Equities First Holding UK Five Years of Excellent Financial Service

Equities First Holdings in the UK was established in 2012, 10 years after the United States Equities First Holdings was established. Equites First Holdings UK is one of the leading investment companies. Many of EFH of UK have investors that include the largest banks in the area and major law firms.

Joel Leonoff of Safeway pics and Andrew Newland, the CEO of Angle PLC are two of EFH of UK’s major clients. EFH UK is among the largest global market money lenders, offering the lowest interest rates of any money lending company. Equities First Holdings is committed to serving the daily financial needs of each investor from small personal investors to large corporations. Equities First Holdings is located in nine countries. On May 2nd, the money loaning company has celebrated its 15th anniversary. EFH has 15 years of offering their clients attractive liquid funds and many other well-crafted financial products.


How to Effectively Plan for Your Retirement

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a firm that gives investment advisory opinion to its members. The company provides a comprehensive and personalized financial planning to affluent families, individuals as well as small business owners. The founder, Richard Blair is an investment adviser with more than two decades experience in the finance industry.



The financial markets are never constant; they are always changing. The WSI believes that for successes, the financial strategies and plans must change according to the variations in the market. An average market will strive to provide conservative yet dynamic opportunities that allow clients to maximize returns while attempting to minimize the overall risk. Normally, different clients have different financial objectives as they approach retirement. The most common being the urge to have a steady flow of income, preserve wealth and to leave a fortune to the heirs. The WSI firm thus aims at ensuring that the client can meet his or her retirement goals. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-blair-bb6772108



Richard Blair is a person with a very high passion for education. Almost his entire family, including his wife, comprises of teachers. He has therefore obtained the first-hand experience on how education can impact different lives and influence their confidence levels. Once he combined this skill with his aptitude for financial growth, Richard realized that he could help people with their economic growth and investments. After graduating, Richard ventured into the finance industry. By the year 1993, he had founded his firm the Wealth Solutions.



Over the years, Blair has been known by various people courtesy of the help that he has been able to accord them. He has been able to help his clients bridge the gap between planning for retirement and living in retirement. He does so by providing insights on how to avoid the common mistakes as well as giving a concrete strategy for retirement planning. He aspires to help his customers develop a goal and a passion for accomplishing at retirement.



Some of the skills that you will be able to learn include wealth management. Property management is a diverse topic that involves creating a portfolio that generates appropriate diversification that matches the investor’s goals and wants. Having a professional property expert exposes the client to various investment portfolios that you would have otherwise ignored. Based on the customer financial objectives and risk tolerance levels, Richard can be in a position to develop an investment portfolio for any investor. Richard believes that the only way to create wealth is by collaborating with other players in the field. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/blog


Richard Blair’s Regime at Wealth Solutions

In financial organizations, an investment advisory is a connecting unit between the investment specialists in the central asset management unit and the relationship managers to clients of the asset management organization. Investment advisors explain the investment concepts to their customers whether inside or outside the business. They come up with adequate investment solutions. Above all, the advisors identify what the clients and Relationship Managers of the organization may need. They then transport the needs to the central financial asset management unit. As a customer actively interested in capital markets, a client benefits from custom-tailored investment services to help them act unquestionably. Investment advisors in the U.S are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A customer gets input according to investment objective and risk profile through Investment Advisory Firms. There are numerous registered investment advisory firms including Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas. Learn more: http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He had a sole goal of making a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of small business owners, individuals, and families. Having been raised from a background of teaching, Richard Blair learned that teaching could help one gain knowledge and confidence. He combined this with his natural gift for finance to help entrepreneurs with their financial planning and investments. In 1993 after graduating from college, Richard Blair ventured into the financial services industry. In 1994, he established his investment advisory firm, Wealth Solutions. Here, he would offer personalized and professional advice to his clients without conflict of interest. He takes pride in over two decades of experience in the capital markets. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a duly registered financial advisor with an extensive experience in retirement planning. He devotes to helping his clients bridge the gap between planning for and living in retirement. He helps them avoid common perils by prescribing working approaches. Richard Blair’s company offers services such as retirement planning, financial planning, and wealth management (http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/blog). Richard believes that the best key to successful property management is collaboration. Besides being an investment advisor, Richard is a Certified Financial Planner.