Foods Nutritionists Actually Say Are Healthy

In a recent poll put on by the New York Times, everyday people and professional nutritionists who belong to the American Society of Nutrition were asked about the health value of foods. While there were some obvious choices for “good” and “bad” foods, the two groups of participants gave a lot of answers that didn’t match up.

For whatever reason (maybe marketing campaigns to make foods seem healthy), the general public believed that foods like granola, coconut oil, frozen yogurt, orange juice, American cheese, and SlimFast meal replacement shakes were healthy foods. The nutritionists disagreed, mostly due to the added sugars found in most of these foods.

Nutritionists named tofu, shrimp, quinoa, wine, hummus, and sushi as their top healthy foods from the list. The foods that both groups agreed were on the “good for you” list included apples, oranges, turkey, chicken, peanut butter, oatmeal, and plain baked potatoes. All of these foods are free from added sugars and are sources of protein or healthy carbs or fats.

The foods that both groups put on the “bad for you” list included cookies, hamburgers, diet soda, white bread, and beef jerky. All of these are sugary, highly processed, and full of bad fats or empty calories. Interestingly, both groups gave mixed reviews on foods like whole milk, steak, popcorn, cheddar cheese, and pork chops. It just goes to show that even nutritionists can get confused about food choices sometimes!