As national real estate sales decrease, Ohio is having the best year-Tammy Mazzocco

The year that was just concluded was one of the most tumultuous for the American economy. In addition to the fact that the market has been bearish for a while, there was the Brexit vote, and then the election. One of the sectors that seem to have suffered the most as a result of the ups and downs is the real estate sector. Nationally, the sales declined and the cost of property went down. However, as the rest of the country suffered a decline, the state of Ohio had one of its best years since 2005. The reports from the state indicate that their sales grew by 7.5 percent compared to the same period of time the year before. As a matter of fact, in places such as North East Ohio, the rates went up by 8 percent.

One of the renowned realtors in Cincinatti, Pete Kopf stated that the sales which had been experienced in the area were record breaking. He noted that unlike the nationwide trend, the cost of housing in Ohio had also gone up by 4.5 percentage points this year. The rest of the country had a mean cost of property of about $200000 which was much lower than Ohio’s.

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Tammy Mazzocco is one of the oldest Real Estate agents in Ohio State. According to, she started his career in real estate by working as a secretary for Edwards Real Estate Company. Sh decided to study and do the needed tests to become a real estate agent and within a short time, he had qualified. The first firm that he worked for was Judy Gang and Associates, in 2000 after finishing his exams a year before. She has been selling property in Delaware, Franklin and a few of the remote counties in Central Ohio. Hard work is the reason he is successful in his trade.

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