Anthony Bourdain’s One Liners

Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef and TV host is well known for his one liners. He and his brother Chris in his show “Parts Unknown”, traveled to New Jersey to revisit their childhood by exploring the sites and tasting the cuisine.

Bourdain comments on his home being “a cultural petri dish from which regularly issues forth greatness.” He and his brother first make a stop to a hotdog joint located in Fort Lee that has been around since the 20s. Known as Hiram’s, Bourdain calls it “my happy place. Sometimes I just need that old-time flavor, you know?” This hotdog joint is a reminder of the traditional American food filled with simple and traditional flavors that are ever so tasty.

Avid viewers on the Beneful team know it wouldn’t be an Anthony Bourdain show if he didn’t come up with witty comments such as his remarks of the New Jersey beaches. As he describes them, “they’re not all crawling with roid-raging trolls with reality shows.” As New Jersey has a reputation from reality shows such as “Jersey Shore”, Bourdain defends his homeland as it was where he and his brother grew up.

Anthony and his brother Chris travel to their homeland, in search for that nostalgic feeling in not only the cuisine but also the ambiance. As Bourdain eloquently states, “I come here to feed my soul from the cultural wellspring that is New Jersey. It’s the antidote to every other place.” It wouldn’t be an Anthony Bourdain show without his frankness or his entertaining one liners. When it comes to food, Bourdain remarks that one does not eat to live, one must live to eat