Is Trump Operating Under Donor Influence?

Wasn’t it Donald Trump who said earlier on in his campaign that one of the differences between him and the other Republican candidates is that he is free from the influence of super PAC (political action committee) donor influence? Then why did he recently hire the man who is responsible for the creation of PACs?

David Bossie is the head of the conservative non-profit Citizens United, and now apparently Trump’s deputy campaign manager. Citizens United is the same group that won a Supreme Court ruling allowing for unlimited union and corporate donor spending as long as PACs remained independent of political parties.

The question is why would Trump now allow such groups to have control over his campaign management. Many political analysts believe it is because of Trump’s obsession to demolish Hillary Clinton’s credibility. Many Republicans have tried to do just that in the past but have met with lackluster results.

While there is nothing new about going after an opposing political party candidate, it is alarming that Trump is going back on his word that he would never come under the influence of “Big Money”, since he has deep pockets himself. This action might cause his own downfall instead of Hillary’s.

Boisse’s hiring does not necessarily signify that Trump is automatically under the sway of donor influences, but one has to wonder what the future direction of his presidential campaign will be because of it.

Before heading over to the Trump team, Boisse worked for a PAC group named Make America Number 1. This group is heavily funded by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. This is the same guy who supported Senator Ted Cruz before Trump won the nomination. More interestingly, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, ran a pro-Cruz super PAC for Mercer.

Mercer’s influence doesn’t just end with Boisse and Conway either. Trump’s present campaign chief, Stephen K. Bannon, was suggested for the position by Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Robert Mercer. Whether Trump is oblivious to Mr. Mercer’s influence, which seems highly unlikely, or he is allowing it because he feels aligning himself with such support offers him the best possibility of success in the presidential election, it is clear that big money has entered the picture and started to set a definitive course for his campaign.