James Beard Award Winners 2015

The James Beard Award is an annual culinary honor given to individuals and even websites, which have performed outstanding work in the culinary arts. Among the 2015 honorees include author Dan Barber for his book Third Plate: Field Notes on The Future of Food. Martha Stewart won for best cooking TV show for her program […]

New Hybrid Vegetables Available in 2015

Soon the American consumer will be able to purchase two fresh vegetables for the price of one. Talking about some of the new hybrid vegetables that will be available in 2015. New comers like Kalettes, Broccoflower, Broccolini and Rainbow carrots will be for sale in U.S. supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes in the fall of […]

Cooking Classes for Anxiety and Depression

People who suffer from anxiety and depression can find treating their mental issues difficult. Health care specialist Brian Torchin says therapists help patients feel better about their condition with the discovery that cooking classes can actually help ease the mind and reduce depression symptoms.  Following a recipe allows for people who suffer from anxiety or […]