The Rave About FreedomPop

I can remember when I got my very first cell phone. It was strictly for emergencies. I would actually leave it in the glove compartment all day. I only used it for those times when I had car trouble because I was paying for minutes. It was so difficult to keep up the payments that sometimes I didn’t have minutes. Today the world is completely different, and I have access to FreedomPop. I have some friends that have not heard of it because this company is not in every state, but I am sure that it will catch on. This is one of the best companies in the world because they offer free wireless and cell phone service.

I live in California so I live in one of the few select states that is privileged to have access to this type of free data. I only pay for the actual hardware. I don’t mind paying for a smart phone though if it means that I can get the data free. This is such a huge saver. I couldn’t imagine going back to any other company because FreedomPop has been great.

One thing that puts this company in the limelight is the bold move that was made to establish free service for customers. I also thought that this was too good to be true in the beginning. It was something that I just could not fathom. It then became apparent that this company was one of the better organizations for service in general. I have a hot spot in my home and that has allowed me to cut my Internet bill in the home. That is a tremendous savings.

I know that all of the other larger cell phone carrier are going to make an effort to stop FreedomPop because this company will eventually steal their business. Cable companies are frowning as well because FreedomPop has taken such a stellar lead in the industry. There is no point in trying to stop FreedomPop though. This company is favored by everyone that I know, and it is only expanding. It has become one of the best companies around, and I hope that it continues to grow and expand. I have friends in the south that are anticipating FreedomPop. I hope that it reaches states like Georgia and Alabama so that my friends can enjoy the savings that I have enjoyed with FreedomPop.

You Snap It – Slyce.It Will Find It!

Slyce.It analyzes combinations of product identification within an image to provide a search result. And the more products that are added to the system, the more accurate the search results become.

Slyce.It does not use a barcode to read information about products, it uses product imaging and through its search logic it collects data and narrows the results. Of course, this also depends on product entry into the database, store participation, and other variables.

There have been amazing advances in imaging technology. There were days when you noticed someone wearing a beautiful coat, gorgeous pair of shoes, or other articles of clothing and you fell in love with an item. Do you dare tap them on the shoulder and ask where they bought the item? Yes, how else would you find out where to shop to get one for yourself?

This method of finito, over, replaced with visual search technologies powered by leaders in technology. All you need is a Smart Phone, download this simple application Slyce.It, and you are on your way, stepping into an easy search world of the future.

This application, Slyce.It builds over time a database of interests which enables your Smart Phone to search faster and locate items of interest. Retailers are attaching their store name to products enabling shoppers to find that unique item they love that would never be found if you were just browsing on foot from store to store. You simply snap a picture of the item you are interested in locating and Slyce.It offers a relevancy engine that locates for the shopper items they wouldn’t find through any other means. Slyce.It maintains a database of interests, store association and styles.

Slyce.It isn’t just a shopping tool, but a search engine application. This application can be used as a tremendous tool for advertising. A user is able to snap a photo of anything of interest on a mobile website and receive additional information or create a product purchase, turning a search into a digital sale.

Slyce is the top software intersection of product recognition digital applications. Slyce works best on your digital Smart Phone, but also works on desktop computers as well. Originally designed for people on the go, who snap pictures of things that interest them, Slyce originally designed the application for the people with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Enhancement to your mobile experience, take a photo, access information about any object, the opportunities are endless.