Dick DeVos, a Hearty Philanthropist with an Unmatched Entrepreneurial Skill

Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur as well as a hearty philanthropist was born in Michigan State in 1995. Involved in the family business from a young age, he holds leadership and strategic planning skills.


In terms of education, he pursued a business administration degree from Northwood University. He attended Harvard business school as well as Wharton’s executive study program. He received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University and Northwood University respectively.


He is currently married to Betsy DeVos, the former chair of Michigan Republican Party and secretary of Education. Together, the DeVoses have been hailed as one of the most influential individuals in Washington. Critics still continue to admonish Betsy DeVos for the controversial stances she’s adopted in her new capacity as the 11th Secretary of Education in the USA.

Betsy has, however, shelved aside all the naysayers and soldiered on with her lifelong passion and commitment to resuscitating the dying and ineffective private American learning systems. To learn more about the milestone achievements by Betsy and Dick in the span of the last 30 years click here.


Career pursuits.


He was the vice president of Amway International for 6 years (1984-1990). With his exemplary leadership, Amway ventured into new markets and soaring foreign sales followed.


Responsible for 18 countries, he grew annual sales by over 50%. He became President and CEO of Orlando Magic for 2 years (1991-1993). He was described as a tough but fair individual who expected results and a meticulously detailed management team.


He rejoined Amway as a president in 1993 to 2002 for a period of 9 years. He took the company globally and set industry standards during his tenure.

In 2002 he became the President of Windquest Group a private investment management group spread in technological, manufacturing sectors.


Political ambitions.


He was elected to the Michigan State Education Board in 1990 and in 1993 became co chair of the Education Freedom Fund which provides private scholarships to Michigan families with low income to attend schools of their choice.


In 2006, he vied for the gubernatorial seat and was considered to be the wealthiest man to run for the hotly contested statewide office in the history of Michigan. He is a man who fights for the state’s economy and is in touch with the business community and echoes their sentiments in his policies.


With his engaging public debates, public speaking comes as a natural skill to him. In an effort to promote rights to work, a belief dear to him, the DeVos family assisted in forming the Michigan Freedom fund. Dick DeVos is a passionate philanthropist; his foundation donated millions of dollars to educational, civic, free-market economic as well as religious organizations.


Dick is a highly respected community member who sits on various boards and has been awarded many honors.


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Bob Reina Launches Video Marketing Into the Future

At no other point in history has information been more accessible. Everybody has photo and video capabilities built into their cell phones, with the quality rivaling professional equipment from 30 years ago. Social media thrives on pictures and videos, with casual home clips going viral overnight, often to the surprise of the originator. If the man on the street can reach millions accidentally, what does that mean to your business? If you aren’t using video marketing, you are missing out on serious opportunities to share your message. Talk Fusion created their video marketing strategy when founder Bob Reina realized that AOL didn’t provide video capability in their email platform. He set out to revolutionize that and today helps thousands of business owners just like you take advantage of what video has to offer modern companies.


Why Video Marketing?


Talk Fusion built its business model around offering solutions directly to the marketing movers and shakers in companies all over the world. Not only do Bob Reina and his team identify trends and analyze markets, but they also implement individualized solutions and allow you to test drive them before you purchase a program. The company has been so innovative that industry leaders such as MarTech Advisor partner with Reina to spread his message- video marketing is big business and for good reasons.


Creates Connection


Video is a personal medium that makes viewers feel like they know you. It’s engaging and builds trust between yourself and your consumer base. Unlike some marketing strategies, video seems like a softer sell, as you can tell stories, show behind-the-scenes views of your business and be more casual than other advertising models might allow.


Offers Real-Time Exposure


Live video is the fastest growing trend in video marketing, and there is virtually no limit to the ways you can use this type of content. Because live video is uncut and unedited, your viewers feel like they are right in the action. It also creates an urgency to act, which is why many brands are using live video as a selling platform, delivering products directly to the customer in real time. Your clients also perceive live clips as more trustworthy because they know that what they see is what they get.


Boosts Email Campaigns


Talk Fusion began as a way to send videos via email, and there is still a high demand and distinct benefits to pairing these two methods of communication. Marketing data suggests that almost 75 percent of people prefer email advertising over more invasive approaches of delivering content, with this positive perception translating directly into higher response rates. When you add video clips, reader engagement soars, creating a direct connection between the viewer and your message.


About Talk Fusion


Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has been a leader in video marketing for a decade. The company culture is directly inspired by CEO and founder Bob Reina and is a unique juxtaposition of intense focus pairing with a casual work environment. Mr. Reina loves animals, and it isn’t uncommon for him to bring his menagerie to the office. He encourages social involvement and responsibility in his staff and has personally donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also supports an orphanage in Indonesia and provides every Talk Fusion employee with the means to gift a marketing package to one charity of their choice.


Bob Reina hasn’t always worked in marketing and video ventures. In fact, as a young college student, Mr. Reina juggled several jobs to pay for his education at the University of South Florida. Upon graduation, he was accepted to the Tampa Police Academy where he completed the program by earning the Award of Merit. Mr. Reina worked as a police officer in Florida for many years before network marketing caught his attention, prompting him to leave his steady career in favor of entrepreneurship.


As the head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina leads by example. His approachable demeanor and keen sense of humor endear him to his team, but he also works as hard as any of them, setting the tone for a well organized and efficient organization. To keep up with such a fast-paced industry as video marketing, Reina keeps his team active and excited about every growth opportunity. More than anything, his personal vision for the company attracts and inspires his loyal team and continues to be the driving force behind video marketing advancements worldwide.

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Susan McGalla Offers Advice To Working Women

PR Newswire has reported this advice from Susan McGalla. McGalla has given this advice to make sure that the women in the working world are able to make the most of their opportunities. When women are following the tips that are listed above, they are going to make the most of their new lives and careers.


Be Confident


Women are going to find out what they can do when they are more confident in their daily interactions. These interactions are going to make life much better for women when they are presenting themselves better. A presentation that gives women more confidence is going to give them the best way to make sure that they are taken seriously in all aspects.


Get Your Degree


When women are out getting their education, they are going to get more opportunities in the workplace. Most women will find that they are going to get more out of their jobs if they are willing to get their degrees. These degrees are going to help women get better jobs, but women need to make sure that they make going to school a priority. The family and kids need to be priorities, but women need to make themselves priorities, as well.


Ignore The Ominous Glass Ceiling


Women need to make sure that they are not looking up to the glass ceiling nervously. A woman may know that she could be paid too little for her work, but these same women need to ignore these problems because there are many men who believe women should get promotions and better pay for their work.


When women are trying to do the best for their families, they need to take this information to heart. This information is going to help ladies make the most of their lives as they take care of their own families.

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Norman Pattiz and his Leadership in PodcastOne

Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz together with Edison Research VP of Strategy, Tom Webster announced the results of a sequence of studies looking at the results of advertising trials. The study involved five major national consumer brands across diverse services and products. In 2016, a survey was conducted on Podcast advertisers to evaluate their brand before and post the campaigns. The study revealed a significant impact of Podcast advertising on intent to purchase, recall of specific messaging and brand recall.

The studies’ findings were as follows; there was a 47% increase in unaided product awareness, 24% increase for garden and lawn products and 37% increase for automobile aftermarket product. Also, knowledge of a particular campaign message for an auto aftermarket product by 60% and 76% for a casual dining restaurant from before and after the study. The number of listeners who mentioned a specific grocery brand was noticed to be higher after the campaign. Another finding discovered that respondents who had a very favorable opinion of an automobile aftermarket product increased from 18% in the pre-study to over 33% in the post-study.


On behalf of PodcastOne, Edison Research carried out three separate studies in 2016, to scan the effectiveness of advertising by Podcast for five national brands. Before the Podcast advertising ran, online surveys of audiences of some of leading Podcasts were conducted. After the 4-6 weeks advertising, the same methodology applied, and the results showed the audiences were receptive to brand messages and indicated an increase in willingness to purchase the brands.


Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, a nation-wide advertiser-supported podcast network that presents more than 340 hours of unique programming each week. Norman is also the founder of Westwood One, America’s largest radio network provider of sports, talks, news, traffic and entertainment programming to the broadcasting industry. Another company that Pattiz founded is Courtside Entertainment Group, which produces multi-platform quality programming. Norman Pattiz has also served as the President of Broadcast Education Association.


In 2000, Norman Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and in 2002 he was re-appointed by President Bush for the same. In 2009, he was inaugurated into the National Radio Hall of Fame and received several Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

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Keith Mann Shares Ideas For Managing His Daily Schedule

The businesses run in New York City are often managed on new sorts of ways, and Keith Mann is one of the most-progressive people in the industry. This article explains how people who are learning from Keith Mann, and he believes it is possible to help business owners and managers learn how to manage their stress and schedule. Keith Mann is a wealth of information, and he is sharing information that will build companies properly.

#1: How Does Keith Spend His Downtime?

Keith speaks about his downtime often, and he shares information about how he spends time with his family. He has taken his kids to a cooking class that he believed was a good time for all. Someone who wishes to start a business or work in a management role must ensure they have spent time outside the office. The office is a wonderful place to work, but it is not a place where managers must spend all their time.

#2: The Business He Manages Supports Financial Companies

Keith runs Dynamic Search Partners to ensure there are quite a few people who are placed with businesses around the city. He wishes to find people who will serve well when he places them with his clients, and he is willing to help every new client staff their businesses properly.

#3: How Does Keith Hire?

Keith believes a company that is hiring properly will work quite well, and he knows there are people who wish to work with his staff. He hires people who fit in with the business, and he shows the people working with him how to complete their work in a way that is quick and simple. He has let go of those who do not fit in with the business, and he knows how to help people who are searching for better jobs.

It is quite important that everyone running a business follows up on what Keith Mann has to say. He is giving quite a lot of information to his readers, and he is sharing information that will keep businesses running properly as they grow their companies.


The Success Story of JustFab

JustFab is an online platform that provides personalized shopping for bags, jewelry, and denim. JustFab was formed by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in March 2010. Kimora Lee joined them as the President and Creative Director. When the entrepreneurs identified a market gap, they formed Fabletics with Kate Hudson in 2013. Her influence as an athlete impacted their marketing. The company’s objective is to provide quality and stylish fitness gear at affordable prices.

JustFab announced their expansion to encompass extended sizes for women of all sizes. The team launched the “All size” campaign that celebrated fashion styles for different body shapes and sizes. According to Don Ressler, the company believed that women should feel confident in what they wear and, they were thrilled to offer trendy style in sizes they want. The expansion would increase the shopping experience for women of diverse sizes.

In 2011, the company received $33 million from Matrix Partners. In 2012, there was an additional capital worth $76 million from Rho Ventures and other investors. In 2013, the company received a $40 million capital from its third round of funding. Another round in 2014 led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund resulted in raising an additional $85 million. JustFab currently stands at an equity funding of $250 million.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

JustFab decided to rebrand itself as Techstyle Fashion Group. The idea was to build a brand based on data, vertical integration, and personalization for customers to cancel out their membership with ease. The new phase is predicted to improve customer satisfaction globally. With Don Ressler’s progressive leadership, the renaming is predicted to bring in around $650 million in profit.

Intermix Media is a startup by the entrepreneurs dealing in e-commerce and advertisement. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler saw that the brand was being ignored and formed Intelligence Beauty with a few members from the previous startup. The first brand to be launched was Dermstore, an online cosmetic line. It was followed by Sensa, a weight loss system. In 2010, the company formed their third company, JustFab.

The two co-founders nurtured their idea in a Manhattan beach house. When the business grew, they moved to El Segundo, California. With a proximity to the airport the company could be responsive and save time in movement across the countries. The beach city was conducive because it was business friendly with flexible expansion space, it had many amenities, and the city council was cooperative.

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Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope Turns Eye Toward Future

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope is a well-known American entrepreneur, technology CEO and philanthropist. With a wide focus on technologies that enhance the quality of human life and the sustainable future of Arizona communities. His advanced thinking on, dedication to and vision of the future have earned him the distinction of being one of the most famed American futurists.

Jason Hope’s career has been focused on the development and marketing of mobile application, software and gaming technologies on the leading-edge of innovation. His work, since graduating with his M.B.A from the prestigious Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, has been largely led by Jason Hope’s philanthropic interest in connectivity between humans and technology.

Jason Hope speaks and writes extensively on futurist subjects. One specific area in which he has become a well-known voice is neutrality. Net neutrality is a guiding principle that, regardless of service provider or regulating government, the Internet should be an open and neutral platform that allows access to all data and content regardless of source or end-user. Hope has been outspoken that such advances as popular social media sites would not have been possible without net neutrality.

The Internet of Things is a passion of Hope’s. A futuristic conceptual development, the Internet of Things looks to connect everyday objects to the Internet’s connectivity, allowing them to transfer data. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be a leading force in the future as more and more objects ranging from coffee makers to cars are interconnected, able to send and receive data, and accurately predict and serve human needs.

Hope continuously pushes into the forefront of future technologies, with his philanthropic interests founded on biotechnological advancement. He helped fund the AGE-Breaker research laboratory of the SENS Foundation, which is dedicated to researching and curing age-related illnesses. His futurist approach also has led Jason Hope to create a grant program aimed at providing start-up money to young innovators in high school and college, setting the path for the next generation of leading-edge science and technology professionals.