The Top Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate Daily

Who needs another reason to eat dark chocolate? Well, there is one. Here’s the good news: dark chocolate is actually healthy for you in addition to being super tasty!


If you did need one more excuse for eating more of this great food, here are the reasons why you should consider eating dark chocolate every day. This doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, right?


  1. First, dark chocolate has been proven to make you happier because it contains tryptophan. This is a type of amino acid that helps your brain produce more serotonin, and as you may know, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that promotes happiness and feelings of well-being.


  1. Next, dark chocolate has a number of important flavonoids. These are things that your body needs, and we crave them as well. Flavonoids are antioxidants, and they found naturally in cocoa. They can help lower bad cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and help your blood vessels stay healthy.


  1. The third reason why you should start eating dark chocolate on a regular basis is that it’s great for your skin. All of those antioxidants can help repair scarring, acne and sunburns. They can also help protect your skin from the sun so that age spots and wrinkling don’t become a serious problem.


  1. Dark chocolate is also great for your heart and overall cardiovascular system. It contains important antioxidants for lowering blood pressure, and it can also lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by more than half according to some studies. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women, so this information is good to know.


  1. Finally, keep in mind that dark chocolate is known to be a stress reliever. Not only does it contain helpful ingredients that can promote increased levels of serotonin, but it has also been shown to lower stress hormones. This may be one of the key reasons why people crave dark chocolate when they get stressed out or depressed.


Are you ready to take on this great habit yet? It’s not a bad one to try, so why shouldn’t you try it right now!


These Are the Tips That Will Help Keep You Healthy for the Year

Making vow to stay healthy at the beginning of the year is one thing, but actually following through is quite another. If you want to be sure that you’ll keep your New Year’s resolutions to stay healthy this year, follow the advice below.


Start swapping out bad foods for healthy foods.


A number of bad foods that have integrated their ways into your diet can easily be switched out for healthier alternatives. For example, consider switching mashed avocado for mayonnaise. Similarly, you can use a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla when making wraps. Finally, consider using a portobello mushroom instead of a beef burger when making hamburgers.


Keep track of your progress.


There’s no way to know whether or not you’re following through with your health goals unless you keep track of your progress. Great way to do this is to get a journal. Make a list of the habits that you want to keep along the left margin of one page, and along the top of the page, put the days of the week. Every time you fulfill a habit, mark off that day of the week alongside the habit that you’ve completed. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to look back and see how your habits have progressed.


Keep up your motivation


Finally, don’t forget that you’ll need to stay motivated so that you continue fulfilling all of the habits that you set out to accomplish. It’s easy to forget why you decided to stay healthy this year when you’re face to face with your favorite type of ice cream. A great way to stay motivated is to journal. Every day, write about the habits that you want to keep and fulfill. This will keep them close to your mind. Little notes that remind yourself of your goals are also a good idea to keep around.


It’s not always easy to fulfill health goals that you have at the beginning of the year, but by using the tips listed above, you’ll be better equipped to accomplish these goals, and your body and mind will thank you.


Celebrity Gives Helpful Healthy Eating Tips

Following a healthy diet can be a significant challenge for many people. While most people are well aware that a healthy diet is crucial for when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, following the diet on a daily basis is difficult. While following a healthy diet is tough at times, a recent interview with Khloe Kardashian ( provides people with tips from a person that has proven that anyone can lose weight by following a healthy diet.


Khloe Kardashian’s tips seemed to center around making smarter decisions when eating out or preparing food. One tip that she gave came to many people’s favorite breakfast snack, a bagel with cream cheese. While a bagel and cream cheese can seem innocent enough, it can easily have over 500 calories and provide basically no beneficial vitamins. A smarter option would be to have a whole wealth English muffin, which has half the calories of a bagel. Instead of cream cheese, it could be topped with almond butter or hummus, both of which are healthier than cream cheese.


Another tip that she provided centered on most people’s guilt pleasures, sweet and desert. While you may crave having ice cream or frozen yogurt, you could have a much better snack by simply having a frozen banana covered in dark chocolate. This tends to have less than half the calories, sugar, and fat while it will still provide you with the sugar necessary to stop your cravings.


While most of her tips have centered on making swaps, there are some foods that she has stopped eating altogether. Kardashian has stated that she will no longer eat red meat or potatoes, due to the high levels of carbs, fat, and unnecessary calories. Instead, she will try to eat more vegetables and lean meats, which are much better for your waistline. Some of the foods that she eats instead are more mashed vegetables, such as squash or zucchini, and kale chips that can be a great substitute for potato chips.

Eating Healthy Hacks You Can Do At Home


Eating healthy is sometimes considered a chore, but there are ways to simplify your way to nutritional eating. Bloggers on the food network have many healthy and cost saving ideas at Here are some of our favorites to get you started:



  1. Cold soups versus warm: If you have a blender, you can whip up a chilled soup in no time. You can use such nutrients as fruits and vegetables that your family will love cold. Use fruit juices to thin your soups and add vegetables that your children usually don’t try.



  1. Trade dairy for bananas! You can blend bananas into the same consistency as your favorite ice cream with much less sugar and calories. You can also add cocoa powder or fruit to make different flavors.


  1. Healthy cappuchinos at home! You can make your refreshing frozen coffee drinks at half the cost and sugar. Choose almond or soy milk and add cinnamon or other healthy alternatives to sugar.


  1. Hummus versus mayo! Use hummus to replace eggs or mayonnaise in your salads. Hummus has many more nutrients and will make your salad smooth and delicious.




  1. Slow cooker to the rescue: Use your slow cooker to slowly prepare meats while you work. Make your own healthier version of bbq or tacos by using lean meats, healthy spices, and all natural flavors in your crock pot.


  1. Pasta in the microwave saves time. Just cover your fresh pasta with cold water and place in the microwave for about 6 minutes. You will discover soft, perfectly cooked pasta for warm or chilled salads and meals in no time.


  1. Iced coffee made at home. Just save your left over coffee in the fridge or pour it into an ice tray to have perfect iced coffee at home. You can use the ice cubes to flavor your day old coffee with no work or fuss.


Saving money and eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few shortcuts and substitutions, you can have the entire family eating healthy.



Tips for Health Eating

Healthy eating characterizes a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating entails eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet should encompass a full spectrum of nourishing and salubrious foods to facilitate sufficient nutrients intake as well as minerals and vitamins. With a healthy diet, a person can maintain the desired and healthy body weight as well as reduce the risk of getting many chronic illnesses, which related to diets. Poor eating habits may result in diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.


A healthy diet consists of an assortment of nutritive foods. In general, people should eat a range of nutritious foods to enable their bodies and organs to perform their functions. Plenty of cereals and bread, particularly whole grain, vegetables, legumes such as red kidney beans, lentils, and chickpeas, and fruits entail a healthy combination. Salt, as an additive, makes our food tasty ad enjoyable. However, too much salt is not healthy. As such, people should strive to use salt sparingly or consume low-salt foods. For people with overrated carvings for additive sugars, they should avoid consuming foods with added sugars and find better ways to counterattack their cravings. If they have to consume food with added sugars, they should have it in small amounts.


Dairy products are not always healthy, especially processed products in large quantities. Ensuring that you consume reduced-fat milk as well as other dairy products is advisable. Water is an essential part of every healthy diet. Per se, it is imperative to drink sufficient amount of water daily. Water is essential in almost every process and operation in our bodies. Observably, a right balance between food intake and exercise is vital. Healthy eating and sufficient physical activity are crucial in maintaining a healthy body weight as well as muscle strength. It is recommendable for people to undertake a 30-minute, at minimum, moderate intensity physical activity every day such as walking.


Keeping fat to a minimum also guarantees a healthy living. For adults, diets should have low-fat quantities, especially saturated fat. Saturated fat is the primary fat in animal biscuits and cakes, animal products, chocolate and fried foods. It is easier for our bodies to deposit saturated fats as fat tissue. It is advisable, for alcohol lovers, to consider moderate consumption. Children, as well as breastfeeding or pregnant women, should stay off alcohol.



Eating Spicy Peppers Can Increase Longevity

New analysis in the medical journal, PLOS One, has strengthened the conclusions of a Chinese study completed in 2015 on the consumption of spicy foods with regards to longevity. The new report was done in the United States and used data from over 16,179 adult age American citizens that were part of a larger healthy study. Over the course of 23 years, the researchers recorded 4,946 deaths of the 16,179 participants that they tracked.


Controlled factors in the study included major health determinants such as the age of an individual, their gender, whether they smoked or not, their blood pressure levels, their cholesterol level and whether they had any chronic diseases such as diabetes among other key factors. After taking these controlled factors into account, the medical researchers at PLOS One found that participants who consumed spicy foods such as hot peppers had an overall reduced early mortality rate of up to 13%. This translates into a significantly increased lifespan among those who consumed spicy peppers such as chilies and habeneros as well as other spicy foods.


No questions were posed to the participants of the survey on the amount of hot peppers or spicy foods that they consumed. Furthermore, since the study was observational, no concrete link can be made to confirm that the spicy peppers and foods were the exact reason for the reduced early death rate among spicy food consumers. Given this technicality aside, you can make a pretty safe bet that eating hot peppers and other spices may increase your lifespan even though no hard link can be proven in the PLOS One study. It is an encouraging sign though.


Despite not being able to prove that the peppers were responsible for the increased lifespan, the researchers did prove another benefit on the consumption of hot peppers. Capsaicin, which is the substance that givers peppers their hot taste, has been found to have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help explain why the consumers of spicy peppers lived longer than their non pepper eating counterparts. Capsaicin kills germs and thus makes it less likely that people will fall ill to diseases such as the flu or cold during the winter. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain and help promote a more active lifestyle.


Here Are the Healthy Eating Tips You Must Have for Winter Living

Are you looking for ways to be healthier this winter season? Winter is super tough because it means staying inside more, wanting to snuggle and stay in bed more and wanting to eat more. After all, if we think of ourselves more as other mammals like bears, winter is time for hibernation.


With that being said, it’s important that we shirk these desires and try to act like the humans that we are. It’s important that we put the emphasis on staying healthy. The following is a list of key tips that can help you do just that this winter season.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated.


Drinking enough water is essential. Make sure to get at least 55 ounces a day to keep yourself upbeat and feeling fluid!


  1. Hang out with friends and family whenever possible.


The winter season can bring about the blues. Don’t give in to them by making sure that you spend time with family and friends.


  1. Set small goals for yourself that are attainable.


If you want to lose weight, don’t tell yourself to lose 10 pounds in 4 days. Set attainable goals to help motivate yourself.


  1. Wash your hands constantly.


Flu and colds run rampant during the winter. To protect yourself, always wash your hands, and avoid touching your face.


  1. Remember that sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.


Hibernation actually does come into play here. Make sure that you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night.


  1. Think about how you’ll feel 5 months from now.


Finally, look ahead about 4 or 5 months. Then, all the snow will be gone, and you’ll be wanting to flaunt a great bod and hit the beach. Will you be ready? The prep phase begins now.


Improve the Nutrition and Taste of All Your Meals With Just One Thing

If you’re looking for ways to make your meals and snacks healthier and tastier, there’s just one thing that you need to aim for. It’s not more honey or oregano. It’s not a better side of beef or the perfect potatoes.


The one thing that you need to help your meals at home is better planning. Actually, you don’t even need a lot of this key ingredient. In other words, just a little extra planning each week can make all of your meals better for you and better tasting. How difficult is a little more planning?


If you’re looking for specifics, here are some recommendations.


  1. Beefing up Breakfast


Junk food for breakfast is not a good choice. Don’t go for donuts. Don’t go for bagels. Instead, try out some ready made fruit. The great thing about oranges and bananas is that they come with protective covers, and they don’t need to be washed or sliced. Berries, apples and grapefruits are also great breakfasts.


  1. Launching Into Lunch


Lunch doesn’t have to be complicated to be tasty. If you brown bag it, try looking for snack pack style portions that are as easy as grab and go. Yogurts, small bags of carrots or apples or little tins of anchovies make great choices.


  1. Dining Like Royalty at Dinner


Finally, dinner can be a breeze when you take advantage of your time off and prep your meals in advance. In other words, use your weekends to prepare food ahead of time. If you make a few lasagnas instead of just one, you can freeze the rest. The same goes for soups and stews.


Planning is something that everyone wants to get better at. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you think! Try it out for yourself.


Staying Slim This Winter Season With Healthy Tips

Staying slim during the winter can be difficult. Your natural inclination is likely to burrow under your covers with some chocolates and a cup of coffee. But if you want that beach bod this summer, you’ve got to put in the work now. Here are some tips for staying slim in the winter season.


  1. Have your meals and snacks prepared.


First, make sure that you’re prepping for all eating occasions. This definitely includes prepping your meals at home, but it also means preparing snacks and meals for when you’re on the go. Road trips can be frightening when it comes to trying to find healthy foods. Prep your snacks beforehand to stay healthy on the go.


  1. Make a point to be active.


It’s not our natural inclination to be active in the winter. It’s cold out there! But if you make a point to find physical activities to do, you’ll thank yourself.


  1. Enjoy cooking at home.


Going out to breakfast, dinner or lunch at restaurants is like asking for a plate full of carbs. Instead, try cooking at home more. You’ll save money, and you’ll save yourself some calories.


  1. Don’t give in to cravings all the way.


You’ve got a craving for pizza, so what do you do? In general, you’ll get out the old phone book and look up your local pizza joint. But instead of doing this, take a healthier path by making your own pizza at home. It’s tasty, and it’s better for you. Do this with all of your cravings for a healthier diet overall.


  1. Eat before you go to parties.


Finally, if you’re going out to a friend’s house for snacks or drinks and appetizers, arrive at the party mostly full on healthy food that you had at home. It’s a great way to save yourself from giving in at the party.


Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

There are millions of people around the world who are looking to lose weight. However, for many people, losing weight may be more difficult than they realize. There are a lot of variables that go into losing weight. For healthy eating tips, there are a lot of ways in which you can improve your current eating situation. Eliminating processed foods is one of the easiest ways to do this. If you are eating a bunch of junk food, the sugar is going to build up in your body. Not only does this add fat, but it also makes you lethargic and tired. Instead of filling up your body with bad food, start today by eliminating processed foods and taking things to the next level.




One of the most important parts of food is the protein inside of it. If you want to invest in your body, eating high quality protein should be at the top of your list. A lot of people try to save money by eating sub par food. This is not the way to go over the long term. Buy high quality food to take things to the next level with your health. There are many people who are excited about the future with their health. It all starts with the food that you put into your body. Start today by buying higher quality ingredients that are going to increase your overall levels of health.




There are a lot of people who eat too much bread and pasta in their diet. If you want to get quick results with your eating, eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is one of the best ways to do this. Over the long term, it is difficult to live without this nutrient. However, for a short time, it can be a great way to start off a diet plan. A lot of people today are looking to eliminate these foods from their diet. If you want to take things to a new level, this is the way to go.


At the end of the day, your health is about the food that you put into your body. Start today by buying higher quality food that is going to make you feel better and help your body in a variety of ways.