Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Winning Another Award

USHEALTH Group Inc is a very popular provider of health coverage plans for citizens of the United States of America. The business has been around for more than a decade, and it has managed to set a new standard for quality and accessibility its line of work.

The leading health coverage provider is based in Texas with headquarters in Ft. Worth. The company provides its services to predominantly to owners of small businesses as well as self-employed individuals. USHEALTH Group Inc. sells through its distribution division called USHEALTH Advisors. The company has hundreds of employees across the nation to serve in every state. Th advisors of the USHEALTH Group can be located quickly through the PPO service on the official website.

The leader of USHEALTH Advisors used to be Mr. Troy McQuagge. He started in 2010 and has been with USHEALTH for almost eight years now. Mr. Troy McQuagge started his position with a rebuilding of the USHEALTH Advisors. He added some improvements and removed some weaker aspects with the purpose of enhancing the operation od the distribution arm in increasing the sales rate.

Mr. Troy McQuagge’s work and efforts did not g unnoticed as the retooling achieved a great success. Mr. Troy McQuagge was promoted in 2014 for the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer of the mother company USHEALTH Group Inc. Mr. Troy McQuagge is at the position to this day, and he is very successful. Both USHEALTH Group Inc and USHEALTH Advisors have received some coveted awards, and Mr. Troy McQuagge has been personally recognized with awards as well.

Last year in 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge was recognized for his leadership and achievements by the global awards program of One Planet Awards. The organization acknowledges leaders, employees, and other individuals, as well as companies and services and products on a yearly basis. One Planet Awards holds many competitions and gives prestigious awards. In 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge received a nomination and took the gold for ‘‘Best CEO of the Year.” The award is a very prestigious one, and Mr. Troy McQuagge accepted it proudly. He stated that is was his most profound belief that the honor truly belongs to everyone who is working at USHEALTH Group Inc.

This was not the first awards that the CEO and President have received, and it also was not the first recognition for the USHEALTH Group Inc and USHEALTH Advisors. Both sides of the business have been recognized by premier awards programs before. They have received Stevie awards as well, and the services of the large corporation have been acknowledged as most innovative. USHEALTH Advisors received an award for their customer service earlier this year as well as other honors in their line of work. Check more:



Geaorge Soros Gives Back Through Open Society

The back story of George Soros reflects his persistence and dedication to make it in life. For those who have heard of this name, it has been a long journey for him. Wading through the murky regime of Nazi as a child, he overcame what an ordinary human would not. George Soros hails from Hungary. He suffered intolerance as a child. During the attack, his father did a great job by falsifying their identity. Soros and the father also saved neighbors from being assassinated.


After the regime, Soros flee to London in search of better pastures. He joined the London School of Economics. He loved philosophy and the contributions of Karl Popper. Popper was a major contributor to this discipline. He proposed the theory of humanity and the input of Open Societies. As a role model and humanist, he inspired many with Soros being one of them. Soros worked as a part time waiter. He also worked for the railway as an attendant. That is how he financed his education. Being a hard working student, he passed exams and focused on career seeking in the job industry. Well, he faced more challenges as a new job seeker.


There was hardly an employment opportunity for Soros. It took him some significant time to land a job opportunity. Being visionary, he invested in business. That marked the onset of his career in finance. Soros is now a billionaire and he has a hedge fund worth millions. His skills in business cannot be matched with the skills of an ordinary entrepreneur or investor. He has developed a platform for business through the hedge fund. Soros is also into political reforms. He has been mentioned in several political platforms including endorsing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general elections. He was the major donor for Hillary.

Open Society Foundations

In a different scenario, Soros has been helpful to most people in the society. He is an admired contributor of Open Society Foundations, a network of over 100 organizations that capitalize on charity. The Open Society Foundations does not discriminate. From migrants to LGBT, proper governance and education reforms, Open Society is here to assist the suffering. Soros has majorly contributed to the growth of this organization. He has also fought for the rights of children who cannot access education. His works extend to South Africa as he has been instrumental in offering finances to educate the less fortunate.


To some, Soros is always caught up in conspiracies. Most of his works highlight the plea of humanity. He funds masses that have committed to riot against police brutality too. Soros continues to establish large platforms through charity and entrepreneurial networks.For a billionaire, he is too friendly for humanity, a good gesture that most can emulate.

Nathaniel Ru’s Path to Success With Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain that was launched throughout the Northeast in the United States almost a decade ago. The company was founded by a trio of Georgetown University graduates who all had studied together.

The three students, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru had all met when they were taking an entrepreneurship class together. Ru and his fellow students would start to form the idea that would become the Sweetgreen we see today.

Let’s take a closer look at the company, what they do differently, and what Nathaniel Ru aspires to be throughout his career.

In order to fully appreciate the change that Sweetgreen has rendered upon the fast food market, we must first recognize the fact that it almost never happened.

Ru and his co-founders were looking for a location to open up their first restaurant when they found a small, former bar in a downtown spot on M Street. Ru couldn’t get the landlord to give him a face to face meeting to discuss his potential with Sweetgreen.

Ru and his team wouldn’t give up, however, as they repeatedly called the landlord once a day until she agreed to sit down and hear their pitch. RU admits that he would never get another meeting like that again and that it really was just a one time opportunity.

Once Sweetgreen was established the next task was in making sure that it survived. Sweetgreen’s biggest test was in surviving the off-season when students left campus for the year. Considering that their first location was intended to give students a healthy option, this was a reasonable task.

Sweetgreen not only survived but they flourished as well and now, a decade later, there are more than 40 locations sprinkled throughout the region with plans to expand out west soon.

Nathaniel Ru never wanted Sweetgreen to become the next McDonalds. Instead, he wanted to create something that would stick to its original purpose: healthy, locally sourced salads, that filled people up and left them satisfied.

So far, that is exactly what Ru has been capable of doing. Not only has the restaurant accomplished those tasks, it has also changed the industry along the way.

Now, Sweetgreen has become an icon for technology in the fast food industry. Nearly a third of all Sweetgreen orders are generated through their website or a mobile application. In this way, Sweetgreen is completely changing the way the industry functions.

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