The Fairytale Wedding In Positano Of Whitney Wolfe And Michael Herd

As the founder of Bumble, matchmaking has been Whitney Wolfe’s business. Her fairytale began when Michael Herd proposed on one knee during a beautiful sunset. The couple began looking for the perfect place for the wedding and fell in love with the allure and beauty of Positano. Whitney spoke with the wedding stylist Cynthia Cook Smith, and adored her taste. Cynthia recommended Sugokuii Events Diana Sorenson for the actual wedding, and the fun really began.

The venue was the Villa Tre Ville, and the couple wanted to represent a true celebration of southern Italy. Whitney tried numerous all-star looks including a couture Giambattista Valli dress, an Eres maillot, and an Oscar de la Renta. The event focused on the luminaire, or festival of lighting, and small Italian boats were used to transport everyone to the beach club from the port of the villa. Italian classics were played by musicians on the water as the boats passed.

Whitney chose a classic fitted sheath as a wedding dress, and would later change into a sequined dress by Saint Laurent, and dance in Dolce & Gabbana shoes. The wedding dress was a couture Oscar de la Renta. The gown featured a four-foot train, corded rose lace, and scalloped trim. A cathedral-length veil and Gianvito Rossi heels provided the finishing touches. The Isaia Italian menswear line made tuxedos for Michael and the groomsmen.

The wedding morning began with a flash flood, and rain was predicted all day. So, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding couple drank white wine, merged two connecting villa suites, and danced in the rain. The evening was clear, and the ceremony began at 7:45 p.m. The ceremony was special, majestic, and set atop a cliff. There was a floral arch, a flower field, customized white benches, and the incredible view of Positano and the sea.

Whitney was exquisite in a custom satin slip Delphine Manivet dress, and pink Manolo Blahnik mules at dinner. The wedding cake was made from scratch at the location, and followed the lovely meal. The cake was a millefoglie, and served with Chantilly cream and mini fragoline. Instead of wheeling the cake in from the kitchen, two pastry chefs made the cake right on the terrace so the entire process could be observed by the guests. This was when Whitney put on a beaded, fringed Naeem Khan to dance. The wedding party went to the Salone Bianca downstairs, and there was an Italian disco feeling in the outside area. The main salon featured tons of candles, boudoir-tinted lighting, and a Syrian-Moroccan décor emphasized by lanterns. Everything had a glamourous feeling, and dancing ensued until 5:00 a.m. Caprese burgers, large bowls of pasta, and frozen Limoncello shots were served throughout the evening.

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Fabletics Is Leading The New Generation Of Tech Savvy Fashion Brands

Much has been made of the incredibly popular athleisure fashion trend. Athleisure has taken the fashion world by storm with big names like Rihanna releasing athleisure-inspired fashion lines on fronted by world-renown models like Naomi Campbell.

Customers’ demand for workout clothing that is versatile is totally reshaping the landscape of the American retail. While traditional brands like J. Crew are struggling to find their footing in this new marketplace athleisure companies are doing very well. New athleisure companies have been popping up to take advantage of what is predicted to be a fashion goldmine fueled by a new generation of consumers who seem to prefer to spend their money on consumer technology and clothing that reflects their lifestyle and values. Fabletics, a fashion brand helmed by award-winning actress Kate Hudson and JustFab Inc. co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, has become a leader in the world of athleisure by selling female consumers clothing that can endure an intense workout at the gym while also looking really great with a pair of skinny jeans. Unlike many of their competitors in the world of athleisure fashion Fabletics got its start as a brand that was built online.

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Fabletics began as a digital brand that sold their clothing to customers with a unique subscription-based model. While any customer can purchase the company’s clothing without becoming what is known as a VIP member, Fabletics VIP membership subscription comes with many enviable perks. Arguably the biggest benefit to becoming a Fabletics VIP member is the ability to build your workout wardrobe by being able to purchase complete outfits at lower costs. For example a two-piece running outfit that would normally cost over $90 is just $49.95 for customers that purchase the VIP membership.

When VIP members sign up to pay the monthly $49.95 fee they can purchase any outfit they want from Fabletics for that flat price. Their first outfit will cost them only $15. Since its founding in 2013 Fabletics has brought in $250 million and attracted more than one million subscribers. The company is following in the footsteps of tech brands like Apple, Amazon and Warby Parker, companies that are immersed in technology, by building a strong digital business that can be expanded into brick-and-mortar shops offline. Fabletics is an example of a new school tech savvy fashion company that uses analytics to understand what its customers want and how to deliver it to them. The company’s co-founder Kate Hudson will be talking about the brand’s success at an event called Code Commerce that is being held by technology magazine Recode in December 2016.


Equities First Holdings, a Unique Lending Opportunity

Equities First Holdings offer a unique way for people and companies to borrow money when they are in need of capital. Equities First provides a special type of loan called a stock loan. In a stock loan, people or companies borrow money from Equities First using their stocks as collateral for the loan.

When the terms of the loan are completed, the stocks are signed back over to their owners. Equities First make their money by trading the stock and improving its position. In addition, there is a 3 to 5 percent charge for the loan.While unusual, there are other companies that do these types of loans, Equities First has built a solid reputation for these loans and they have proven to be a trusted company for people in need of cash.

Who Can Benefit from These Loans?

The reasons people need loans are as many as there are stars in the sky. If you want to participate in a loan from Equities First you need to own securities that can be signed over as collateral. The collateral used to secure the loans are usually secured through over the counter or Dow Jones stocks.

These loans are a good alternative for people who may not have many options for securing loans. Entrepreneurs starting up a new company can find these loans helpful when they are starting out and haven’t built up a solid business. The founder of the company, Al Christy, Jr., did his first Stock loan to a farmer who had low yields one year and didn’t have many options for a loan.

Things to Know

These loans aren’t unregulated, the Securities and Exchange Commission limits the amount of the loan to 50% of the value of the stock. Also, if the loan can’t be paid back, Equities First offers the option for the borrower to walk away from the loan and the stock. This option is unique to Equities First Holdings.

Fabletics and the Athletic Woman

There are some ladies that are working out, and they don’t give much thought to what they put on. This happens for people that are not serious about working out. They don’t do it often so they don’t have much interest in what they are wearing. The athletic woman, however, is going to put some time into finding clothes that are going to make her look good. That is what Fabletics is doing. It makes women that are working out look good. There are crops, leggings and capris that are being sold on the website. Kate Hudson has added her influence to the website by making picks of the clothes that she likes best. It has become the best website for any woman that wants to stay in shape and look good while doing it.


Athletic women are serious about working out. They may go to the gym on a daily basis. When a person is going to the gym this much they are going to want to have access to a lot of gym clothes. They are not going to want to wear the same thing on a daily basis. This is why the Fabletics subscription service has received a lot of praise. Athletic women may need a lot of clothes, but they may not particularly enjoy shopping for a lot of clothes. This is why the subscription service is so valuable. It allows women that need clothes – that may not want to shop – to get automatic shipments every month. This is very pleasing for people that may want to diversify their wardrobe without spending lots of time thinking about how to do it.


Fabletics has a strong brand because there are really cute tops and skirts for women to check out. There is even a men’s clothing like FL2 that is a brother company to Fabletics. Kate Hudson runs Fabletics, and her brother is in charge of things at FL2. There are tabs that people can click on Fabletics to seamlessly go to FL2 and back to Fabletics. There is a very convenience way to shop for men and women on the website.


Women that are athletes are going to like the way that these clothes feel. There are also accessories like travel bags for people that want to pack things for the gym. There are accessories for people that need hats as well.

Don Ressler Changes The Norms Of Online Fashion Marketing

Don Ressler is one of the forces behind JustFab Inc. and all the firms affiliated with it. He is an outstanding entrepreneur who has a record of success with start-ups. Don is focused on e-commerce services; his first start-up was called This enterprise was later sold to Matrix Media. Don’s career was profoundly influenced by his meeting the then 19-year-old Adam Goldenberg. Adam was by then the COO at Intermix Media. The two formed a partnership that was to be the birth of a revolutionary firm . Their first endeavor as a team was Alena Media, an online market and advertising program that was the main revenue generator for Intermix.

Intermix was purchased by News Corp and the new company largely ignored the creations of the two entrepreneurs. This led to Don and his partner leaving to find other better opportunities, a move that mainly influenced the success of the two. Following an intense brainstorming session together with former Alena Team Members, the two partners came up with their second creation which was named Intelligent Beauty. This was also an online platform that was more inclined to cosmetic and skin care products. They, however, expanded the firm to incorporate an online fitness program two years later. This was mostly due to the love Don had or staying fit. Intelligent Beauty hired the founder of Intermix Brett Brewer and Dr. Allan Hirsch to help in product development.

JustFab was born out of an idea based on Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler realized that to make fashion a successful endeavor online, it had to be fun, engaging and most importantly highly interactive. After some significant developments on Intelligent Beauty, the two partners launched JustFab. They brought on board the fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons in 2011. Kimora significantly influenced the direction of the firm quite positively. Don and his partner expanded their enterprise by acquiring several other businesses which included FabKids, an online fashion market for kids. They also acquired a European-based online shoe subscription service FabShoes which significantly increased their influence in the European market.

Today Don Ressler is the co-CEO of JustFab, a successful business which is on the verge of hitting IPO. The fashion subscription service is one of the leading firms in the nation with several other online companies affiliated with it. According to Don Ressler, finding the right partner whom you are like minded is a major factor in being successful. He has offered outstanding leadership which has seen his firm become one of the top rated in the US.

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New Sizes for JustFab

The Incredible Roads Travelled by Fabletics

When you look at the journey of athleisure company Fabletics it truly is amazing what they’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Fabletics was started in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson as a way for women to purchase great outfits monthly without ever leaving the house. The idea of a subscription service was rather new three years ago and gave women a fun new way to shop.

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On the popular website My Subscription Addiction bloggers are in love with Fabletic’s brand and the way they have marketed the product. Kate Hudson’s energy and excitement for the outfits and her top physical condition on are no doubt a huge boost to the sales of the clothes. You can see her commercials on tv or on the internet. What’s great about Fabletics is how they incorporate their looks for women of all different sizes and shapes. Kate Hudson has described this as Fabletics way of being “all inclusive”, which also represents women who are running marathons to women running kids all day. Another top comment from bloggers is the quality of the products sent from Fabletics. The leggings alone are a huge hit because of their comfort and the fact that they aren’t see through.

There is no doubt that there are still customers who are uncomfortable shopping online and now Fabletics stores are coming to malls across the country. There are definitely advantages to being able to try outfits on as well as mix and match in person. The stores give customers the same great products as the subscription service on but with the ability to feel and see it on first. The stores will function as a test and will be constantly watched by the executives to insure customers are getting what they want from the brick and mortar locations. As Fabletics find its groove the brand is hoping to open 75 to 100 stores across the country over the next three to five years.

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Don Ressler: How Fashion Affects The Mindset

Many people are not aware of the effect that fashion can have on the mindset. There are a few people that catch on to the idea. This is when they start looking for more interesting pieces of clothing. They then start finding out some of the more exciting and more fun looking clothes in almost any category of clothing on Brandettes. However, there are certain categories of clothing that make it hard for people to find something that stands out to them. One example of this category of clothing is active wear. There is very little variety in active clothing. As a result, people may find themselves bored when shopping the athletic section.

Don Ressler has noticed this gap in the athletic section of the clothing store. He has decided that he is going to address it by opening a new clothing line for active wear. This has resulted in the store, Fabletics. This new retailer from the minds behind JusFab features fresh new designs and very interesting looking pieces of clothing. These unique and flattering cuts have given a lot of people plenty of options when it comes to finding the fashion that they want. This makes shopping for active wear a lot more exciting for the customer according to Don Ressler.

Fabletics presents people with exciting clothes. When people wear exciting articles of clothing, they will be more excited to workout. After all, physical activity should be very exciting. The right type of clothing will bring out a lot more excitement while people are exercising. For one thing, when people wear the type of clothes they want, they will feel more confident. This confidence will transfer into their workout.

Ressler has known the importance of unique bits of clothing. He is someone that wants to see a world where people are willing to be their own unique selves as much as possible. Don Ressler also believes that fashion should not be boring and uniform. He, Adam Goldenberg and plenty of others have managed to put together a company that sells unique clothing at an affordable price. Ressler’s company also runs plenty of promotions that will save money. He believes that people should not have to pay a fortune for clothing that is very unique to them.

Modeling: Brown modeling agency

Models are people from both gender and a different age bracket who are employed for the purpose of promoting or advertising or rather just displaying the products and services of particular companies. The most often firms that exploit models are fashion and clothing industry, cosmetics and also the visual photography organization that want to display their arts. The individuals are usually referred to as the commercial print models since they need to coax customers.

Become a model

Gracing the best adverts is a much-anticipated thing that most people willing to join the modeling industry dream. A lot of people may wonder how they would win the auditions to get a chance to be the flag bearers of individual displays or artworks. Several factors ought to be considered which would always be the reason to appeal when one appears on print media. The stages required involve working out for a fit body with less fat and a bright print work skin. Trying photo shoots at a personal level with exercise for different emotional looks, attire and body angle. Seek quality photographers and peruse their portfolios before giving them tasks to establish the best work partner. Conduct a market search for the organizations seeking print models. Sent to them your collections and wait for their responses to know if your sort of work is what they want. Meanwhile, you keep working on your image and looks while you identify yourself with the modeling family locally and across borders to find breakthroughs.

Brown Agency is a modeling organization in the Austin area. It is responsible for identifying models training them and also seeking the best organizations for their clients. It started in 2010 and since then the brown agency has been able to produce the best print models for the best companies in the world. The most common beneficiaries are Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and many others. The print models from Brown Agency have also been selected to grace among the significant events namely; Dallas, New York, and Austin fashion week events. The CEO of the firm Justin Brown focuses on the basic requirements that are, talent elegance and competitiveness.

The Brown Agency is aware of the competition from the rivals, and they do all they can to keep at the top. A good example is through buying the talent company by the name Heyman. Heyman is the only big firm that is involved with acting skills. The merger is a milestone not only for Brown Agency but also for the clients. It will be the hub for the best acting and print modeling which many organizations have been unable to find in the country over an extended period.