The Journey of Mark Hutchinson in Wildlife Conservation

Mark Hutchinson love for nature began when he was young. At the age of 19, he toured parts of Africa by car. This was after spending about a year in North Australia, camping and fishing. When he turned 22 years, he launched his first venture called UNTAMED, which later became an eco-tourism training center.


Mark Hutchinson passion for wildlife conservation


In 2015, he became fully immersed in wildlife conservation, and he spent his time teaching people the importance of preserving the ecosystem. Hutchinson was raised in New South Wales and Queensland. His earliest memories of the wilderness date back to the time he spent at his friend’s farm house. The idea to start his adventure company came about during his trips in the Northern Territory and Africa. While taking an Eco Training course in Africa, he met his current business partner, Anton Lategan. Since then, they have worked on various projects together. Hutchinson is also the founder of Avana, an enterprise he launched in 2008. Hutchinson is a family man and continues to build his empire in the wild with the help of his wife.


About Mark Hutchinson


Mark Hutchinson is an environmentalist and the founder of WildArk, a conservation firm launched in 2016. Hutchinson is a graduate of the University of Sydney and holds a Masters of Conservation from the Macquarie University. Hutchinson also has a master’s degree in business administration from INSEAD Business School. This Australian-born activist has always been fascinated by the environment and has dedicated his life to ensure rehabilitation of the wilderness. Hutchinson’s passion for the wild has prompted him to spend most of his time educating people about the importance of the environmental conservation


Hutchinson is also an entrepreneur and has been operating his businesses for more than a decade. Hutchinson’s passion for trees and vegetation makes him desire to leave the world a better place than he found it. Hutchinson is the president of WildArk. This organization is a business whose goals revolve around protecting biodiversity. This institution also strives to reconnect people to the environment and the surrounding ecosystem. WildArk has become popular across the globe. In 2017, This esteemed institution acquired a conservancy in Kruger Region, South Africa.

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