Irman Haque Passes Along His Medical Perspective

Highly regarded and well thought of Dr. Imran Haque, who has been treating patients in the Asheboro, North Carolina area for more than 15 years, recently explored issues from trends that excite him to his successful business approach.

He talked about how the technology trend in health care has contributed important and useful advancements in medicine, in a recent Ideamensch interview, (

Dr. Imran Haque pointed out that by making use of technologies to consolidate information such as record keeping, medical recommendations and follow-up procedures, all phases of patient care have accelerated in real time.

He also gave details on how hard work, thoroughness, monetary resources and preparation are all a part of bringing a business plan to fruition.

What’s more, he discussed his unique perception for starting his business by making medical services available that had not previously existed locally. He also maintained how important a good bedside manner should always be.

When talking about entrepreneurship, Dr. Imran Haque clarified how he made use of multi-tasking services to achieve more significant results in his everyday schedule. He added how, as an entrepreneur, he demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration to every person he comes across.

He maintained his golden rule of treating others as you would want them to behave towards you has definitely influenced his accomplishments by building positive communications, producing caring relationships and networking.

When asked about guidance he would present to himself when younger, he revealed he would be more alert to the intentions of others and not let them profit from your unselfishness.

He also called attention to Barack Obama and his composed manner when in a difficult situation as someone who influenced his beliefs.

Dr. Imran Haque graduated with honors and received his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican. He went on to study at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program.

He offers medicine care by treating patients at Horizon Internal Medicine. Services range from routine physical exams to weight management, cancer diagnosis, common aliments, allergy treatments and more.

Dr. David Samadi:

Dr. David Samadi is a well known Physician that specializes in Oncology. Dr. Samadi has performed many successful prostate surgeries using a special Robotic surgical method. Currently, Dr. Samadi is Chief of Surgery at the Lennox Hill Hospital located in Manhattan New York. Dr. David Samadi has also performed many successful surgeries involving Cancer of the bladder. Dr. Samadi is a Physician that is in demand due to his special surgical techniques as well as his knowledge of certain Cancers.

Dr. Samadi is able to diagnose as well as properly treat Cancer. Dr. Samadi believes that early detection is key to a successful recovery as well as cure. In addition, the doctor does employ surgery as part of a treatment plan followed by Cancer treatment if necessary. Dr. Samadi also treats Kidney Cancers as well as Pelvic Inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Samadi uses Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy which is considered an non invasive procedure. This procedure has produced exceptional results when used to treat Prostate and Kidney Cancers. Non-invasive procedures speed recovery time, leave less scarring and patients experience little to no pain following a procedure such as this, and learn more about Dr. David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi earned his medical degree from the Stoney Brook School of Medicine. In addition, following his graduation from Stoney Brook Dr. Samadi had additional medical training at Montefiore Medical Center. His additional training at Montefiore enabled Dr. Samadi to specialize in diseases of the Prostate and the Kidneys.

Previously, Dr. Samadi was on staff at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. In addition, Dr. Samadi was on staff for a period of five years at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Through his hard work and exceptional devotion to his profession, Dr. Samadi quickly became the Head of Robotic Surgery. The doctor earned a reputation for being one of the most experienced as well as one of the best surgeons within the New York Metro area. By the mid 2000’s Dr. Samadi was said to be one of the highest paid Physician’s within the nation, and more information click here.

Dr. Samadi has appeared on several Television shows such as Fox and Friends. One segment of Fox & Friends focused on the issue of women having to pay higher insurance rates in comparison to men. Dr. Samadi expressed his concern about the issue and he also gave insight on how to make insurance affordable for everyone, and

Dr. Samadi also conducts speaking engagements. In addition, he has returned to his former medical college numerous times to address the graduating class. Dr. Samadi plans to continue to return to Stoney Brook as long as he is able to do so.

Dr. Samadi has had a successful career as a surgeon. He continues to gain notoriety for his exceptional work and knowledge of common Cancers. Dr. Samadi continues to research various ways to improve Cancer treatment in the future.

Imran Haque Says to Always Follow the Golden Rule

Dr. Imran Haque is a well respected medical doctor who has been operating his internal medicine practice for many years.

He is known to care deeply about his patients. He is also known to get a lot of things done quickly by multitasking. He has worked on this capability of his, and it has become second habit. According to Imran Haque, it has helped him get a lot more things done as an entrepreneur.

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, Imran Haque replied that you should always question other people’s motives. You should not let other people take advantage of your generosity to push their own career and then push you under the bus. You should not lose your faith in mankind, but you should not be naive.

When asked what is one thing he does over and over again as an entrepreneur, he replied that he always shows kindness to anyone who crosses his path, regardless of their walk of life or what kind of social status others may pin on them.

What asked what one strategy that has helped him grow his business is, Imran Haque replied that you should always follow the golden rule, which is that you should always treat others in the way that you yourself would want to be treated. Doing this will help you build positive relationships, build a solid network with other professionals, and simply make people feel good about you and spread the word about you. This will lead to many positive results in the long run.

When asked what was one failure he had as an entrepreneur, Dr. Imran Haque replied that he tried to expand his sock and textile business without the proper safeguards in place. In the end, he decided to stick to his medical business.

Dr. Imran Haque heads the Horizontal Internal Medicine center in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is a specialist in internal medicine, and he has fifteen years of experience.

He studied at the University of Virginia, where he got his MD. He also studied at Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo, where he also got a medical degree.


Transforming Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque

Today there are technological breakthroughs occurring almost every hour in which some new technology or invention revolutionizes an industry or at least a facet of an industry. Throughout the world there are such expanses occurring in every field including the medical field. Most notable is the advancement of robotic machines in the surgical theater. It is growing more and more common for surgeons to use robots to assist them in their operations or even control the robot remotely and do the surgery from a computer desk.

While some of this may sound a bit intense rest assured, in order for a surgeon to utilize robotic assistance while operating he or she must already be an expert surgeon. The surgeon remains in complete and total control over the machine, translating motions of the surgeon with much more dexterity than possible with a human’s hand. One such surgeon is Dr. Imran Haque at the Horizon Internal Medicine center in Asheboro, North Carolina. With well over 15 years of experience, Dr. Imran Haque is a noted physician with a kind hearted nature.

Dr. Imran Haque believes in the multi-headed approach in which a physician relies on his or herself along with a team of specialists to ensure that patients get the best possible care. Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is a leading expert on Diabetes and the treatment of this disease. Having a skilled physician in your corner when you begin your battle against Diabetes is one of the key elements to successfully climbing the hill of managing your Diabetes.

Dr Imran Haque is a specialist who passionately attends several medical facilities including his own practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. Through his career Dr. Haque has established a transformative and multi-faceted approach to help those with crippling illnesses manage them and live the best lives they can possibly live and even in some cases rid the patient of their ailment.


Dr. Imran Haque’s highly praised medicinal practices

Dr. Imran Haque’s practice

Imran Haque is an internal medicine doctor with a work experience spanning over 15 years. He does not have but one specialty in medicine and caters to a multitude of anatomical concerns. The doctor understands the importance of having one-on-one consultancies with patients and started Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro and Ramseur to attend to patients with ease. Dr. Imran Haque’s experience with patients is a self-fueled marketing power that attracts candidates to his doors without much ado.

Most of Horizon’s clients are residents of North Carolina. Remarks by most people indicate that Imran HaqueI offers an undivided attention to every client and customizes an affordable and quality treatment plan. He maintains a highly integral work ethic that is relatable and respectable to patients no matter their area of affliction. As a result, word of mouth attracts candidates who are seeking Horizon’s medical examinations, advice, and on rare cases references to the most suitable doctor apart from Imran Haque.

Horizon’s services

As a general doctor, Imran Haque has deep and broad knowledge on varied illnesses like epilepsy, diabetes, pneumonia, glaucoma among other cases. His practice has detailed information regarding treatment of all ailments and additional services focused on external medicinal concerns. Some of the packages include:

  1. Regular physical screenings for a wide range of ailments.
  2. Laser hair removal by certified professionals who maintain integrity and foster a safe and comfortable environment during appointments.
  3. 360 resurfacing services to rejuvenate skin on target areas like the face, chest, and neck. Imran Haque’s past clients often report on how taught and supple the skin becomes and the excellent services offered during each session.
  4. Imran Haque has a proven weight management program easily customizable for every candidate. The package includes shifts in one’s nutritional lifestyle, cosmetic adjustments and surgeries to accelerate weight loss.
  5. Imran Haque understands the causative factors of diabetes and ascertains that every patient receives a tailored treatment plan to manage the illness and ultimately enhance their life.

Dr. Imran Haque’s education

Imran Haque received his medical degree from UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana). After graduation, he joined the University of Virginia for the internal medicine program. He developed a strong passion for the field and inclined his career towards addressing general illnesses.

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Dr. Akhil Is Your Reliable Dental Partner

Dr. Reddy Akhil is a dental practitioner at the MB2 Dental firm. The firm offers dentists the resources and capacity, which they require to run their practices in many parts of the U.S. Born in Texas, Dr. Akhil grew up as an ordinary child, who showed interest in soccer and other playful activities with his peers. Moreover, he chose co curriculum activities such as Red Cross and scouting as an expression of a desire to serve humanity.Upon completing his elementary studies, he knew that he needed to choose a scientific career such as engineering or dentistry, but was torn between the two. However, as time progressed, Dr. Akhil decided to follow his passion for dentistry. He joined the University of the Pacific, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Immediately after his graduation, he joined the doctorate class where he acquired his doctorate of dental surgery at the tender age of 23.

After his graduation, he headed back to Texas where he began his practice. At this tender age, Dr. Akhil had little knowledge in business as much as he was very qualified in dentistry. At the same time, he did not identify a mentor immediately, and this explains why his first venture faced challenges. Case in point, he bought a business, and after it had failed to be profitable, he decided to sell it at a loss.Nevertheless, Dr. Akhil says that he does not take himself very seriously; he allows himself to make mistakes and learns from them. Dr. Akhil says that he is thankful for meeting Dr. Chris Villanuella the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris, started the MB2 venture to win the challenges that exist in private dentistry practice as well as the corporate dentistry setting. He had worked in both, and he felt that in the former, the dentist was unable to meet the time and resources demands required, while in the latter, they were exploited by the owners, whose motive was profits. As a consequence, the customers suffered in both situations. To make the client and the dentist the center of the dental practice, MB2 Dental was born.Dr. Akhil makes his living from dentistry and consultancy, which are his full-time roles. He says that he serves patients equally whether they are wealthy or not. He also does not refuse to serve a patient merely because they do not have money to pay for the services. Dr. Akhil also attributes his success to an able staff.

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Dr. Shiva Gopal Offers Neurological Treatment to Brain Disorders

According to emerging trial results, there is evidence that a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy may induce sustained diminution of relapsing, hence, the remittance of multiple strains of sclerosis. This is an autoimmune disease caused when the immune system releases an attack against a human’s central nervous system. The long term effect is brain disorientation.

MS Treatment

Five years into receiving the high dose of the immunosuppressive treatment therapy and autologous hematopoietic transplant of cells, a large percentage of the population, which adds up to 69%, managed to survive without the progressive experience of disability. According to the studies, the patients also did not experience relapsing symptoms of MS or re-emerging brain lesions. Most importantly, the patients did not take MS medications following the HDIT and HCT treatment. According to other studies, the available MS drugs are less effective.


MS symptoms vary from a motor, speech difficulties, fatigue, weakness and chronic pain. The primary common type of MS symptom is relapsing and remitting MS. It is usually characterized by differentiated periods of mild to no symptoms with flares of replaces. Over the past years, MS has worsened. According to trials and studies, it can become progressive.

Dr. Shiva Gopal’s Profile

Shiva Gopal is a neurologist by profession. He practices in Voorhees. He went to Government Medical College and graduated in the year 1979. His experience dates back forty years. He was a resident doctor at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Shiva Gopal also majors in psychiatry. Currently, he practices neurologist at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. This is an affiliation of Kennedy Health of Systems Cherry Campus. He offers his services at insurance coverage including Aetna and Horizon Blue Cross. Dr. Shiva Gopal is a certified neurologist. Apart from being an English speaker, he speaks Spanish. Dr. Shiva Gopal is one of the thirty-four neurologists from Kennedy University Hospital. He is dedicated to offering neurological treatments by providing solutions to brain disorders.


The Mutual Profitability Of Renown Health Group And The Communities They Serve

According to the publication Northern Nevada Business Weekly (NNBW), Renown Health has gone upscale with the uniquely designed 10,000-square-foot family practice medical facility at The Summit located in the Truckee Meadows area of south Reno, Nevada. Patients have availed an eleven member staff of healthcare professionals providing primary care services and its’ onsite laboratory. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design created an atmosphere reflective of the welcoming comforts of home for patients who visit this Renown Health location. Dr. McCormack, the Medical Director for Renown Health Group stated, “When patients come in, we wanted it to look and feel like their very own living rooms.”

Dr. McCormack stated, “Renown Health is keenly aware that the growth in population, improvements in the economy and greater access to health insurance creates a need for an increased number of healthcare facilities, particularly in the South Meadows area. Consideration for future expansion of facilities, services offered, and functionality has been discussed, but due to industry uncertainties related to the potential impact of the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act by the Trump administration, plans for such changes are on hold for now.”

Renown Health is the only locally governed, not-for-profit healthcare network in Reno, Nevada. It currently has 12 primary care facilities throughout Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, and the Caughlin Ranch area. It is comprised of an entire network of Reno hospitals, urgent care centers, lab services, x-ray and imaging services, primary care doctors and dozens of medical specialties. All profit earnings of Renown Health are re-invested into meeting the needs of patients and the local communities they serve. They contribute to more than 80 local non-profit organizations annually.

Renown Health Group doesn’t just give back to the community but includes the local citizenry as an integral part of their decision-making bodies. Currently, over 140 community members actively participate on boards or advisory committees throughout their 17-county service region to deliver quality care.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Loves Her Children More Than Anything

Dr. Jennifer Walden has twin boys who she loves more than anything. She has long been passionate about her career, but when her kids came along she knew that she needed to put them before it. So, when she felt the need to move to Texas, so that her boys could grow up closer to family, she did that. She moved her practice to Austin and made a go of it there. And, despite the fact that she may have been concerned about how things would go there, she has been able to do quite well for herself in Austin. Her practice is the only one of its kind there, and she has been able to do a great service in the city. She can feel great about that, and she can feel great about herself as a mother and how she put her kids first.
Every parent who has a career should always remember that their children should come first. No matter how successful they are, or they are hoping to be, every parent should keep in mind the needs of their children. Dr. Jennifer Walden did that, and despite the move that she made with her practice she has still been able to see a ton of success in it. She does not have to regret the move that she made in any way, because not only was it good for her children, but it was also ended up being a good step for her to take in her career, as well.
Dr. Jennifer Walden loves her twins more than she loves her career, even though she has a great passion for being a cosmetic surgeon. And that is the way that it should be. It is apparent by her Twitter feed that she still has a passion for all that she is doing in her career, but she has chosen to always put her boys first.