Bob Reina: He’s Always On Time

There are many things that Bob Reina prides himself on as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007, but one of the biggest ones is his ability to be able to connect with other people and be on time. It is a source of pride for him, as it should be, because it is something that comes very naturally to him. He does not have to work at it because it is the kind of human being and individual he is. As soon as someone meets him, they know they are getting the real deal from him. There is nothing about this man that is phony or fake. He comes at it from a point of view of putting himself in someone else’s shoes.


He listens to the people he encounters in his day-to-day life and by listening to them, he knows what they worry about and what is on their mind. One of the biggest things they worry about is money and their job. They want to be able to live comfortably and they want to be able to do it on their own terms. There is truly something to be said about that. It matters a lot in the grand scheme of life. However, one thing is for certain: the bills do not stop coming in and there are still responsibilities.


It is why people can’t just get up and leave their job. They have to stick with it and they have to tough it out, even as it feels like they are losing part of their soul in the process. It makes Bob Reina very sad to hear things like this. He wants to hear that people are happy and they are getting the most out of their lives. There should be no such thing as a wasted day or a wasted moment.


With Talk Fusion, they can use all of their video services to finally start living the life they have wanted for a very long time. Dreams do come true, and Bob Reina is there with Talk Fusion to make them happen.

Bob Reina’s Curious Path to Success with Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the mysterious but charismatic CEO behind the hit video marketing company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been rising up through the industry for the better part of the past ten years. As one of the most prominent video marketing companies on the internet Talk Fusion has been pivotal in pushing the industry ever forward. Talk Fusion recently celebrated their finest year yet in 2016, scoring the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, and that meant we should probably take a closer look at what they’ve been up to. Let’s meet Bob Reina and see how he has turned Talk Fusion into the titan of industry that they are today. Learn more:


Bob Reina wasn’t always into video marketing. In fact, he was very nearly going to stay as a lifelong police officer! Reina had been serving in the police force for almost ten years when he had his first encounter with a network marketing executive. Reina took this opportunity while directing traffic at an off-duty gig. He learned about the industry and was most importantly introduced to the idea of becoming his own boss with his own planned future. Reina took a shine to this immediately and began dwelling on how he would make his dreams a reality.


For Reina Talk Fusion was a natural progression of ideas. Reina had wanted desperately to use an email client that allowed him to email embedded videos directly to his friends and family. That product didn’t exist so he teamed up with an IT friend, Dr. Jonathen Chen, in order to start worskhopping their own product. Reina eventually would turn this concept into the Video Email program that launched the Talk Fusion ship. Reina says, “We created the right product at the right time.” Reina’s natural exuberance for the product would lead to many people getting on board and trusting in him.


Talk Fusion had success arrive pretty rapidly but Reina didn’t let that slow him down. For the past ten years the company has been focusing on constantly innovating and pushing the limits of their coveted video marketing materials package.