Dr. Akhil Is Your Reliable Dental Partner

Dr. Reddy Akhil is a dental practitioner at the MB2 Dental firm. The firm offers dentists the resources and capacity, which they require to run their practices in many parts of the U.S. Born in Texas, Dr. Akhil grew up as an ordinary child, who showed interest in soccer and other playful activities with his peers. Moreover, he chose co curriculum activities such as Red Cross and scouting as an expression of a desire to serve humanity.Upon completing his elementary studies, he knew that he needed to choose a scientific career such as engineering or dentistry, but was torn between the two. However, as time progressed, Dr. Akhil decided to follow his passion for dentistry. He joined the University of the Pacific, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Immediately after his graduation, he joined the doctorate class where he acquired his doctorate of dental surgery at the tender age of 23.

After his graduation, he headed back to Texas where he began his practice. At this tender age, Dr. Akhil had little knowledge in business as much as he was very qualified in dentistry. At the same time, he did not identify a mentor immediately, and this explains why his first venture faced challenges. Case in point, he bought a business, and after it had failed to be profitable, he decided to sell it at a loss.Nevertheless, Dr. Akhil says that he does not take himself very seriously; he allows himself to make mistakes and learns from them. Dr. Akhil says that he is thankful for meeting Dr. Chris Villanuella the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris, started the MB2 venture to win the challenges that exist in private dentistry practice as well as the corporate dentistry setting. He had worked in both, and he felt that in the former, the dentist was unable to meet the time and resources demands required, while in the latter, they were exploited by the owners, whose motive was profits. As a consequence, the customers suffered in both situations. To make the client and the dentist the center of the dental practice, MB2 Dental was born.Dr. Akhil makes his living from dentistry and consultancy, which are his full-time roles. He says that he serves patients equally whether they are wealthy or not. He also does not refuse to serve a patient merely because they do not have money to pay for the services. Dr. Akhil also attributes his success to an able staff.

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