White SharkÕs Performance over the Years

White Shark Media is one of the top Digital Marketing agencies whose task is to deliver online marketing solutions specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is considered one of the fastest growing digital agencies in America because of the fact that they provide cost-effective search marketing campaigns and provide their clients with good service. Thousands of enterprises in America have grown just by employing the tactics given by White Shark Media for online marketing. Their winning formula is usually to track their clients’ marketing efforts and guide them in the right path. After every month they are accountable to their customers.

White Shark Media has received so many positive reviews: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-White-Shark-Media-EI_IE1046701.11,28.htm from their clients. A client by the name Christine says that she had started a blog with her colleagues and the intention was to do online business. White Shark enabled them to get an average rating. All they need now is capital to invest and sell their items of trade. There are clients who said they would stick with the agency as they helped the get traffic on the sites, with the specified location and gender. One of the entrepreneurs had started a small online business and using the tactics given by the agency; she is selling more shirts and has customers returning to buy.

Three experienced Danish entrepreneurs teamed up in 2011 to form White Shark Media. The tactic that has really driven them to prosperity is sharing what they have learnt with their clients. In this way they are at an advantage as they use proven concepts making their businesses grow day by day. Currently the agency has over 150 employees in three countries. In July 2014, White Shark was awarded the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership after collaborating with Google. Microsoft also recognized their efforts. They collaborated and White Shark became part of the Ads Authorizes reseller program.

One thing that most customers talked about was traffic. They sites got five times the number of visitors they had. Their fewer costs were also cited by one of their clients. A website that offers medical services also attested to the good services offered by White Shark Media. Anthony B stated that his chiropractic business has grown over the years courtesy of the agency. As a result of the campaigns he has got more patients.