Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen Chain Of Restaurants Are Poised For Greatness

The success of today’s investments is highly determined by how well a business can solve particular problems. Nowadays most people have access to information on their health giving rise to a high number of individuals who want to eat and live healthily. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

In the recent past, the popularity of fast food chains has been on an upward trajectory. That is why greener and healthier food stores have sprouted to occupy their space in the wider food market. One of the greatest success stories in this industry is a food chain that is going by the name Sweetgreen.

Nathaniel Ru and his business partners came up with the idea of starting a fast food business that combined healthier servings, convenience, fun and great customer experience. This experience happened in their senior year in college. The immediate challenge they faced a startup was to find a landlord who was ready to rent them retail space. After multiple calls to D.C. landlord, they managed to schedule a meeting with her.

During the meeting, the owner couldn’t help noticing the drive and determination in Nathaniel Ru and his friends. She agreed to give them retail space as long as they went back to her with a more comprehensive business plan and the important financial backers.

From a greener campus eatery, Sweetgreen has stood the test of time to open multiple outlets in more than 21 locations in different cities in the US. Sweetgreen is not your average retail chain. The eatery combines the benefits of healthy diets and great customer experience giving clients reasons to frequent its stores.

At Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru and his associates are keen on breaking the mainstream management structures. The trio does not believe in creating great headquarters for their business rather they prefer decentralizing operations to each outlet of the firm. They do close their corporate offices at least five times a year to give an opportunity to all their employees to work in the restaurants.

Ru and associates are sticklers for quality and consistency. Their background in technology has enabled them to build their business on the internet. Food purchases in the restaurant are made via the company’s website or a mobile app.

To ensure that Sweetgreen’s servings retain their fresh and organic quality, Nathaniel Ru and his friends always ensure that they prioritize meetings with farmers above any activity in their business.