The Nutrient Contenst Of Fresh Versus Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

If you are like many shoppers these days, you might be purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables in the freezer aisle of the supermarket. Frozen fruits and veggies last a long time and provide a great convenience. They also allow us to enjoy out of season produce that would otherwise be unavailable. Plus they can be easy on our wallets. Sometimes the frozen vegetables can be easily reheated in the microwave, making them an easy way to consume nutritious foods.


Yes frozen fruits and vegetables are great, but what about their nutrition content? Well it turns out, their nutrition content is not that much different than from their fresh counterparts. In some cases the nutrient content is actually greater! Take this example. A study done at the university of California at Davis found that frozen broccoli had more riboflavin also known as vitamin B2 than fresh broccoli. Another study found that frozen blueberries, frozen corn and frozen green beans had more vitamin C than the fresh ones. Frozen peas were found to contain less riboflavin than fresh peas though.


Overall, the study which compared nutrient levels of eight different fruits and vegetables can be said to have found no significant difference in nutrients between fresh and frozen versions of fruits and vegetables. If there is a difference in nutrient levels, than it is marginal at best. The difference in nutrient levels would have no visible impact on health. While it is true that some nutrients are affected by freezing or freshness, some nutrients such as iron and fiber are not affected at all.


So should you take away from the study conducted at the University of California on nutrient levels in fresh and frozen foods? The real takeaway is that you should consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can. They will be good for you and chock full of nutrients no matter what form you buy them in.


Some word of advice if you do plan to purchase large amounts of frozen fruits and veggies is to purchase produce that has been frozen under a process called individually quick frozen or IQF. This will ensure the highest quality, taste, freshness and nutrition content. Store frozen produce in a deep freezer or at the very back to maintain freshness.


Melissa Weller Introduces her Croissant program at Rebelle Restaurant

About Melissa Weller

Melissa Wellers is the head baker of Sadelle’s is renowned for her good sticky buns, bagels, kabka, and chocolate chip loaf. Before joining Sadelle’s, he was at Roberta where she was baking baguettes and leavened croissants for sale in a shipping container. She has also peddled bagels to people on weekends and also sold them at the food market in Brooklyn, She rolled dough for Thomas Keller while at Per Se as the head bread baker. She was also a mechanical engineer at one time before becoming a bakery scholar.


Weller’s pistachio-cherry twice-baked croissant

This weekend 24 September, Weller will be at her French origin for her pastry program where she will be extending her spumoni-inspired croissant at Nolita restaurant Rebelle. Wellers will also prepare pastries for the brunch menu in the same restaurant. This serves as a preparation for her next year’s program that the restaurant owner anticipates on opening with Weller as the consulting baker.

The Spumoni inspired croissant has pistachio cream and chopped pistachios as toppings and dusted with powdered sugar. It also contains a sour jam while a leftover croissant still maintains its flavor and freshness on the following day. Prepare it by split into two, dip in vanilla flavored syrup, reassemble, and bake it again. Use of the pistachio cream and sour cherry jam makes the French breakfast pastry different from the Italian Spumoni, which uses the almond paste during preparation.


Other pastries available at the brunch

Other delicacies prepared for the pastries brunch include the Chausson aux Pomme that appears like a single turnover but she makes it using the whole-wheat puff pastry, sliced roasted apples and then mixed with beets and brown sugar. Chausson means slipper while Pomme is an apple. Weller also had ham-and-cheese croissant which has the following layers arranged from the bottom; croissant, Mornay sauce, jambon de Paris, Gruyere, Mornay, croissant, more Mornay and Comte usually served as a bar snack grated on top. The brunch menu also has double-chocolate pain au chocolate that uses cocoa in making the dough. The recap article is available on Grubstreet. Visit Rebelle Restaurant and enjoy the different pastries including the twice-baked croissant baked by Weller.

Is a Food Truck a Great Investment?

According to statistics published in the Huffington Post, food trucks have become a one billion dollar industry with that figure continuing to grow every year. Since 2007, the industry has grown by approximately 18 percent leaving many people wondering if a food truck is the right investment for them.
The short answer is that it may be a great investment for those who know how to control expenses and who have experience running a business. Of course, the most successful owners are those who already have a love of great food and know how to serve it in an attractive manner.
The risk of opening a food truck is much less than opening a traditional restaurant. Over 85 percent of all new restaurants fail within the first three years of operation making opening one an extremely risky venture. One of the biggest problems when opening a traditional restaurant is that expenses can soar quickly to almost $500,000. Alternatively, the cost of opening a food truck is usually a much more manageable $125,000 with many people managing on less than $25,000.
Before opening a food truck consider where the truck will be based and the number of people that might be willing to buy food from a truck. Also, consider the menu trying to keep the delicious food priced between $8 and $10. Some gourmet items may be priced slightly higher but there must be a market for them.
Those who are passionate about food often buy food trucks as a first commercial investment and many are highly successful. Experts suggest that it takes more than a love of food for a person to be successful. In addition to studying the available number of customers, consider what foods they might want that are not currently being offered by the competition. Also, consider how easy those foods will be to carry away from the truck. Finally, consider where you will get your ingredients making sure that great quality ingredients are available in your local market at a reasonable cost.

The Best Street Food in the World

Almost 2.6 billion people eat some form of street food each day. If you are a world traveler, then you know that the quality of this food varies widely. Television star Anthony Bourdain has made his living for more than a decade introducing people to some of the most unusual and best tasting food served by these vendors. Before you pack your bags for your next vacation or business trip, consider these vendors that he says are his all time favorites.
If you find yourself in Bilbao, Spain, then make sure to try the Basque funnel cake that is served with your choice of meat including unsmoked bacon, chorizo or pork loin. Unlike the funnel cakes found at many food trucks in the United States, this cake looks more like a tortilla. You can find creator Aitor Aurrekoetxea selling them at numerous fairs.
Come hungry for an omelet to the Nishiki Market in Kyoto, Japan. These perfectly rolled omelets contain your choice of fillings. It is recommended that you try the barbequed eel, green onions and Japanese leek topped with sweet dashi sauce.
If you are in Seoul, South Korea, then go to Tteokbokki Street for a rice cake topped with gochujang sauce made by Mabongnim. While you will find several people selling these, hers are the absolute best. Be prepared for the spice, however, as the sauce is very warm.
Alternatively, the bún bò Huê soup served by The Lunch Lady at 23 Hoang Sa Street in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Thi Thanh, Vietnam, cannot be topped. This food cart is so famous that it even appears on Google maps. The soup which is served only on Fridays is a delicious mixture of stewed meat and lemongrass broth, according to an article originally published on Grubstreet.
If you really do not think that you can make it to all these wonderful places, then the television star hopes to have a solution for you. Starting in 2019, he hopes to gather them all in one location allowing visitors to wander from stall to stall sampling the best food trucks and stalls in the world. The announced location for this permanent gathering is Pier 57 in New York City. Some vendors, however, are resistant to moving so there is still a reason to travel the world.