Add Cheese to Your Diet And Reap The Benefits

Listen up cheese lovers, there’s some good news. For the longest time, people cut back on their cheese intake because they heard that it wasn’t good for them. There’s been a lot of false information floating around which encourages people to cut cheese out of their diet in order to lose weight and fight against different health problem. Turns out, cheese can actually be good for your heart! Moderation is always key but this is a glimmer of hope for cheese lovers everywhere.

According to GrubStreet, Chinese researchers have released a new study which shows that cheese can improve overall heart health. According to the study, a matchbox-size of portion could reduce people’s risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Keep in mind, a matchbox-size is not much.

The study went on to show that those who had this small bit of cheese every day, ended up 14% less likely to suffer a stroke. Therefore, this just goes to show that cheese in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle. For the longest time, studies showed that cheese isn’t as healthy as eating vegetables. Of course, it’s not, but this is a great compliment! Even more, people will be inclined to enjoy their veggies because they can have them topped with cheese.

Cheese has also been known to have other benefits including an acid that has been known to unclog arteries. As time goes on, more diets and healthy ways of eating are incorporating cheese. That’s because cheese isn’t as bad as originally thought. Cheese can be high and calories and dairy but it’s not all bad. Cheese can be enjoyed as a snack or added to the meal. When people are looking for something to munch on throughout the day, pick up a piece of cheese. It’s way better than anything you may grab out of a vending machine.

Many people worry about eating cheese because of the high levels of saturated fat. This new study debunked that, saying the calcium reduces just how much of that actually gets absorbed into your body. Therefore, there’s minimum cause for concern. Pick up a small chunk of cheese and feel good knowing that research shows you’re actually doing something positive for your body.

Is A Liquid Diet The Key To Fast Weight Loss?

Everyone is concerned about their weight and the latest weight loss tactics draws big crowds. However, a recent article brings real food for though. On, a recent article talking about a liquid diet being the answer has created a real stir. The article talks about the requirements for surgery. Many doctors put patients on a liquid diet before going under the knife. In many cases, the idea is to have the patient lose weight to lower the risks of surgery. However, could this liquid diet be the key to weight loss the healthy way?


Most patients drink chicken and beef broth as well as eating some oatmeal or other bland foods. However, these foods are naturally low in sugar, carbs, and can really help to fill a person up. Take for instance coffee. There are many studies doing on about those that drink coffee can lose weight faster. Coffee speeds up the metabolism and it tricks the stomach into thinking that it is full. The warm sensations that coffee give the stomach can mimic a warm, home cooked meal.


The liquid diet is not surprising to some; it’s been right in front of their face for years. These diets encourage people to drink all the soda, milk, tea, coffee, water, and juice they want. Certain cereals, like oatmeal, cream of wheat, and farina can also be consumed. Soups can have a puree in them, but they should not have any chunks. The goal is that the digestive system has any stress its under removed. Those who attempt to lose weight by eating a 400-800 calorie diet may find themselves in trouble. A liquid diet gets the calories up, but it encourages the body to burn more.


Working with a dietitian and sticking to a strict regimen is helpful. There may need to be some nutritional supplements added to ensure one’s health. Many are finding that their insulin-dependent diabetes responds very well to these liquid diets. Also, it is not uncommon for a person to lose 1-2 pounds daily rather than that amount in a week. So, the liquid diet may be just the thing that replaces the low-carb diet once and for all. People can drink anything they want, even have soup, and still, lose weight.

Is Dieting Good for Teenagers?

Look at any news report or read any article and you will often be found with dieting tips and healthy eating options that are specific to losing weight. Many people who talk about eating healthy often associated with losing weight because this is the main component of healthy living. What you might not realize is that losing weight for a teenager who happens to be overweight or even obese can sometimes have negative influences on the rest of their life. Dieting is a very harsh reality and should only be done by adults who are conscious of what could come as a result of this.

The reason dieting is often left for the adults is because many Studies have found that people who lose weight on diets and lose lots of weight in the process of changing your eating habits orphan begin to develop eating disorder behaviors soon after. Many people who die it will deprive themselves of food they really enjoy and so after they lose all the weight and realize that it is still very difficult to maintain a lower weight, they might resort to eating disorder behaviors in order to maintain their weight or to indulge in foods without gaining weight. This is why it is especially dangerous for teenagers to go on extreme diets in order to lose weight.

For teenagers who are overweight or even obese, it is often better to try to implement healthy eating habits into their daily lives instead of having them go on a strict diet. By implementing different healthy eating habits, your teenager will be able to learn their relationship with food and healthy and responsible manner. Wildair new healthy eating habits may allow them to lose some weight, the main goal of healthy eating for your teenager is to teach them to eat well and healthy as opposed to making the emphasis on losing pounds. Eating disorders are incredibly common among teenagers and even adults. Because of the fact that eating disorders can even be deadly if they are taken to the extreme, it is always important to avoid one if possible and one of the best ways to avoid developing an eating disorder is to stop crash dieting and to never allow a teenager to go on a crash diet.

The Carbs you Need in Your Diet

The Carbs you need in your Life

Carbohydrates have earned a bad rep in the food world, particularly for individuals that desire to lose weight. Despite the bad reputation, many carbs are actually good for you and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. As a macronutrient, carbs are important to include in your diet since they supply the energy needed to fuel your day. Both good and bad carbs exist; it is important that you learn the differences and begin adding them to your diet if not already included.

Carbohydrates break down in the body, turning into glucose. Glucose is used to fuel cells found throughout the body. Sugar, starch, and fiber are the three sources of carbs that you can consume.

Sugar: Sugar is found naturally in many foods that you likely consume. Sometimes it is added to foods, such as found in colas or chocolate bars.

Starch: Starch is found inside of plant-based foods. Starchy foods, such as potatoes and rice, provide controlled-released energy from dusk to dawn.

Fiber: Fiber is important to keep the digestive tract functioning properly. It may also provide benefits of reducing cholesterol levels. Whole-wheat pasta and bread are two fiber food sources.

Best Carbs to Consume

It is recommended that about one-third of your diet consist of carbohydrate-based foods, earning from 250 to 990 calories. Not all carbs are good, however, so it is important to choose the carbs that you’ll consume wisely. Choose nutritious food sources to fuel your carbohydrate daily needs. Eating beans, legumes, and fiber-based foods ensure that your body is getting the essential nutrients that it needs.

To ensure that you get the proper amount of carbohydrates needed for your body, add some of the following foods to your diet:

– Popcorn

– Milk

– Legumes

– Sweet Potatoes

– Fruit

– Whole-Grain Pasta

Beer Cited as One Woman’s Source of Longevity

South Carolinian Mildred Bowers will soon be celebrating her 103rd birthday. When asked by a local news station as to what her secret to living so long could be, she simply laughed and attributed her venerability to regularly including beer in her diet. Bowers is quite fond of having a frosty brew around 4 p.m. each day at her assisted care facility. She joked that while the nurses were rather against the notion, a consultation with the on-site physician revealed that beer could do little harm. In addition to giving her long life, Bowers’ routine seems to have done wonders for maintaining her skin and she still has quite a bit of wit and intelligence; the latter point of which Bowers says seems to grow dimmer as most people age.

In examining the health benefits of beer, here’s what various studies have confirmed. Note that the health benefits from a diet that includes a moderate level of beer consumption become greatly diminished if a person is suffering from alcoholism:

  • Beer is an anti-carcinogenic substance thanks to the presence of xanthohumol and polyphenols. The latter compound can also be found in slightly lesser quantities within red wine.
  • Beer is useful to individuals with cardiovascular issues because it contains vitamin B6. It can also reduce cholesterol and thin the blood; the latter point should be eyed carefully in people with blood-based illnesses. This also means that regular beer drinkers are far less prone to hypertension.
  • The hearty nature of a good beer means that regular consumption can lead to increased bone health, thwarting the effects of osteoperosis.
  • Beer seems to have a positive effect in preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • The presence of both vitamin B12 and folic acid means that beer is a defense against anemia, maintaining a healthy level of development and preserving mental faculties.
  • Beer can boost the effects of skin-nurturing vitamin E, preserving the health of the epidermis.
  • Because beer can bolster the presence of good cholesterol, beer drinkers are less likely to succumb to dementia.
  • Beer contains several vitamins and minerals that assist in digestion, prevent the development of kidney stones and serve as a diuretic to expedite the removal of toxic substances.

Is Too Much Salt Bad?

One seasoning in particular can have a love and hate relationship with the body by not only providing nutrients that are necessary in the body, but also for creating several health issues within the body which can lead to pain as well as endless hospital bills. This seasons is salt, an necessary item to add flavor to a savory dish. Though salt is considered to be necessary within the body, too much of this season can have harmful side effects when consuming too much. These side effects can range from overall discomfort with extreme cramps to even severe dehydration in the body.

The intake of salt, though beneficial to the body, should be limited especially among young children. Though adding salt to a child’s diet is considered to be safe, it is only recommended to add the salt in small dosages to prevent severe health issues from occurring. Overall, children should intake salt on a daily basis, but should limit their salt intake between 1,500 milligrams to 2,300 milligrams. This means that while growing up, processed food and restaurant food should be limited as the food makes up for 77 percent of the sodium that is included within the diet of an American.

The amount of sodium that a child intakes can be easily regulated and limited by either limiting the amount of added salt with a home-cooked meal or reading the nutrition labels on any other bought item. As it is understood, salt makes a meal more palatable in many cuisine cultures over the world. Though this is true, it is also obvious that too much salt has already been proven to have unwanted side effects. If consuming too much salt, this should be balanced out with water intake as it can eliminate the side effects of too much sodium in the body.

Salt has always been delicious on some of the most delicious foods such as spaghetti, hamburgers, along with vegetables that need a little bit of flavor added to them. It is important to teach the child that an excess of anything leads to an unhealthy lifestyle which can easily be prevented at an early age. Though salt is delicious, too much of it can also be considered deadly to the body.

Children with Heart Risk

Though it is common information that a poor diet that is high in calories and low in nutrition is something that will lead to health conditions, it is not common knowledge that a poor diet and a high calorie meal will lead to many heart risks for children who lack any type of nutrition in their diet. For children, scientists have created seven factors that determine whether or not the cardiovascular system in a child is ideal. These factors include that presence of tobacco products, getting 60 minutes of exercise each day, maintaining a healthy weight, as well as eating a healthy and balanced diet. If one of these factors is not true for a child, they may be at risk of heart health.

It has been scientifically proven through many tests that children who are exposed to an active lifestyle in addition to a healthy lifestyle have more benefits for the future of their body as well as their brain. For those that get poor nutrition between the ages of 2 and 19, the bulk of the diet comes from sugar and carbohydrates. This combined with the lack of physical activity is enough to put children in the dangerous position of becoming obese as they get older.

A proactive lifestyle for children is the only way to improve the body and the mind and to prevent any associated health risks that coincide with high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. For children that remain active for at least 60 minutes in the day and for children that eat a balanced diet that consists of vegetables and natural sugars, there are many more health benefits that are experienced in the future. Obesity is not only avoided, but also heart issues are also avoided for individuals that make a point to be and remain active throughout their life.

Strategies for promoting a healthy lifestyle for the child should start at birth rather than paying for it later through long hours in the hospital that is followed by medical bills that consume the annual income of the individual. Processed sugars and carbohydrates, though necessary for anyone should be limited in any diet for only once a day rather than making up a bulk of the overall diet.

Making Great Diet Choices

We all know we should eat healthy, but what actually is healthy eating? Many people are divided on what food is healthy and even experts cannot determine what food is the best. Experts are even divided on what is and what isn’t healthy food. There are a few foods that people can agree on, such as:

• Healthy foods. Generally, leafy green vegetables like kale are fantastic. The idea is to eat food as nature intended us to eat it; without overdoing it.

• Limited sugar and trans fat. Having too much of these food in your diet can have negative consequences.

• Potatoes are generally a good food, depending on how you eat them. Eating them with limited amounts of butter, fried oil and sour cream, is a great way to go. Baked potatoes are healthy if you avoid large amounts of these toppings.

• Substitute shakes are usually good, in moderation. If you use them as a beneficial side and not an entire meal you’ll find that it’s much more beneficial to you.

The key isn’t really to change your entire diet; that is not what experts and scientist suggest. The key is to make small changes, healthy changes over time, and try and live a healthy lifestyle that way.

While many focus on dropping down pounds, it’s very important to focus also on your overall life. While weight loss is great and important, it’s not what will determine your success long term.

Here are a few hacks for healthy eating:

• Start small. Don’t try and change your entire diet overnight; you’ll regret it in the morning. Change one or two foods out at a time.

• Never go on a starvation diet. Be leery of fasts and things that promise to drop weight quickly. The body actually doesn’t want to drop weight when you’re not eating as it’s afraid of not having storage.

• Don’t assume fad diets will always equal major changes.

• Never shell out huge amounts of money on drinks and protein shakes until you’re sure they work for you.

• If you have current health conditions check with your doctor before beginning any diet and exercise program.

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NutriMost Sets the Record Straight With Rival Brand Healthy Living


In recent month, NutriMost health supplement program has had to set the record straight with a rival health brand. Healthy Living is another supplement brand that has an established program, and has recently been misusing the marketing products that NutriMost has created for its own products. In order to keep the information and brands differentiated, it was important to NutriMost that their consumers and new consumers to the brand were able to tell both brands apart.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
The marketing videos of Nutrimost were blatantly taken and used, with products and brand names being switched out. After several attempts to get the rival brand to remove the videos from offending sites, this request was finally respected, but the use of marketing products had already occurred over a considerable amount of time.

NutriMost is a weight loss brand with products that promises consumers a significant amount of weight loss within just forty days. The product requires lifestyle changes, but those along with the products that can be used in your diet will help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself. The company has made headlines because it uses a special kind of technology in order to help consumers achieve the results they are after. Called NRF, the tech analyzes your body’s biological markers that can then be used by doctors to support your weight loss.

For the cook, NutriMost is easily able to fit into your diet by being incorporated into recipes and meals that you already enjoy. Because the brand is so popular with customers, they have spent a lot of time experimenting with the product and creating multitudes of recipes and ideas that are then share in communities. And the communities are a huge part of the NutriMost platform, there are so many people that use it successfully, and they are all willing to share and support each other.

Learn more:

Nutrimost Sues Rival Weight Loss Company For Promotional Video Theft


Nutrimost, also known as “The Ultimate Fat Loss System” promises a weight loss of 20-40 pounds in 40 days. Dr. Wisniewski, the diet’s chief advocate, explains that the program utilizes “pastoral medicine” or scriptural based health and the latest technology. By way of a “body balancing scan” it is determined what supplements are needed by the body, as well as the amount of each.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
It is not your fault you can’t lose weight, Nutrimost claims, but chemicals in your food are disrupting hormones and making you gain weight. Knowing this and what supplements you need can bring your hormones into balance, making weight loss easier.

Rival company Healthy Living has made the very same weight loss claims. They were recently accused of pirating a promotional video from Nutrimost. The allegedly stolen video was posted in its entirety on Healthy Living’s website, replacing references to Nutrimost with Healthy Living. They kept the same testimonials and even Nutrimost’s Dr. Ray Wisniewski. Instead of removing the video after a cease and desist letter was issued to Healthy Living, they instead replaced it with a shorter version.

Although it appears as though the video has since been removed, Nutrimost has filed a lawsuit to discourage the reappearance of the video on Healthy Living’s website. Also, they are filing for $300,000 for the theft and loss of “goodwill and reputation”.

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