Product Recognition Is The Perfect Way To Figure Out That Mystery Ingredient

Most foods these days have labels on them, which allow people to recognize them, wherever they are seen. But it may not always be easy for a home chef to know what every ingredient is, especially if they see the product in the hands of another person or at a mysterious market. Anyone who sees an ingredient that they are interested in, and maybe they would like the product for themselves, is encouraged to use product recognition apps. Product recognition is usable, after a picture is taken of an unknown item, and then the application will analyze the picture.

After analyzing the picture, the application may come back with an exact match, allowing the person to know where the product is located, how much it costs, and even allowing them to purchase the product right away. If the application is not able to recognize the product, it can use other resources, in order to analyze the picture, and determine a close match. Product recognition is a much easier way to find a product, other than shopping around from store to store, hoping that you’ll come across the product on your own. Product recognition is the main feature of cool new app Slyce.

Slyce has technologies, which allow anyone to find a product that they may want. Since it’s always possible to see great products, while we are out on the road, we may not always know who the product creator is, where to find it, or what the cost may be. It may be a bit embarrassing to ask the person who’s holding the product, to give you more information about it, especially if they are unknown to you. Product recognition technology, allows you to snap a photo of the product, and the technology analyzes it, saving you the time it takes to search for the product on your own.

Slyce has created several technologies, which allow for product recognition, via printed ads, as well as taking an actual picture of the item, and the applications can analyze the pictures very well. Since Slyce works with six of the biggest retailers that are in the USA, the technology they provide, is able to bring back a match of many products. Once a match is made, it’s even possible to purchase the item right away, and have it shipped to your home. Imagine the amount of time that is saved, just by using Slyce technologies?

The applications are free to download, so you can begin using the product recognition app right away, allowing a product that you take a picture of to be analyzed. The pictures are analyzed in different stages, allowing for a close match, if not an exact match. Product recognition is different than it once was, and now it’s much easier to use an application, in order to find the exact product that you may see, while you’re out with your phone. If you don’t know about an item you’ve found, snap a picture, and use the app to find it.