Amazing Civil Engineering and Building Materials from Eucatex


Eucatex is a leading Brazilian multinational company that deals with the production of building materials. They specialize in the design of sheets, panels, acoustic ceiling material, soft and hard boards as well as house furniture. The company has colonized the market with its excellent products ever since it was established in 1951. The company’s current president is Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian entrepreneur, and engineer. Flavio Maluf has been part and parcel of the Eucatex Company for over three decades working in different positions, as records.


 He grew his career in this company starting from the trade area to the industrial zone to eventually becoming the president. His climb on the corporate ladder is a product of his commitment towards driving Eucatex to meet both their goals and those of their clients. At Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is renowned for having impacted in the modernization of the company operations. He spearheaded the inauguration of a branch of Eucatex in Salto.


Flavio Maluf is one man with a deep insight into the building and construction market. He recently aired his views on the effects of the Brexit in the Brazilian economy. According to Mr. Maluf, the departure of the UK from the European Union will have some implications for the future of Brazil which he explained to Exame.


Flavio Maluf is also a philanthropist and has taken part in several initiatives. He provides not only financial aid but also his personal time while taking part in the several programs within Brazil. He collaborated with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli in various charity events. He believes that the society needs people to give back, upon achieving their goals as a way of appreciation.  Flavio also talks about the economy, the importance of entrepreneurs for the future, but also what Brazil’s taxes mean for business.


Eucatex is celebrated for its unique choice of raw material, the eucalyptus wood, to produce competitive products being used in civil construction globally. The company is also environment conscious as portrayed by their conservation initiatives. An example of that is when they planted a eucalyptus forest to reduce the strain on the natural forest. Their major clients include furniture companies, building companies and individual contractors working in the building industry. They often take part in the Environmental Education Program in association with students and active organizations.  Visit their official website here: