A Quick Overview of Equities First Holdings’ Services

Equities First Holdings is a pioneer company in the sector of alternative lending. It began its operations in 2002 as Meridian Equity PartnersLimited. In 2012, after a successful acquisition by the Meridian Limited, it became Equities First Holdings. Over the years it has extended its market base to Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Completed Transactions

CurrentlyEquitiesFirst Holdings is based in London. It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. The firm continues to thrive in the industry due to the ever increasing number of clients. So far it has completed 700 transactions worth over $1.4 billion. It also has on its books several ongoing transactions and negotiations. Two of its notable transactions were with Angle PLC and Paysafe Group PLC. These transactions were completed in October 2016 and April 2017 respectively.


The continued success of Equities First Holdings is due to its unique loan services. It specializes in two lending options namely; stock based and share-based loans. Stock and or shares are used as collateral. These are used as security for a maximum of three years. It also offers liquidation services.

Benefits of Equities Holdings

People and businesses who do not qualify for traditional credit loans are the primary beneficiaries of these services. Again, these loans do not require the disclosure of intended purpose. Therefore, one can use them to settle other loans or for personal use. Consequently, it is a sure refuge in the times of economic crisis.

https://geeksnews.co.uk/equities-first-holdings-remain-the-top-lender-of-stock-based-loans/ for more.

Who can benefit from Equities First Holdings?


If you need financing your businesses, or if you are in urgent need of non-purpose capital needs, then this is your company. There are times when you can be in need of quick cash to settle some expenses too. Equities First Holdings could be the solutions to your demands. You may wonder how these mentioned groups benefit from the company, here is how.

Lending services that are non-conventional

Getting a start-up capitals can be very challenging since most banks hardly offer such. Since the facility deals in lending, it gives start-up capitals to new businesses with very minimum requirements. The demands of the clients and the facility are both controlled by the terms of the agreement.

Clients in quick need

The groups targeted with these loans are individuals with businesses or employees who have high net capital. There are times when you can be in need of a quick loan. Most banks do not offer such urgent services since they can take longer than the demands. Equity First Holdings ensures that such clients can be reached in times so as to help them meet their needs. The repayment process is flexible depending on the nature of the business.

Why people with high net capital?

It is challenging to financial institutions to lend you money when you have nothing that can worth collateral. Chances that you may fail to pay are hight, and they will have no alternative but to make losses. When you borrow from Equity First Holdings, you can transfer your shares to the company, and they will hold them as collaterals. From these shares, they can determine the amount to give you. In case you are not in a position to pay, the company will use the returns on your shares to repay the loan. This process is very efficient for both short and long-term borrowers.

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Keith Mann Shares Ideas For Managing His Daily Schedule

The businesses run in New York City are often managed on new sorts of ways, and Keith Mann is one of the most-progressive people in the industry. This article explains how people who are learning from Keith Mann, and he believes it is possible to help business owners and managers learn how to manage their stress and schedule. Keith Mann is a wealth of information, and he is sharing information that will build companies properly.

#1: How Does Keith Spend His Downtime?

Keith speaks about his downtime often, and he shares information about how he spends time with his family. He has taken his kids to a cooking class that he believed was a good time for all. Someone who wishes to start a business or work in a management role must ensure they have spent time outside the office. The office is a wonderful place to work, but it is not a place where managers must spend all their time.

#2: The Business He Manages Supports Financial Companies

Keith runs Dynamic Search Partners to ensure there are quite a few people who are placed with businesses around the city. He wishes to find people who will serve well when he places them with his clients, and he is willing to help every new client staff their businesses properly.

#3: How Does Keith Hire?

Keith believes a company that is hiring properly will work quite well, and he knows there are people who wish to work with his staff. He hires people who fit in with the business, and he shows the people working with him how to complete their work in a way that is quick and simple. He has let go of those who do not fit in with the business, and he knows how to help people who are searching for better jobs.

It is quite important that everyone running a business follows up on what Keith Mann has to say. He is giving quite a lot of information to his readers, and he is sharing information that will keep businesses running properly as they grow their companies.


Equities First: The Ideal Business Partner

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a successful moneylender and an advisor in business and private financial solutions. Al Christy who is the CEO of EFH founded the company in 2002. This financial institution has grown over the years to be the best alternative for people or organizations interested in raising capital quickly. It is a convenient option for borrowers who are not qualified for credit-based loans. The bank also provides borrowing opportunities for prospective investors.

EFH offers services that are beneficial to the various types of customers they serve. Those who would benefit from working with Equities First Holding include parties that wish to raise capital within a short time. According to Al Christy, all stock-based loans are more advantageous than margin loans. Margin loans offer a greater loan-to-value ratio compared to asset-based loans. Additionally, they have a fixed interest rate that guarantees confidence from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

EFH has simplified everything in the application process. It does not require borrowers to provide a lot of documentation when applying for a loan. Equities First Holdings is, therefore, the best option for any investor who would like to get capital within a short period. The loan money is issued against stocks. Therefore, all you need is stocks. Along with the loan, EFH offers its customers sound financial advice. This bank makes sure all borrowers achieve their financial goals.

Other people that would benefit from Equities First Holdings are those who are not eligible or qualified to receive loans from other banks. Compared to traditional bank loans, EFH has fewer restrictions. They ensure their borrowers are satisfied by making sure they do away with frustrating bank restrictions. Moreover, their interest rates are comparatively friendly and small. The loan interest rates range from 3-4% without any restrictions on its use.

In conclusion, EFH is the right moneylender for investors worldwide. As a borrower, you enjoy fewer restrictions as well as low-interest rates. The leadership of the bank is also transparent and dedicated. Thus, Equities First Holdings assures clients that they will get the best advisory on how to grow their businesses.


The Investment Banking Career of Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is an area of finance that entails helping large companies acquire more capital as well as issue more valuable stock. There are a number of departments in investment banking that help clients. First, there is corporate finance that entails putting together proposals for clients. With these proposals, investment banking firms are able to help companies complete mergers and acquisitions. Another key department is trading in which the firm will manage the capital of clients by purchasing and selling various securities. With the research department, investment banking firms are able to gather key information about economic and industry trends. As a result, investment banking plays a significant role in helping companies not only increase their resources but also manage them ore effectively as well.

Most investment banking firms work with major corporations complete mergers and acquisitions. However, many others serve the common person and small businesses. These firms are known as boutique investment banking firms. They are smaller compared to the major firms. While they are smaller than the traditional investment banking firms, they are quite effective in shaping the local economy. One of the things that small boutique firms offer is wealth management and advisory services. These firms will provide advice as well as oversee the investment portfolio of clients on a regular basis. Along with serving individuals, small boutique firms help small companies by getting them capital to start up and expand.

One of the boutique investment banking firms that provides these valuable services is one owned by Martin Lustgarten. He has been in charge of his firm for a number of years and has established a track record of helping clients get the most out of their financial resources. He often works with individuals by providing them with advice and investment management. Martin will help clients put their money in securities that will generate income as well as grow in value. As a result, they will be in better position to finance a comfortable retirement.

Another group that Martin works with is small businesses. Lustgarten helps these organizations come up with the funding to start up. As well as helping them get start up capital, Martin also helps small companies get money to expand as well. He often provides referrals to venture capital firms to help these companies get access to the capital they need. Along with providing access to capital, Martin helps small companies by providing advice on how to best manage their capital.


Life Begins With The Midas Legacy

No matter what someone’s age is, they might feel like their life has not properly started. They might feel like they are stuck in a certain situation and there is no hope and there is no way of turning it around. They don’t have any answers but they just know that this is not the life they have envisioned for themselves. It has not turned out the way they thought it would when they were young and full of hopes and dreams. Life got in the way and while they are not completely unhappy, they know there is more out there. They just don’t know how to get it.

Then they stumble upon The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, and they feel as though they have finally found a company that gets them, understands them, and knows what they are looking for out of their day-to-day life. On their website, they talk about living a happier, healthier, and wealthier life. When it comes to happiness, that is not something that someone can purchase in a store. It is not something that someone can put a dollar sign on, that is for sure. Someone is either happy or they are unhappy. When they are unhappy, they have trouble sleeping and they have trouble facing the day.

The Midas Legacy gets to the root of the unhappiness and they try to come up with ways to fix it, make it better, and improve it. They have seen cases like this before and it is not their first rodeo. As far as health, that is something a lot of people struggle with and it really ties into happiness. If someone is not happy, chances are it is going to affect their health as well. Health problems can be financially and emotionally draining.

As far as wealth is concerned, the price of living is increasing and a lot of people simply can’t keep up with it. It has gotten out of reach and out of hand. The Midas Legacy can also help with that, as they know how to help people better manage their money and get the most use out of it. They don’t have to worry about it anymore. They know it will go in the right places and really work for them with The Midas Legacy. They can provide all three of those things and even more for their clients.

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Good News as Equities First Holdings Offers Better Terms to Borrowers

Equities First Holdings has entered into a new season where the applications from borrowers have come in numbers. This change can be attributed to the recent changes that were injected in the banking sector that require borrowers to pay more interest to get financed. With stringent regulations that bar borrowers from advancing their bid for credit, the only option left is to go for alternative sources of credit, which include getting stock-based loans that Equities First Holdings has been offering to customers.

The company has explained that borrowers who were previously relying on banks for credit have found a new avenue through which they can secure credit to cater for their urgent needs. Some of the changes that were introduced among the banks that are barring many from going for credit include the tightening of laws, thereby preventing more from accessing credit. Interest rates have also increased over the period, something that has made borrowing through a bank expensive.

Equities lending has come as a relief among borrowers since they are able to access loans without necessarily going through traumatizing processes that involve attaching security to loans. The interest rates offered through equities lending are fixed, so once you borrow there is no risk of paying more in the event inflation occurs. Most importantly, stock-based loans offer flexibility since you are not restricted on the duration you can pay the loan, as long as you have the money you can clear and move on.


Equities First Holdings, LLC

Equities First Holdings, a global lender that has been offering alternative options of credit, has grown to become the most reliable provider of alternative lending solutions. With presence in different countries across the world, the company has managed to see an increase in the number of borrowers, who have come as a result of the changes that have hit the banking industry.

Established in 2002, Equities First has emerged as a premier institution that is focused on offering value to customers across different platforms. The company has issued over $1.4 billion worth of loans for the many years they have been in the business and their continued support for young ventures has attracted more customers.

Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/ for more information.

Wealth solutions: Insurance And Other Considerations When Renting On Airbnb

***UPDATE: August 24th, 2016***

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions has changed locations in Austin! You can find them at

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For many people, renting part of or their entire house on Airbnb seems like a quick and easy way to make money. It can make it possible for home owners to get the cash they need to pay for their property by simply hosting travelers for a short period of time. But as some recent incidents have shown, there can also be a number of unexpected problems. These temporary renters can do damage to your property that your homeowners insurance may not cover. This can leave these amateurs hoteliers with legal and financial issues that they had not anticipated. These issues can end up costing more to address than the amateur hotelier made by renting out their property.

Issues To Consider

There are a number issues to look at when you are considering renting your property through Airbnb and other organizations. Some of the major ones include:

1. Risks

There are many risks when you have tenants. When you take in tenants, you are potentially liable for any injuries to the guests, damage to your or your neighbors property, theft, illegal activities, and even lawsuits based on their actions. Plus sometimes the tenants refuse to pay.

2. Insurance Coverage

Short-term rentals are not covered by many homeowner’s insurance policies. That means you are personally responsible and liable for expenses incurred by your paid guests.

3. Protection

The protection offered by Airbnb and others is secondary coverage. It doesn’t kick in until you’ve exhausted your resources.

Once you’ve looked at these issues, you can decide if you still want to take in short-term guests. It’s strongly recommended people speak with a qualified insurance professional or wealth and investment manager. One such person is Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair can help you review your options and offer advice customized to your situation. The sole owner of the Austin, Texas based company, Blair has been involved in securities for 22 years.

Blair and Wealth Solutions offer advisor services, financial planning, information on funds and more for high net worth individuals. Through companies like United Global Securities, Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, and Wealth Solutions, Inc., he has helped many people attain their investment goals. His areas of expertise include estate tax and planning, integrated financial planning, securities, asset protection, insurance, employee benefits, and more. He has over $55 million in assets under management.


The Innovation of Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair

Reaching wealth management goals and achieving personal financial goals are the key objectives of any financial planning process. It involves in-depth research and financial data collection before creating a professional investment portfolio and to implement this, you need to understand where your finances are currently and be able to project where or what you want your portfolio to look like in the future. We would expect our financial professional to develop a diversification strategy that would accent our lives by meeting and exceeding our financial goals. Wealth Solutions works to deliver these results to its clients. While working to develop relationships with affluent clients, Wealth Solutions offers them secure, comprehensive, and proven wealth management strategies.

Wealth Solutions, founded by Richard Blair, is a professional investment advisory firm that offers wealth management solutions by using time tested advanced technology to deliver innovative products and services to its clients. Richard Blair is certified and registered as an Estate and Trust Specialist, an Investment Advisor, an Annuity Specialist, a Funds Specialist, and a Retirement Income Professional. Along with Richard’s expertise, Wealth Solutions can provide its clients with innovative investment options that deliver optimum results by creating a diversified portfolio with minimum risks and impressive results.

Wealth Solutions considers its clients partners in financial management and uses the latest insights and technology from various studies to ensure each partner’s success and keep them on track. This offers value to the relationship by ensuring that each partner is a vital part of the collaborative efforts to deliver:

• Expert, professional and trusted financial advice.
• Personalized and unique investing goals.
• Customized valuable solutions.
• 24 hour access to investment options.
• Accounts that offer excellent security measures.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is something that should be considered just as important as disability and social security. Wealth Solutions believes that you should begin retirement planning early. They work with clients throughout the several stages required for retirement planning. Richard Blair is professionally trained to develop a custom roadmap to help with those stages. They include building, developing, investing and managing wealth, to the final stages of transitioning into retirement and living off of your retirement portfolio. Whether those steps include a 401(k) plan, mutual funds, IRA investments, or annuities, Richard works to identify those opportunities that would build wealth in the most feasible methods for each individual client.

Financial Planning
Richard Blair has a vast understanding of the market trends associated with developing a comprehensive financial. Financial planning requires determining the correct measures to optimize your current finances while developing means to create more wealth. The appropriate decisions concerning your wealth portfolio is detrimental and should be treated with necessary details. The Financial planning process involves several stages that incorporate a variety of investment strategies. Using Richard’s professional knowledge and expertise, creating your financial plan can be accomplished by evaluating your assets and liabilities, establishing your goals, and developing a plan of action. These actions may include a college savings plan, real estate investing and planning, tax savings strategies, and of course, a comprehensive retirement plan. Wealth Solutions can develop and implement different strategies that focus on your specific objectives and goals.

Richard Blair’s commitment to financial and investment planning has compelled him to continually educate himself on the trends and advanced techniques offered within the industry. Since his early years in college, he has had a passion for educating and assisting others in their personal financial endeavors. This passion inspired him to enter the financial services industry immediately after graduation from college and led him to create Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solutions offers innovative professional strategies for financial investment portfolios, minimizing taxes, optimizing benefits, real estate investing, and creating viable income streams.

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