A Look At The Career Of Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna, MD, is a doctor who can perform surgery and medical services. He is licensed in two states, Florida and Georgia. He earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School in 2000. In 2007 he established the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of this company was on helping people achieve healthy weight loss through eating a proper diet plus exercise. Each person was treated by Dr. Mark McKenna as an individual who had their own needs to account for when deciding upon a weight loss plan for them.

Earlier in his professional career, McKenna also had a real estate development company in New Orleans. He had established this company, McKenna Venture Investments, with his father. The company was quite successful and even acquired two other companies in the industry, Uptown Title, Inc., and Universal Mortgage Lending. When Hurrican Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, their business and livelihoods were dramatically affected like many other people were. They ended up losing most of their business interests. However, they recovered and participated in the rebuilding effort by focusing on building low and moderate income housing projects.

Feeling the need to once again run his own company, he launched OVME in July of 2017. His new company offers medical aesthetic services that uses the latest technology in the industry.

Dr. McKenna says that most days he works from 8 am to 6 pm. Later in the night he says he does Jiu-Jitsu training after which he’ll do more work than go to bed. Like many business owners his company takes up a lot of his time in order to be successful. He says that the book that has most helped him in business is “Think and Grow Rich” which was written by Napoleon Hill. He says that it helped him recognize the power of visualization and how that would help in his business pursuits.

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