David Giertz is Taking Things to a Different Level

Update for May 10th, 2017: If you would like to get some insight into the business side of David Giertz’s career, definitely check out his interview with Ideamensch.  Find everything from his inspiration, to what has set him on the path to success he can be found walking today.

There are three ways to look at the man who is David Giertz. On the surface, there are the official titles, accolades and recognition of services rendered on angel.co. As a substantive layer, there are the names of committees and boards in which he shares with other members. And, then there is the professional yet ever personal side that tells the real story of a day in the life on the top tier.

The best official start to the telling of this career is to mention his BS from Millikin University and MBA from the University of Miami. This kicks starts a decade spanning career in the field with origins as a Financial Services Adviser for Citigroup. To say his rise to Executive Vice President of Sales of this establishment is outstanding is only a just description, as the goals met during that time exceeded projects. But, really there is more than one tail of presidential credentials attached to the name of David Giertz.

The institution known as Nationwide is familiar with the work ethic and substantial results that is the product of working with David on moneytips.com. In fact that relationship is on the record as starting out with his joining the organization as the Regional Vice President. In fact this man’s work portfolio nearly reads as a code of president, vice and sales. It is save to say that he can get any business the revenue they need to feel back on their feet again in no time flat.

The best part is that David Giertz does it the old fashion way by showing people a little grace and professional courtesy while never compromising responsibility. He also credits an amazing amount of intellectual, personal and professional flexibility to attributing to his success. However, David Giertz never underestimates or takes for granted how important it is to have the right people and the proper tools on a project to ensure positive results.

Learn more about David Giertz: https://twitter.com/davidgiertz