Make Pizza Crust With Just Two Ingredients

If you’ve been using Pinterest to find your next pizza recipe, you’ve probably seen some interesting food hacks that promise to give you restaurant-quality pizza crust. Of course, there are also other hacks on Pinterest as well, such as how to easily apply a smokey eye or make “professional” crafts. While many people have been successful at following the hacks, there are likely even more people who have tried Pinterest ideas — and failed. Fortunately, according to Reddit, there is now a way to make pizza that won’t require hours in the kitchen, and has been proven to work.

To make this fool-proof pizza crust, you’ll need 1 1/2 cups of self-rising flour and a cup of Greek yogurt. That’s it. Both of these ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store, and self-rising flower already includes baking powder, which means it will rise when heated. Yogurt has the ingredients for fermentation, similar to yeast, so you’ll get a chewy dough that kneads well and isn’t too crispy.

Simply combine the flour and yogurt with a spoon and use your hands to knead the dough until it forms a small ball. Roll the dough out with a rolling pin. Those who have tried the recipe say that the dough can be a little sticky and isn’t as elastic as restaurant pizza crust, but the recipe is great for when you’ve got to get dinner on the table quickly.

Top the crust with sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings and put it in an oven preheated to 450 degrees for around 13 minutes. Depending on how evenly your oven cooks, you may want to cook the crust by itself for a minute or two to make sure the crust isn’t too soft in the middle.

Now, there’s a solution for making a delicious pizza in just minutes, and the recipe is sure to be a family favorite, especially if you and your family are pizza lovers. Check out for more information.

Holiday Cookies

An easy treat to make for the Christmas holiday is a platter of cookies. From simple sugar cookies to detailed treats that bring the festive nature to the holiday season, there are numerous cookie recipes that you can try with your family and friends for any event during the holiday season.

Instead of the traditional Santa or reindeer cookies, why not bake a few penguins? Slice sugar cookie dough, shaping each slice so that it looks like a penguin body. Use a little food dye on the edges to make the cookies look like a penguin with other details on the body that look like the face, feet, and hands. Complete the penguins when they are done baking with an icing hat.

If you’re looking for an elegant cookie, then make a red velvet cookie with cheesecake stuffed in the center. Sprinkle a small amount of powdered sugar after the cookies come out of the oven for a fresh snow appearance. Another idea for a cookie that has a similar texture and taste is a chocolate cookie with fudge in the center. Add chocolate chips on top or a bit of cocoa powder.

Eggnog cookies are a classic treat that you can add a variety of toppings to depending on the flavors that you enjoy. The key to making these cookies is to add a small amount of rum and nutmeg to the cookie dough. Striped chocolate cookies add just the right amount of sweetness to the eggnog flavor.

Reindeer cookies are fun to create. You can make them with sugar cookie dough, but there if you use gingerbread, then you’re going to get the sweet flavors along with a bit of the rustic flavor that combines well with the design of the reindeer. The color of the gingerbread cookie also matches the color of the reindeer. Use brown royal icing to create a face and black icing for the antlers and facial details. Use small red candies for the nose, playing with the design of the mouth on each reindeer so that they are all different.

Heathy Eating Tips and Food Hacks

The food you eat can greatly affect the condition of your body. Your health is greatly altered by the things you put in your body. Eating the right food can be challenging for some people. Healthy food can also be a bit more expensive, however it may be worth it. There are ways to get your diet in check, which will be discussed here. One of the most important and basic ideas is to choose the amount of calories you intake a day based on how active you are. A common misunderstanding about food is that you have to eat certain foods to loose weight. However, if you are burning more calories a day than you are eating, then you will loose weight. Keep in mind that you still need to eat on a regular basis, doing so keeps your metabolism high. If you find that you are still taking in more calories than you are burning then you have two option. First, you may need to start being active. Even going on a walk can burn calories. The other option is to decrease the portion size of your meals. Another healthy eating tip is to NEVER skip breakfast. What they say about breakfast is true- its the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast ensures that your metabolism stays at its peak. It also ensures that you are not hungry to the point where you eat a bunch throughout the rest of the day. Another quick tip, drink more water. Water is calorie free, suppresses your appetite and even helps you loose weight. Did you know that a cup of water in the morning can boost your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes! Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well, they are very very good for you. These are some good tips for eating healthy. Check out this link to see what you should eat for the best health!

Flamin’ Hot Cheetoes is the Latest Thanksgiving Food Hack

November is a great time for people to try out new recipes. That’s because it’s a month centered around Thanksgiving, the biggest feasting holiday of the year. Each year towards the end of the month, families all over gather around a table to enjoy each others company and feast on turkey. After countless years of the same thing, some families start to get bored. That’s where fun food hacks related to turkey come into play! You don’t have to serve the same dish each and every year.

According to Eater, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was just one of the Thanksgiving food hacks that took the internet by storm. In this hack, all you have to do is crush up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Then coat the turkey and bake it. It’s a fun take on an old tradition. You’ll just have to make sure your guests are okay with spicy food first!

If not, there are plenty of other turkey hacks. You can choose a different form of chips such as Doritos, Fritos, and more. These also make great toppings for other popular Thanksgiving dishes such as green bean casserole, mac and cheese, and more.

Overall, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the same traditional meal that it’s been for years. It also doesn’t have to be boring. Thanksgiving should be a time when people can take chances with their food. Afterall, they’ll have all of their friends and families around who can give advice and be honest critics. The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey took the internet by storm this year. As time goes by, these trends and hacks are only going to get more adventurous. It’s because people are more inclined to take chances with their food. It’s been seen at restaurants across the globe. Two people are combining two food items into one. Now that people see it can be done in their home, the possibilities are endless.

How To Stay Health While Being A Pregnant Vegetarian

Readers of the New York Times asked a question about being pregnant and a vegetarian in the ask well section of the newspaper. Their question was is it possible to remain completely healthy and have a healthy baby while being on a vegetarian diet or the more extreme vegan diet. A New York Times reporter did some research on the subject and asked some experts. Here is what she found.

All of the studies done on vegetarian mothers who were pregnant showed no increase in birth defects or health problems. This data comes from 22 studies that tracked vegetarian mothers. The observational studies only included healthy vegetarian mothers, so the researchers in the study said that more research is needed to in fact say conclusively whether vegetarian mothers have no increased risks of birth defects or health issues.

Doctors say that being on a plant based diet is acceptable for pregnant women if they take some precautions. When a woman is pregnant her need for the mineral, iron doubles. Iron is found in animals foods such as red meat and some fish. There are plant foods that are rich in iron, but they are not as readily absorbed. Doctors thus advise pregnant women to eat plenty of iron rich plant foods such as beans, peas and lentils as well as greens like spinach and collard greens. Taking a supplement is also a good idea.

Another vitamin that pregnant women may be lacking who are vegetarians is vitamin B 12. This nutrient is not contained in plant foods. There are some vegan foods that contain this vitamin such as soy products like tofu or fortified cereals. If you can’t stomach soy or fortified foods, then just take a supplement which includes B-vitamins and iron. There are special supplements designed for pregnant women and vegetarians that have the vitamins that vegans and pregnant women especially need. If vegetarian mothers ensure they get enough B-vitamins and iron than there should be no problems with staying healthy and having a healthy baby.

Simple Substitutes For Unhealthy Foods

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to tell which products contain harmful components and which do not, but the ones that do not benefit the body, are just better to exclude from the diet gradually. To do this, absolutely no need to restrain ourselves, because everything that you loved, can easily be replaced by something more useful for the body and less rich in taste which is often an indicator of fats.

Currently harmful products can be safely substituted in the case of bakery products. And it is not just about the carbs that threatens of weight gain, but the huge amount of preservatives that are added to the dough. This is done and to improve palatability and to increase shelf life. In such a situation it is best to bake the bread yourself, but if this is not possible, choose a variety of whole-grain, bran flour when you are shopping. Also, look at the shelf life, the less time that the product will be able to last, the more natural the product is.

Sweetened soft drinks are a fast track to obesity. They do not quench thirst, instead after drinking them, you will be thirsty again and again, resulting in a huge amount of sugar being absorbed by your body. A good alternative is tea, or even a compote, home-cooked with a minimal amount of sugar. Considered most useful compote of dried apples or cranberries. If you absolutely resolutely get rid of sweets,
A more budget friendly alternative to replace soft drinks is the addition of mineral water with lemon juice for taste. It is also possible to use fruit with green tea to flavor it. When the tea is hot enough, remove the tea bag and let it cool. Add cold refrigerated fruit and you will have a healthy flavorful alternative.

Sausages and fast food burgers are best if avoided because of the incredible amount of additives and fats. Replacement will be homemade burgers or chicken breast. If you want something that tastes like smoked meat, the best option would be fish that is baked in foil. In general, it is a great alternative to meat as it is full of useful protein and contains less fat.

Eating healthier does not have to be complicated. For the most part almost everything that you pick up from the supermarket has some variation of additives that are very harmful to the body. Do not cut out all of these foods at once, instead try to gradually cut them out, or only allow yourself certain times to eat them. This will help you to improve your health in the long run and prevent the risks of you relapse or junk food binge. Do everything in moderation and you will have long term results.

Help Your Child Learn To Eat Healthier

Healthy eating is vital at any age. All people need food that looks appealing and tastes great. As many parents know, healthy eating habits must begin as soon as possible. Young children who eat lots of varied foods will grow into adults who are healthier and fitter. The process of teaching a child to eat well should begin with the parents. Parents who teach their kids how to eat right from the start are parents who are likely to help their children avoid potential health problems such as obesity.


Focus On Drinks


Many parents know all about healthy beverages. Teaching a child to enjoy drinking good water is good on the pocketbook and good for the child. A child who is drinking flavored seltzer rather than soft drinks is a child who will have enough hydration to avoid feeling sluggish during the school day.


Keeping It Kid Sized


Kids do not have the same appetites as adults. They need smaller proportions. Parents everywhere are realizing the importance of down scaling the amount they need their kids. A small snack and then a small dinner is often just enough to help a child maintain appropriate growth patterns and stay healthy as they grow. Consider buying plates that have smaller portions to them. This makes it easier to measure right and avoid giving kids too much food that may just go to waste and end up on the floor.


Stick To Natural Foods


Another useful tip for parents who wish to help their children eat well is to stick to natural foods. An apple makes a better choice than apple juice as it has more fiber and far less sugar. It’s a good idea to pack your child’s lunch when they’re away from home or review the menus at their schools. Looking at the school’s menu can help you determine when to send a healthy lunch and when to allow them to buy their own lunch.


The Top Foods for Hydration and the Best Recipes Utilizing Them

Summer is finally here, which means that eating healthy is easier for most. Not only do the high temperatures make a person inclined to eat less, but they allow the body to crave cold, raw, and natural foods. Surely some of these foods are better to eat than others because they serve more than one purpose. Aside from keeping you full and on top of your nutrition game, certain foods are full of water, a necessity for keeping hydrated in the hotter months. The Food Network makes sure you know which foods are best for hydration and, of course, provides some recipes that allow you to eat these foods all at once.


The Food: Iceberg Lettuce


Most know that this household staple is mostly water and perfect for traditional house salads. Despite its low calorie count, iceberg lettuce is full of soluble fiber, a fact that keeps a person fuller longer.


The Recipe:


Given its versatility, one can use this lettuce in a plethora of recipes. Among the most common is a garden salad, a meal including the lettuce, chopped purple onions, shredded carrots, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a dressing of choice. To achieve the utmost health, consider drizzling olive oil and lemon juice on the ingredients before tossing to perfection.


The Food: Skim Milk


Those who dislike skim milk have either not tired it or are simply addicted to the delicious fat content of rich, whole milk. Sure, fat tends to equate to flavor, but that is not necessarily a healthy truth. Skim milk is full of water, healthy vitamins, and zero fat. Because of this, it is ideal to drink this all year long, especially when the temperature is hot.


The Recipe:


Choose two fruits and cut a half a cup of each. Add these items to a blender, place ice into the appliance, and add one cup of skim milk before blending a healthy, hydrating smoothie that can also double as a meal. Sneak some kale into the mixture to boost nutrition.


A High Fiber Diet Can Help Ward Off Arthritis Of The Knee

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life. Close attention to detail makes it easy to eat well. A diet should be balanced in every possible way. One of the most important factors in any diet is making sure that it has enough fiber. Consuming fiber is known to have many benefits. Enough roughage makes it easier to keep one’s digestive system in good shape and reduces the potential for problems such as colon cancer. Now, a new study is showing that consuming enough dietary fiber also has other important additional benefits that can really improve a person’a overall health as they age.


Joint Health


As people age, they may have problems with their joints. The wearing down of the cartilage is known as arthritis. This can be a painful medical condition that can impair mobility and make it hard for people to carry out their daily activities. A new study demonstrates that it is possible to help ward off the risk of getting arthritis in the knee. Researchers looked at over six thousand people via two different studies. The larger study found that those who consumed more fiber were thirty percent less likely to develop arthritis in their knees during the course of their lifetime. A smaller study found that the reduction may be as high as sixty percent. As the subjects consumed more fiber, the risk of getting arthritis of the knee seemed to decrease.


Many Possibilities


While researchers aren’t entirely sure how consuming more fiber can help, there are indications that has multiple useful effects. Those who eat more fiber tend to feel fuller faster and longer. This means they tend to eat less. When people eat less, they may find it easier to maintain a healthy weight. People who are overweight can place all kinds of stress on the body. A diet high in fiber can reduce weight and help make sure their knees can fully support their weight.


Caffeine Can Boost Athletic Performance

Caffeine has long been seen as a great way to help people feel revved up and ready to face the day. It’s no surprise that many athletes or those who just like to get in some fun exercise have turned to a cup of coffee to help them feel more energized when they’re swimming fast or running outside before work. Many athletes have long wondered the best circumstances under which to use it in order to help them get the best time possible when they are competing professionally. This is also a question that has been a source of study for scientists over the years who have often wondered the exact same thing. A new study out clearly offers some important answers about when and under what circumstances it’s best to use caffeine. Many athletes can now take this study as a guide that allows to determine when to have the coffee they like.


Making Exercise Easier and More Efficient


Today’s athletes and those who want to stay in shape know that it is important to engage in workouts of varying intensity. Studies have found that a single cup of coffee within an hour of any workout can be ideal. Even a small amount of coffee can make a difference in stamina and the ability to get the most of a planned exercise routine. In the past, it was thought that it was okay to consume coffee but it was best to avoid it within a few days of a contest. The new study looked closely at caffeine consumption by the physically fit. They were able to track the progress of athletes after they drank coffee. The new study suggests that an hour before any planned activity can help make it easier for muscles to burn fat and thus for the drinker to lose more weight and gain muscle. This results in increased performance both in the short-term and for much longer periods of time