Visual Search From Slyce Helps Consumers And Retailers In Online Shopping

Innovations In The World Of Visual Search

There are a bunch of new companies that came out with interesting takes on the visual search technology that is shaping the online shopping industry. In fact, business is at an all time high in terms of technology and eCommerce in India. The companies that are leading the visual search industry are being funded by a variety of measures. They have come to find their funding by means of angel investors, and some other funding measures were put in place to help some of the visual search companies take off. It is interesting to see how easily these companies were able to gather funding. This would be a great place for an investor to make a great turn around on their investments since this technology is apparently in a high demand.

Why Is Visual Search technology In High Demand?

It should come as no surprise that companies are having trouble keeping track of their data lately since there are so many sources for the ways that products are sold. Most retailers take months to actually take into account the trends that are coming in from online shopping. By the time they catch up with the trend, the trend could be over.

The visual search industry is being headed by tech savvy companies like Slyce. This company knows what retailers want to see. They are working with retailers to provide incentives to consumers. The company helps consumers limit their online shopping activity by means of doing most of their shopping by taking pictures of the items that they want. This takes the frustration out of online shopping, which is one of the major complaints that consumers have about it. Consumers, like the one interviewed in the article from Live Mint, complain about not having relevant results in their searches.

Slyce also owns a number of other useful retailer related and consumer driven applications that are changing the shape of the online shopping industry. One of the most interesting applications that Slyce runs, apart from their visual search application is called Snip Snap. Snip Snap is an application that allows users to take a picture of any coupon they see, and it is saved to their smart phone instantly. It is also a great way to find new and exciting promotional coupons.