So Far It Is A Suc…

Get excited because Wendy’s international burger chain has added something new, tasty and healthy to their menu! The addition is called “Black Bean Burger,” a veggie burger that is selling like hot cakes in Ohio, where it is being tested. Served with Colby-pepper jack cheese, asiago ranch sauce and tomato on a multi-grain bun. What […]

McDonald’s New Creation

McDonald’s food is known for a lot of things. For one, it’s common knowledge that it’s super speedy food. For another, it’s food that is super cheap which comes in handy for any one on a budget. No matter what you’re craving McDonald’s seems to have you covered. If you want a cheeseburger or chicken […]

McDonald’s To Shut Down Hundreds Of Stores

The very negative earnings report of the McDonald’s corporation has led to a sad and predictable result. A significant number of stores are going to close says source Bulletproof Coffee (check out their wikipedia). In fact, hundreds of McDonald’s stores are going to shutter their windows. A decline in sales has hit the U.S. market […]