Jon Urbana May Care More About the Environment Than Bernie Sanders Does

Professional lacrosse player and businessman, Jon Urbana, has drawn comparisons to Bernie Sanders for his fierce commitment to green energy and a cleaner future. He now hopes to raise at least $1750 in a GoFundMe campaign for the environmental charity, Earth Force, Inc. The charity focuses on getting kids interested and active in environmental issues. Urbana said growing up in Colorado gave him appreciation for nature and that he has always been passionate about the environment. He wants to help put kids on the path of environmental activism to help keep their environment beautiful.

Jon Urbana is no stranger to encouraging youth to follow their passions. He is a co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse camp. In an interview with WRCB, he says has said that he has been impressed and inspired by the teens’ level of care and concern for the environment. He feels that Earth Force is a great advocate for working with teens that are passionate about the environment like many of his campers and former Villanova teammates.

Earth Force, Inc works with 52 communities and 100 partner agencies, such as General Motors, KIC-NET and Green Schools Connect, throughout Canada and the United States. Their goal is to encourage and support kids as they use their Community Action and Problem-Solving process that their programs and activities encompass. They also work with educators to help their students better understand science concepts and apply them to their work on projects in their community.