The Fairytale Wedding In Positano Of Whitney Wolfe And Michael Herd

As the founder of Bumble, matchmaking has been Whitney Wolfe’s business. Her fairytale began when Michael Herd proposed on one knee during a beautiful sunset. The couple began looking for the perfect place for the wedding and fell in love with the allure and beauty of Positano. Whitney spoke with the wedding stylist Cynthia Cook Smith, and adored her taste. Cynthia recommended Sugokuii Events Diana Sorenson for the actual wedding, and the fun really began.

The venue was the Villa Tre Ville, and the couple wanted to represent a true celebration of southern Italy. Whitney tried numerous all-star looks including a couture Giambattista Valli dress, an Eres maillot, and an Oscar de la Renta. The event focused on the luminaire, or festival of lighting, and small Italian boats were used to transport everyone to the beach club from the port of the villa. Italian classics were played by musicians on the water as the boats passed.

Whitney chose a classic fitted sheath as a wedding dress, and would later change into a sequined dress by Saint Laurent, and dance in Dolce & Gabbana shoes. The wedding dress was a couture Oscar de la Renta. The gown featured a four-foot train, corded rose lace, and scalloped trim. A cathedral-length veil and Gianvito Rossi heels provided the finishing touches. The Isaia Italian menswear line made tuxedos for Michael and the groomsmen.

The wedding morning began with a flash flood, and rain was predicted all day. So, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding couple drank white wine, merged two connecting villa suites, and danced in the rain. The evening was clear, and the ceremony began at 7:45 p.m. The ceremony was special, majestic, and set atop a cliff. There was a floral arch, a flower field, customized white benches, and the incredible view of Positano and the sea.

Whitney was exquisite in a custom satin slip Delphine Manivet dress, and pink Manolo Blahnik mules at dinner. The wedding cake was made from scratch at the location, and followed the lovely meal. The cake was a millefoglie, and served with Chantilly cream and mini fragoline. Instead of wheeling the cake in from the kitchen, two pastry chefs made the cake right on the terrace so the entire process could be observed by the guests. This was when Whitney put on a beaded, fringed Naeem Khan to dance. The wedding party went to the Salone Bianca downstairs, and there was an Italian disco feeling in the outside area. The main salon featured tons of candles, boudoir-tinted lighting, and a Syrian-Moroccan décor emphasized by lanterns. Everything had a glamourous feeling, and dancing ensued until 5:00 a.m. Caprese burgers, large bowls of pasta, and frozen Limoncello shots were served throughout the evening.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble BFF App Is Helping Women Find New Friends After Relocating

Women in big cities are buzzing about Bumble BFF. The new feature is an extension of the original Bumble app from Whitney Wolfe. Bumble made its own buzz because it was the first dating app that let only women make the first move. With the new BFF extension, women can find BFFs quickly by simply swiping left or right on a prospective friend’s profile. The app works the same as Bumble but with a different purpose.

Why Whitney Wolfe Made Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe created the original Bumble app to help empower women by putting decisions in their hands. The Bumble BFF extension also has the purpose of empowering women in other ways. A common trend among young women today is going away to college and then relocating to a bigger city for work. Many young ladies land in cities where they have no friends, relatives or support system. Women contacted Bumble and voiced their pains of relocating to a big city, getting sick and having nobody to check on them. Some women were afraid of losing their new jobs and being without a place to live far away from their families. However, most women simply found it hard to make friends in new places and wanted a quicker and easier way to connect. Not all women find compatible friends in workplaces, gyms or other social circles. With Bumble BFF, finding compatible friends has never been easier.

Many people had been using the Bumble app originally to find dates but kept using it to connect with new friends even after they were in relationships. Women would switch to the same-sex view and add a line on their profiles to indicate that they were open to finding platonic friends. However, it took a while to comb through profiles to find who was looking for friends and who was only interested in dating. With BFF mode, many of the limitations from the dating app are removed to make it easier to find friends and initiate contact.

Another reason why Bumble BFF was created was to give women a way to network. Since Bumble is a leading feminist dating app, it is no surprise that Whitney wanted to empower women through friendship and professional networks. Women can network with other professional women to form valuable connections that may help them promote or land better jobs. They can make social friends and become empowered by having a support system whether they need emotional support or just a good gal pal to chat with over coffee. Women who have friends and a support system tend to be happier in their personal lives and in their professional lives. Also, they tend to be more successful. As a young entrepreneur who has lived in six large cities before the age of 27, Whitney understands the pain of women who relocate and have little time to make friends.

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How Bumble BFF Works

When Whitney Wolfe created Bumble, she used the same convenient swipe platform that she and her former fellow co-founders at Tinder used. Bumble BFF preserves that same handy design. Members sign up through Facebook after downloading the Bumble app and create a separate Bumble profile. Although separate profiles for regular Bumble and Bumble BFF are planned for the near future, members must use the same profile for both modes. After setting up a profile, members who want to use Bumble BFF simply click the settings button and select the BFF option. Switching back to regular mode is just as simple. While in BFF mode, users only see other profiles of women who are looking for friendship. The message inbox combines conversations from both app modes. However, they are coded in different colors to differentiate dating and friendly chats. Friendship conversations are green, and dating conversations are yellow.

When two users swipe to show their interest in the other’s profile, they have 24 hours to contact each other. Either party can make the initial contact. For women who are familiar with Bumble’s same-sex dating feature, the BFF contact method is similar. However, women who are interested in same-sex dating and friendship will still be able to distinguish their contacts based on the color codes in conversations. Even guys who use the app can find friends easier now with the BFF platform.

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About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014. Her goal was to make it the best anti-Tinder dating app for women. As CEO of Bumble, Whitney successfully launched the BFF extension earlier this year and plans to roll out a Bumble Bizz extension to help professional women connect. Whitney was born in Utah in 1990 and attended Southern Methodist University. The young entrepreneur started her first business before she finished college. Whitney made bamboo totes and sold them to benefit cleanup and rescue efforts after the BP oil spill. Her bags were a huge success after celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe were spotted using them. Whitney’s love for charity took her to Southeast Asia after college. While there, she worked with several orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe was instrumental in several other startups including Cardify and Tinder before she focused on Bumble. Her famous app now ranks fourth on the list of the most popular dating apps in the country. There have been 14.5 million downloads of the app. There are an estimated 10 million swipes per month on Bumble and Bumble BFF. In 2014, Whitney Wolfe made the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech list by Business Insider. Elle Magazine named her one of Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016. Today, Whitney Wolfe’s net worth is $250 million. She serves as a powerful role model to young women who are entrepreneurs. Whitney succeeded because of her passion to help others, her drive for success and her creativity. She has been featured in many magazines and on multiple television talk shows.

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