pertaining to the wastage of food. For instance, Vermont has limited the amount of food that can be dumped in landfills. Every county has strict instructions to enforce the law. As a result, Vermont has seen an amazing 60 percent uptick in food donations by businesses and consumers. The law is powerful in the sense that consumers and businesses are forced to donate the food, if it is in safe condition to consume. Overall, clarifying key terms, broadening the protections and creating guidance that soothes businesses concerns should be the top priority of USDA and U.S. lawmakers.

Keeping Slim This Holiday Season

Keeping slim is often difficult to do during the holiday season. The holidays are often geared around food and feasting with your loved ones by your side. Because of this, it is all too easy to start putting on weight without even watching anything. This is why it is so important for you to keep slim and watch your food intake during the holiday season. One way to do this is to think of the holidays one day at a time. Try not to gorge all holiday season long because those couple of days where the holidays actually land are going to cause you to gain lots of weight simply because you are making them months long.

If you spend the entire holiday season gorging on food and feasting every single day, you are bound to begin gaining weight and it can be very difficult for you to get rid of this weight simply because it is packed on so quickly. By thinking of the holidays more as a day-to-day type of event, you will find that you are able to slim down and avoid excess weight gain simply because you are watching what you eat. Also, you can enjoy the holidays without feeling deprived simply by making healthier food choices. For example, you do not need to go for second helpings of everything on Thanksgiving because one helping should be sufficient to keep you nice and full.

Another way to keep the holidays as healthy as possible is to try to do your own cooking and baking. When you do your own cooking, you are more likely to avoid the unhealthy ingredients and excess fat and oils because you are making it yourself. Not only will you look like a great hostess by offering to have the holidays at your house, but it will also be a lot easier for you to watch the ingredients that are going into your food simply because you are the one who is making them. Also, it is very important for you to keep up with your exercise routine even when you feel like you are gaining weight simply because of holiday overeating. You might be surprised as to how much weight you can lose or the fact that you will be able to maintain your weight despite overeating just because of the fact that you are exercising on a daily basis.

Food Waste For Cooking Gas

Recently, Huffington Post released news about a new machine making some bold promises. What if you could turn your food waste into gas for cooking? That would be great, for many reasons.

In this country, we love to eat, as is partially evidenced by the fact that America is the second most overweight country in the world, behind Mexico. However, we also love to waste what we eat as well. 40% of food will be wasted from the time it is harvested to the time it ends its rotation in the food cycle or ends up in a landfill. That’s like buying five pounds worth of meat and only being able to eat three. If you got that kind of deal at the store, you would be outraged. So, why is it okay to waste food once you’ve already bought it? Moreover, why is it okay for food producers and supermarkets to waste food either? If we can recycle food in any way, and also just use less of it, we could do our environment and our economy a big help.

We could also support our environment by purchasing less gas for cooking. If we can just use food waste to make gas, we might be able to buy less gas in the future. If less gas is purchased, less gas becomes available to be dumped into the environment through usage, which means that this machine is essentially saving our world twice over.

Not bad for a simple backyard machine.